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The UnMasqued StoryTellers (STs for short) preside over the game, run challenges, and are responsible for all of the behind-the-scenes action. STs also frequently appear as NPCs (Non-Player Characters).

If you have any questions, the current mailing list for all the STs is sts AT unmasqued DOT com, or if you have a player account, send them a message on the website.

The STs


Name: Ivan

Sex: Male



Height: Unknown

Blood Type: Unknown

Favored Weapon: Unknown

Characters Played: Maximillion Sampsa, Ash Gently, Pangloss

ST Duties: HST

Bio: Ivan is a kind of rich custard dessert with a layer of soft caramel on top. IVAN is a variant of plain custard (crème) where some caramel syrup is poured into the mold before adding the custard base. After the custard has set, it can be turned out, leaving a caramel sauce on top. Like all custards, Ivan is made with whole eggs, milk or cream, and sugar. The typical flavoring is simply vanilla, however, there are numerous variations, including coconut, almond, pistachio, lemon, and many types of fruit. Another variation involves adding a layer of cake to the Ivan.

An imitation of Ivan may be prepared from "instant Ivan powder", which is thickened with agar rather than eggs; "Royal" is a popular brand. In some Latin America countries, the true custard version is known as "milk Ivan" (Ivan de leche) or even "Ivan cheese", and the substitute version is known as just "Ivan".


Name: n/a

Sex: Female

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Lacking

Height: 5' 4"

Blood Type: O

Favored Weapon: Sucynolcholine

Characters Played: Adelle Charlotte Xerices, Amelia Piccoli Rossi, Alexandra Koenig, Christine Darkwater, Elle Herriot, Elizabeth Hawkins, Eva Stromberg, Isabella, Ja, Lina Glasson, Liz Grant, Lynn Gladius, Maris Streck, Reiko Gantestu, "She Who Must Not Be Named", Vera Vignes

ST Duties: Paper-pushing Grunt

Bio: Who is the ominous LG? Nobody, save about 99.9% of Oberlin's roleplaying public, will ever know. Whomever she is, she is responsible (in part) for the page you see before you.

LG got her start in roleplaying in a late Spring 2004 game of UnMasqued, playing a certain insanely evil Malkavian with whom she shared her initials. With that, a whole new world of possibility, adventure and similarly-initialed insanely evil alter-egos was laid open to her.

She has since very unsuccessfully tried to expand into other games (which never seem to last more than three sessions) and in doing so given life to such greats as Lester Bernard Graham, Leora Gardner, Loretta Grandizer, Leviathan Gomer, Lara Gish and Imk (a Half-Orc, whom it should be noted was Lawful Good.)


Name: Jackson

Sex: Male



Height: tall enough

Blood Type: o+

Favored Weapon: satire

Characters Played: Samuel Johnson

ST Duties: Sheets, influences, mistakes


The Narrators

DISCLAIMER: The following bios represent information submitted by the narrators themselves. (Or a malevolent webdesigner with access to wikipedia). The views and opinions expressed within each are their own, and do not necessarily reflect those of Unmasqued's storytellers, or the authors of this webpage.


Name: Ben


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