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Artists, dilettantes and degenerates make up the ranks of the Toreador clan, a lineage ensconced in sensuality and experience. Whether patronizing or creating works of their own, these vampires are rarely far and beauty. Ultimately, though, whether for aesthetics the arts from the pleasures of expression or indulgence, it is beauty that carries the members of this clan.

The members of this clan are known for their hedonism, though that is a misinterpretation of what they truly are. They are proud and regal Kindred, highly excitable, and they cultivate expensive tastes - but hedonism is going a bit too far. Artists are always so misunderstood.

The Toreador are the most sophisticated of the clans. They are concerned with beauty in a way no mortal can fathom. They use the rarefied senses and tastes given to them by the Embrace to become as consumed and impassioned as possible. Ideally, to a Toreador, nothing matters as much as beauty, though in many cases the search for beauty is overwhelmed by the search for pleasure, and the Toreador becomes little more than a sensualist.

Like all true artists, they search for a truth beyond an existence they fear to be meaningless. It is that struggle for truth, and ultimately salvation, that has inspired them with what they consider to be their mission - protectors of the genius of the human race. They are truly in love with the vigor and passion of the mortals, and never tire of marvelling at their creations.


Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Presence

Clan Advantage: Two free dots in Academics, Crafts, Performance or Subterfuge abilities at character creation (One trait in any two or two traits in one). The ability to gain one blood point for every dot of the aforementioned abilities and an additional 15 minutes out of play.

Clan Disadvantage: When presented with a work created with 3 or more dots of the Performance, Expression or Crafts abilities, or a person with 4 or more appearance-related social traits, the Toreador becomes entranced and enters a mental fugue state which can only be broken by expending one Mental Trait or by significant distraction.

Inactive Toreador PCs


A.K.A.: Big A

Player: Adam

Appearance: Adameus was a gorgeous devil with a seductive voice and a flippant, carefree outlook on unlife. Rude and indecorous, the neonate was often in some form of inebriation when he graced the Camarilla's court, and was utterly unapologetic for his lack of manners or morals.

Nature: Visionary

Demeanor: Survivor

In Play: 2003 - 2004

Background: Adameus came from an upper-middle class family and spent his youth as a ne'er-do-good with a strong but rarely utilized intellect. He attended private schools where he quickly learned to outwit his snooty rich kid peers and to play his teachers like cards. A natural socialite, Adameus won much repute as a party animal in high school and talked his way out of a lot of trouble on his mischievous escapades.

Going through life without much struggle or any real plan, Adameus began to want more diversity in life and decided to make college a real adventure. Through slight academic exertion and probably a lot of cheating, he got himself accepted at Harvard just ahead of the waitlist cutoff. One night, a Sire-to-be approached our hero at a psychedelic poetry reading. Solemn, dark, and enticing--she caught his eye in no time. He was seeing crystalline roses in the air, hovering around him and blossoming in all directions, so he rushed to the young lady's side to relate this vision to her in verse.

She was paralyzed by his words and the two retired to the boudoir, waking up Adameus's roommate for the third night in a row and causing him to be grouchy during his study group the next morning. He probably would've told Adameus to just have sex in the stairwell had the woman not found herself so awe-struck by the dashing young scamp as to Embrace him. The last thing Adameus remembered that night was relating to some girl that he was experiencing a hallucination of fangs protruding from her mouth. "But they're cute on you..."

After the Embrace, a series of events rapidly followed involving a platinum credit card, a brand-new red Lamborghini, and the instruction to seek out an organization of his kind called the Camarilla in New York City.

As a PC: It was in the Big Apple, that young Adameus met up with his un-life-long-friend-to-be Jim Sirius, his boss-to-be Amadeo Giovanni, various hunters, a few demonic fiends and all manner of Shit Goin' DownTM. Throughout the numerous trials and tribulations the city faced, the dismissive and dishonest youth made a fair number of enemies as he slowly moved toward embracing his BBF's philosophy of the Dark God - and by the Fall of 2005, the reckless neonate landed his name on the Sabbat's kill list. Abandoned by the Camarilla and by his Giovanni associates, the headstrong boy was Summoned into an ambush, and was subsequently murdered by the waiting Sword of Caine.


  • Adameus' afro was, in fact, a wig. Before his seredipitous Embrace at Harvard, the young man had been diagnosed with cancer, and had lost most of his hair as a result of chemotherapy.


Player: Franny

Appearance: Anastasia was a petie woman, well suited for her profession as a ballerina. She was of a charismatic, albeit somewhat catty personality, and would often be quite free in her opinions of others.

Nature: Celebrant

Demeanor: Perfectionist

In Play: 2007 - 2008

As a PC: Little is known of Anastasia's life as a mortal, for she seldom spoke of her past. Appearing in the city during the fall of 2007, the attractive dancer arrived in court alongside her childe, a former street muscian known as Maria Fletcher. In the nights that would see the catastrophic Sabbat raid on the Vontaug shareholder's meeting and the death of the New York's Sheriff and Harpy, Anastasia would stay largely in the background of New York's volatile politics, keeping primarilly to the tight knit company of her clanmates. It was only around the time of Prince Rogerson's abdication that the woman would seek the prestige of her Clan's Primogenship - although in her zeal to obtain the position she would unknowingly alienate her progeny.

As an NPC: Several nights after having obtained the Clan's approval for her to act as their representative, Anastasia's childe, Maria, left the city unexpectedly - attempting to remove herself from the older Kindred's suffocating influence. Unaware of this occurence at first, the ballerina waited for the young Toreador to pick her up from a casting session for a production of Swan Lake. After tarrying long enough to realize that she had been abandoned, Anastasia finally resigned to taking the subway home, where she had the great misfortune to have a chance encounter with the Sabbat pack known as Polyclef. The small gang, recognizing Rothe's pale aura to be that of a Cainite, would eventually stalk the woman to her haven and abduct her - before conspiring to have their Ductus, the Tzimisce Lúsha Gjikokaj take on her form and impersonate her in Kindred society.

Anastasia, in the meantime, found herself at the mercy of Saint, a sadistic Lasombra who delighted in torturing the frail performer over an extended period of time. Compelled to drink his blood, the Toreador would grow into a sickening obsession with her captor, and would come to idolize him even as he tormented her. Eventually, after Lúsha had been discovered by the Camarilla and taken captive herself, Saint was force to relinquish his prize in an exchange of hostages, and Anastasia would be returned to Kindred society a broken woman.

Not wishing to have her linger in the city where Saint still stalked the streets, Prince Wright would eventually make arrangements to have the traumatized woman cared for by associates in San Antonio - hoping that with time, she could begin to recouperate from the horrors she had faced.


  • Anastasia and Maria had an eccentric ghouled cat named Chaplin, who often provided a comedic backdrop to both character's influences.

  • Saint actually filmed his extensive torture of Anastasia, and the Camarilla was given a graphic video of his ministrations during the hostage exchange. In reality, an out-of-character movie was produced for the purposes of this plot, which involved deer teeth, a gallon container of fake blood and sneaking into assorted boiler rooms.

Documents of Import:

  • Breaking Free: Maria Fletcher leaves the city [December 20, 2008]

  • An Ill-Fated Farwell: Anastasia Rothe finds the parting note from her childe too late, and in turn is found by Lúsha Gjikokaj [December 21, 2008]


Player: Chloë

Appearance: Cassandra was a small woman of exceptional beauty. Her personality, while warm, however, could quickly become grating to those with little patience, as the extroverted Toreador was forever speaking at an unceasing and unrelenting pace.

Nature: Bon Vivant

Demeanor: Celebrant

In Play: 2007 - 2008

Background: While little is known of Asano's life as a mortal, the lively Kindred would spend much of her unlife traveling from Domain to Domain, and in time would come to act as an agent of the Lasombra antitribu - delivering messages between distant members of the Clan who rightly feared meeting in large numbers.

As a PC: Cassandra Asano will long be remembered by the court of New York as one of the friendliest Kindred to pass through the city, which she did that she might investigate the events leading to the death of Camarilla Lasombra, Sofia Castañuelas de la Plata, as well as other antitribu who had recently been slain in the city. Once in the Domain, the animated social butterfly would prove exceedingly willing to engage any Elysium goer in conversation, showering them with compliments and at times practically molesting them in admiring their jewelry. Always bright and vivacious, she provided a stark contrast to the gloom that often presided over Cainite society, even if she did have what appeared to be a limited understanding of personal space.

Following the ascension of Darren West to the New York throne, Cassandra had little more which she could do with regards to the regime which had seen Sofia's death, and would take her leave from the city shortly after the Brujah's successful praxis. In time, she would find her way into the courts of Paris, where she would come to sit amongst the minor Harpies - although she would occasionally communicate with New Yorkers regarding the ocassional piece of gossip.


Player: Naomi

Appearance: Dianne was not a conventionally attractive woman, but nevertheless had a quiet and friendly charisma to her person

Nature: Celebrant

Demeanor: Perfectionist

As a PC: Dianne Alekson was a quiet young woman, and while she still attended court, she could often be found sitting in a corner, lost in contemplation while working at her laptop. She seldom spoke much on matters of politics, and while she did for a brief span hold the Primogenship for her Clan, she preferred to help where she could in less official capacities, offering her skills as an information broker where needed.

For reasons unknown to the court, Dianne disappeared from the public eye shortly after Darren West's assumption of the throne. While she apparently still maintained contact with a select few Kindred for a time (most notably Adam Jones), she eventually vanished from vampiric society entirely - coming to retreat completely to the company of her paranoid and isolated Sire.

Eevee del RosaEEVEE DEL ROSA

Player: Jessie

Appearance: Eevee was an elegant woman, gifted with a graceful and dignified demeanor. Polite and proper, she made up with her inability to speak through the use of her music, which all who heard it reported to be hauntingly exquisite.

Nature: Perfectionist

Demeanor: Traditionalist

Sire: Weiss Craven

Birthdate: July 14, 1887

In Play: 2008 - 2009

Background: Esmé Vanne de Rosa's mother died in giving birth to her, which left her well-to-do father resentful of his daughter. Once she was discovered to be mute, she was quickly placed in an institution for wayward children, where she was seldom visited and often mercilessly tormented by the foundlings and orphans who made up the majority of house's inhabitants. At the age of nine, she was tricked into becoming lost in a riverside cave near the orphanage's grounds, where she was eventually found by Toreador Weiss Craven, who would return her to her caretakers.

After that first meeting, Craven would come to visit the young girl numerous times, promising to eventually rescue the maturing teenager from her current situation. At the age of nineteen, she was Embraced and taken into Weiss' company - and they would depart for Europe, where Eevee would eventually learn to play the violin with supernatural skill, launching a muscial career that would eventually land her back in the states. In 2008, she would acquire a position in a classical quartet in New York, and would part from Weiss - although her Sire would leave her believing that the seperation would be temporary.

As a PC: Eevee's inability to speak often left her in the background of major events in New York, silently watching and taking note of the situation. While she would make several friends amongst Camarilla society (including Brujah Seneschal Elissa Gray and Lasombra Harpy Molly Auldinton) and would in time become invaluable to the Prince due to her far reaching powers of Auspex - the demure ancilla's thoughts would be forever with her Sire, as she waited expectantly for his return.


  • Eevee was so thoroughly disgusted with her clanmate, Harpy Parker, that she quite nearly used her powers of psychic projection that her astral manifestation might speak aloud the words, "Gordon Parker must be stopped."


A.K.A.: EJR, Eej, The Shirt, Hot Lips

Player: Brendan

Appearance: Fabulous. Just fabulous.

Nature: Traditionalist

Demeanor: Deviant

In Play: 2006 - 2007

Theme Song(s): Frank Zappa - He's So Gay

Background: Emanuel James Richardson IV was Embraced sometime in the early twentieth century, and would grow to rely on many of his youthful "gentleman friends" from his days in university to bolster his growing influence over the mortal legal world. An unapologetic lover of men both before and after death, the handsome Toreador would make something of a reputation for himself through his ability to manage problems through the art of seduction, gaining some early renown by disposing of a troublesome Ravnos by courting his conflicted Romani ghoul into betraying his master.

Seized by a consummate adoration for the drama of politicking, the flamboyant Toreador would eventually come to seek out his fortunes in New York, having heard that it was volatile realm with a number of attractive personages populating its courts.

As a PC: Richardson arrived in New York in February, 2006. At the time, he was one of several relative new-comers, albeit of greater prestige than most of New York's Kindred population.

During his first several months tenure in New York, Emanuel exhibited the stereotypical flowery speech and ostentatious manner of his Clan, acting as a genial social butterfly in Elysium, as he flitted from one conversation to the next, stirring up social interaction to replace the awkward silence he all-too-often found. This apparent flightiness belied his rise to the position of Toreador Primogen within weeks of his arrival and to the position of Seneschal during Darren West's successful declaration of praxis seizure only a few months later. Unbenownst to all save a few, the ambitious Toreador had joined with the Brujah's supporters several months prior to his arrival at the behest of Victor Roske, and therefore was seen by the new regime as having risked much in holding such loyalties during the rule of Prince Evans.

Now solidly tied to the nascent reign of West, Emanuel would rise swiftly from his entrance onto the stage of New York City politics, and as Seneschal would quickly rising in standing alongside the popular new Prince. However, his domineering and often controlling nature would eventually earn him the emnity of House and Clan Tremere, and he would clash frequently with the equally prominent Harpy Xerices and Sheriff McCoy. In particular, Richardson would find a rival in the much maligned regent, Adam Jones, who would eventually be able to mobilize several key Kindred, including Emanuel's clanmate Natalie Hemming, against the man - and in the early winter of 2007 a hostile Primogen Council would force West to oust the unpopular Toreador from the city.

As an NPC: Richardson would return to St. Louis for a time after parting ways with New York, and was quickly able to secure a position as Grand Harpy of the Domain. Later that year, when the actions of Malkavians Kaya Miakoda and Jay Winslow caused havoc throughout there Clan across North America, Richardson would be at the forefront of a political effort to force the Domain of New York to proffer boons for the damage done in other cities, which would earn the obviously bitter Toreador the full wrath of the newly ascended Prince Rogerson and her court. After weeks of protracted dealings with Harpies throughout the United States, Xerices and his comrades were able to have an incapacitated Richardson delivered to their Elysium - and he was shortly thereafter destroyed before a mocking crowd. Roske, who had and still did esteem Emanuel amongst his friends, offered to wield the executioner's axe - as a last service to a comrade who had helped both him and his Clan.


  • The Ravnos ghoul whom Emanuel had seduced in his past had, unbeknownst to the Toreador, been driven to suicide, and would curse his faithless lover before dying. His last words, "Curse your lying heart and find no truth in beauty!" would haunt the Cainite who had betrayed him. For as long as he lived after that particular tête-á-tête, Emanuel would find himself hearing words not actually spoken whenever he was confronted by a person of exquisite features, and his physical heart would be plagued with a curious supernatural property which allowed wooden instruments to find it with ease. In the moments before his death at the behest of Prince Rogerson, the jaded Toreador would see visions of his former lover in the moments before the axe fell, and those observing his death would note that his heart lingered for a moment after his body had collapsed into dust.

  • Emmanuel would carry a grudge against the elder Niccolai Antonescu, as the elder's intervention into West's praxis had allowed Evans to escape unscathed and had therby prevented the climactic moment of confrontation between him and West which had greatly appealed to Richardson's sense of aesthetics.

  • Emmanuel would recognize his clanmate Natalie's addiction to cocaine, and would do his utmost to help her overcome it - locking her in his haven for days on end and keeping her from leaving that she might be unable to procure her drug of choice. Ultimately, however, the flighty young actress would come to hate Richardson, and would join the effort to have him removed from the city.

  • In addition to assisting Roske in returning his clanmate to power, Richardson would offer the Brujah the use of his haven when the assassin found himself pursued by the Assamites "Hawk and Sparrow." This move, however, would attract the attention of the paparazzi, who had begun to take an interest in EJR following a scandal in which he had attempted to seduce Tom Cruise. As such, Roske would unwittingly find himself the subject of tabloid gossip.

Documents of Import:

  • Richardson's Farewell: Richardson reminds West that his loyalty remains unwavering, even in the midst of his "exile." [January 21, 2007]


Player: John

Appearance: Gordon Parker was a flambouyant and jovial man with a Bostonian accent and mannerisms that marked him as a product of the prohibition era.

Nature: Autocrat

Demeanor: Bon Vivant

In Play: 2008

As a PC: Parker appeared in New York during early 2008, and quickly proved ambitiuous in seeking the mantle of the city's grand Harpy. Pragmatically ruthless to those who could not prove useful to him, the obsequious degenerate did his utmost to sway Prince Wright against the growin Anarch and Independent population of the city - and would exhort the young Brujah to take action in executing those who interupted the decorum of court.

Such blunt attitudes, however, soon alienated the ancillae from the other powerful members of the Camarilla - and Lasombra antitribu Molly Auldington would unite with Parker's Clan Primogen to undermine Parker's authority. Ultimately, however, the Toreador would leave the city for reasons unrelated to his rivals, as the appearance of his still living mortal twin brother would drive him to flee the area.


ST: Tristan

Appearance: Flashy shirts, fine suits, and dark mirrored shades. A tall, toned young man with messy blonde hair and an easy grin, he looks like he just stepped out of a movie poster, or the Oscars.

Nature: Thrill-Seeker

Demeanor: Gallant

In Play: 2008 - 2009


An earnest and ritzy socialite with an undying passion for the theatre, Mark seems a typical Toreador at first glance. Those who think him an effete coward because of his clan, however, will be cured of that delusion when he draws his rapier and begins a fluid dance of death at lightning speed.

Mark began his unlife in the chaotic domain of San Francisco where Camarilla, Anarchs, Sabbat, and the mysterious Kuei-Jin war constantly. His swashbuckling performance in a production of Cyrano caught the eye of the Toreador primogen, Mary Concannon, who arranged to ‘accidentally’ meet him and soon after inducted him into the ranks of the Clan of the Rose. He quickly made a name for himself as a quick, deadly, and daring warrior, eager to strike a blow against the predations of the Sabbat. In 2007, his sire informed him of a resurgence of Sabbat activity in New York, and ordered him to offer his services to the court there.

New York has proved a less exciting city than San Francisco in many respects, but after some initial restlessness, Mark has adapted quite well to the more political nature of the city, and was appointed Harpy in late 2008. This suits him fine, as he already made it a point to greet newcomers.


A.K.A.: Nat

Player: Diane

Appearance: Natalie Hemming appeared to be in her early twenties. Despite her ever-present three-inch heels, Natalie was petite. She always dressed in a trendy, sophisticated manner, and never wore pants, only skirts. Her eyes were her most striking feature, being exceptionally large with long, dark lashes.

Nature: Celebrant

Demeanor: Gallant

In Play: 2006 - 2007

Theme Song(s): Joy Division - She's Lost Control; Cabaret - Cabaret; Marcie Blane -Who's Gonna Take My Daddy's Place?

Description: Natalie Hemming arrived in New York City in September of 2006 and quickly earned a starring role in a Broadway production of Cabaret, a part she is well suited for. As she found her place amongst her fellow kindred, she became the Primogen of clan Toreador.

While other members of her clan may be most notable for their cunning, Natalie was clearly a creature of passion. Her singing was voluminous and desperate, moving many to grief or joy, depending on what she is expressing. Equally passionate was her social life, as she has made fast, close friendships with many Camarilla members and other kindred in the city. Rumors abounded as to her liasons with Harpy Xerices, Lucas Brighton, and even with a Cainite best not mentioned, due to his unfortunate political affiliations...

Shortly after the departure of her seeming friend and mentor, Emanuel James Richardson, Natalie herself departed from the city. She later resurfaced briefly in Paris, when she was found to have seemingly committed suicide following the capture and death of a Lasombra by officials in the city. Her charred red party dress was dragged from a canal, muddied with ash.

Alongside this was found a single sodden paper napkin with the words "I'm so sorry." scrawled upon it.


A.K.A.: Liliya Chukol'skaya

Player: Shelley

Appearance: A distinguished woman of unearthly beauty, Triphaena was a she-devil to her enemies and a smoldering ball of passion to her lovers. Always intense regardless of how her passions moved her, the one-time Grand Harpy was not a woman to be crossed.

Nature: Survivor

Demeanor: Bon Vivant

In Play: 2003 - 2004

Description: "Fucking bitch. So, check it, right? I'm all like, cruising around and shit minding my own business, making friends. Y'know, being cool right. Me and my man Adameus, we were getting in tight with the Prince. We were gonna be her brute squad. Big A and the J. We'd fucking go and find the fucks who were fucking with her and fucking fuck their fucking shit until it was totally fucked to shit. And then, right, this chick with like, tooootally awesome tits and this neck you could just cum on if you rubbed against it, y'know? Like, total pearl necklace shit I'm talking about. Classy stuff. Anyway, she comes in and she starts giving my man trouble because he's like... in the clan of the Rose Bowl or some shit. Fuck that crap, Adameus does what Adameus wants. Like some fucking Methuselah motherfucker gives a shit if he lights up a fat blunt in court. Well, actually, he did make that one dude frenzy... fuck Janks.

Where was I? Oh, right, Triphanea. Anyway, so this chick, right, she gets it in her mind she's gonna tear us apart, y'know? Like, fuck with my shit so she could fuck with Jewfro's shit. Totally not cool to let tits get between bros. So, she gets this idea that I'm a Setite because I deal drugs and like Toreador. Well, that and I fucking plugged her in the ass bent over my blasphemy shrine while her sire videotaped her. I'm not kidding, just ask around. Woman's a total whore. I mean, she went for that B-Money anarch trashbag. Yeah. Yeah! So, she calls me out, makes me touch her Lying Boner or whatever the fuck Tremere shit it is. Then the Prince I'm tight with gets staked, I'm all blood hunted, and I spend three months in a box c/o The Sabbat (tm). Triphanea? Totally huffs mad dong."

-- Jim Sirius, Gentleman and Scholar


Player: Danielle

Appearance: Whit tries to keep herself in check of all things... and fails most of the time. Her moods change quickly and sometimes without warning. But she appears to be a little bit dressed up from the average NYC teenager, which is an improvement from how she dressed when she first began attending Elysia.

Nature: Judge

Demeanor: Curmudgeon

Sire: Benjamin Grappler

In Play: 2007 - 2009

Description: Though she is a Toreador, Whit has only the love of the arts to connect her to her clanmates. Otherwise, it is obvious that she feels she is more of a Brujah. That is, except for her form of kryptonite, of course.

Whit's appearance at her first Elysium was... unplanned. The story of how her Sire, Benjamin Grapler, dropped her on the doorstep to Elysium before speeding out of the city is known to those who were present that night. Knowing just enough to scrape by, she was immediately put into the accounting... but not with her only fellow Clanmate at the time, known to her as Frenchie. She was placed with Brody, a Brujah who had a mind of his own when it came to teaching.

But Whit was not brought to New York... she was already here. "Born and raised in crappy Manhattan." That's how she puts it. Her history of her mortal life is known to few, not that it matters much. But her more recent mortal history, the part that lead her to her... unlife... that's what matters. Her street performing, a busker, juggling knifes. That's what attracted her sire. Then there's the tragic story of the shooting that got her Embraced. "Dumbfuck wanted to save my talent… but he didn't tell me what the hell was going on. I thought he was trying to get off, biting my neck the way he was." Explaining the Embrace in between mouthfuls doesn't do well to help the childer understand, now, does it? No.

After spending the entire summer and all of the fall learning the ways and laws of the Camarilla, Whit became a full member of the Camarilla and Whip of Clan Toreador the same night. Whit the Whip... "We should give her a whip... wait, no, she'd just use it on us."

Yeah. Pretty much.


Player: David M.

Appearance: Dobbs was an exceptionally short, nerdy man with a nerdy charisma to his person. He could almost always be found wearing a dress shirt and several dozen pens

Nature: Director

Demeanor: Celebrant

In Play: 2003 - 2005

Description: He was hungry, not for Mountain Dew, but blood.

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