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Situated on an island of the same name that is the most geographically separate of the city's boroughs, Staten Island is the least populated of the five boroughs. Often called "the forgotten borough," Staten island is by far the least populated, most ethnically homogeneous and most remote borough of New York. Some areas have an urban feel comparable to the areas of Eastern Queens and Northern Bronx.

Staten Island is also the unofficial yet generally respected domain of the city's Anarchs.

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A. Staten Island Ferry: The Staten Island Ferry is a passenger ferry operated by the New York City Department of Transportation between Whitehall Street at the southernmost tip of Manhattan near Battery Park and St. George Ferry Terminal on Richmond Terrace in Staten Island. The ferry is now free of charge, though riders must disembark at each terminal and reenter through the terminal building for a round trip.

The Anarchs of New York claim domain over the Ferry as well as the borough, and have in the past taken it as an affront if any Kindred attempt to make use of the Ferry without first asking their permission.

B. Garibaldi-Meucci Museum: The Order of the Sons of Italy in America maintains a Garibaldi-Meucci Museum in Staten Island in the former house of Antonio Meucci. Meucci was the original inventor of the telephone prior to bell, and was a compatriot of Giuseppe Garibaldi, and Italian "red shirt" patriot.

The museum was established at one time as a sort of "Anarch Elysium" on Staten Island. The rules of Elysium are essentially the same here, save only applicable to members of the Anarch movement. Other Sect members may leave a little worse for the wear if they do not maintain a proper degree of respect.

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