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Centuries ago, according to the Ventrue antitribu, members of their Clan were knights and aristocrats, masters of statecraft and diplomacy. After the Anarch Revolt and the formation of the Camarilla came the Renaissance, and the Ventrue changed with the times. Rather than remain nobles, they pursued financial interests, joining the merchant class. They abandoned nobility and the right of kings to rule.

So say the Ventrue antitribu. The Ventrue Anarchs who had opposed their elders during the revolt had chafed under the dominance of their aged sires. As mortal society evolved, these elders tightened their grip on their holdings, preventing younger and more able Ventrue from achieving what was rightfully theirs. The Ventrue had given up true nobility for common greed. The Ventrue Anarchs maintain that their leaders had failed, tempted by wealth and power. Thus Ventrue antitribu see their Camarilla siblings as failures, and they have assumed the role of Cainites' saviors to atone for this.


Disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Presence

Clan Advantage: One free dot of the Academics, Finance, Leadership, Melee or Politics ability. One free Sabbat Status, either Respected, Righteous, Passionate, or Feared.

Clan Disadvantage: Restrictive feeding. Generally enters any given game with one Blood Trait less than normal.

Inactive Ventrue Antitribu PCs


Player: Rebecca

Appearance: Layla was a short woman whose humanity had obviously long left her. She dressed seductively, in a manner reminiscent of an archtypal dominatrix.

Nature: Competitor

Demeanor: Survivor

Sire: Bellamount

Feeding Preference: Masochists

In Play: 2004 - 2007

Background: Layla Reese was the daughter of a rich Boston man, who had sufficient resources that she could have easily lived the life of a non-working dilettante upon his death had it not been specified in his will that she continue to work for his law firm. An aimless woman who greatly enjoyed the city's nightlife, the young Ms. Reese had little that was exceptional about her until she attracted the notice of one of the Domain's Ventrue Primogen - a man named Bellamount. Embracing the woman for no other reason than that he might have an aide, Layla would spend numerous decades in the service of the Camarilla - acting as her reclusive Sire's Whip as she suffered under the bondage of the blood oath.

In time, however, the embittered thrall would revolt agaisnt her regnant - and after several unsuccessful attempts to enact his destruction, the determined neonate would break from the Ivory Tower, and would eventually find her way into the Sword of Caine, losing her bonds through the power of the vaulderie.

As a PC: Layla would come into the city in a tumultuous time, and would soon be witness to numerous members of the Sabbat disappearing in the wake of Cardinal Fransisco de Polonia's displeasure with the acting Bishop of the city. Despite the close relationship Layla would developed with Polonia's grandchile, the Lasombra Maria del Toro, the embittered Ventrue antitribu would long suspect the elder of having murdered her packmates and comrades, and would soon find her suspicions inflamed when Maria, herself, was killed at the Cardinal's orders. While Layla would eventually come to serve as Ductus to what few members of the Sabbat remained in the city, the vengeanful woman would long chafe under Polonia's rule, and would come, with time, to suspect him of infernal dealings.

In time, as her remaining packmates fell prey to the agents of the Camarilla or to mortal hunters, Layla would develop an almost obsessive fixation on seeking revenge against the Lasombra, and would eventually organize a small band willing to undertake the suicidal mission to assasinate him. Miraculously, the tenacious Ventrue would manage to best the Cardinal in combat, and would reap the benefits of his diablerie - confirming her suspicions of his infernalism as his memories flooded over her. After an investigation confirmed her findings, the much lauded neonate was offered a position within the Sabbat's Inquisition, and was last heard to be undertaking an operation in Canada alongside some of the Cainites who had helped her to slay Polonia.


  • Layla had a childe known as Dameon, whom she had Embraced shortly before coming to New York.


Player: Abigail

Appearance: Loa was a majestic woman of regal bearing, who exuded a warm compassionate sense of protective grace. She was accustomed to wearing the robes and trappings of her cult, and almost always travelled with attendants.

Nature: Bon Vivant

Demeanor: Caregiver

Feeding Preference: Cultists

In Play: 2006 - 2007

Quote: "I am a God. I am more than human. My blood heals the sick. My eyes touch hearts. My blood spreads love and faith like fire through my children. My body is the eternal divine. What can I be but a God?"

Background: The woman who would come to inherit the mantle of Loa was a Romanian known as Paula, struggling to provide for herself and her family in the mid-1920s. Her shrewd and calculating personality would eventually catch the eye of the nearby deified elder known as Loa - a Ventrue whose bloodline hailed from archaic Greece, and whose progenitors had long been worshipped as Gods - dating back to the cult of Leto in the regions of Anatolian Lycia and Cos. When the current Loa found her cult and her person under attack by marauding hunters, the Caintite would instruct her grandchilde to Embrace Paula, determined that even in the wake of her death that her bloodline and worship would endure. After becoming one of the undead, Paula would soon after be instructed by the dead Loa's allies in the ways of the vampire's cult and would eventually have her features molded by a Tzimisce in Prague that she might come to resemble the various women who had preceded her.

Swiftly coming to ascend her duties as Goddess with zeal, the new Loa would gladly build upon the cult of her predecessor, and would cultivate a large entourage of adoring followers to cater to her desires. Despite several near-misses with hunter groups similar to the one who had slain the previous Loa, the divine Ventrue would nevertheless openly encourage her worship - paying allegiance to no sect outside of herself until 1999, when she became witness to the Week of Nightmares.

Upon seeing the numerous Ravnos of Romania turn upon one another and devour themselves, Loa was at last convinced that a terrible power existed - far greater than herself. Determined that she and her people not suffer a similar fate, Loa would take it upon herself to join the Sword of Caine, convinced that elders existed which would eventually seek her destruction. Eager to throw herself into an arena more central to global politics, the newly converted Ventrue antitribu would journey to New York a few years later, hoping to expand her cult within the heart of America.

As a PC: After arriving in the city in the fall of 2006, Loa immediately worked to establish a following in the midst of an impoverished neighborhood in the Bronz, creating numerous public works and outreach programs to assist the poor. Despite her allegiance to the Sword of Caine, the charismatic ancillae would go on to cultivate a friendship with the then Ventrue Primogen, Helen Rogerson - eventually seeking her assistance to throw a high profile gala in the early months of 2007.

Despite initially carving what seemed like a tenable hold on the city with her cult, the public nature of Loa's actions would eventually lead to hunters once more seeking the self-made Goddesses life - and after an attack which left one of her inner circle of worshipers slain, the rattled antitribu would retreat back to Romania.


  • During Loa's Embrace, her Sire carved an elaborate sigil in the shape of a rising sun on her chest. The mark -which was emblamatic of the centuries old cult- would remain open throughout the Cainite's unlife.

  • One of Loa's early projects -a community garden- was built on the remains of Bojan Petrov's haven, which had been destroyed in the course of the young Brujah's capture at the hands of hunters.
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Clan description from Laws of the Night: Sabbat Guide.


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