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Brooklyn is New York's most populous borough, with nearly 2.5 million residents. Variously called the "City of Trees," "City of Homes," or the "City of Churches" in the nineteenth century, Brooklyn is now often styled the "Borough of Homes and Churches" or even sometimes called "The Planet," popularized by Guru from the rap duo Gangstarr, for its diversity, large population, and size.

Due to it's dense population, Brooklyn is an ideal feeding rack for many of the cities Kindred, and rising property value have made it a target for those seeking domains of long term value.

Map Manhattan Place of Interest

A. Prospect Park: Deisgned by Olmsted and Vaux after they completed Manhattan's Central Park, Prospect Park covers 526 acre is and it is run and operated by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.

Shortly after the Camarilla established their presence in New York, the then newly-independent Gangrel of NYC moved into the region, even though Calabros technically granted them domain over Van Cortlandt Park as a measure of diplomacy, most Gangrel since the war have been known to meet at Prospect.

B. The Diamond Wok: We extend to you our warmest welcome and introduce a selection of Pekingese and Cantonese cuisine for your pleasure and dining. **Seven Day Lunch Buffet!** Also, we take special order. Open unreasonably late.

C. Brooklyn Navy Yard: Established in the beginning of the 19th century by the federal government, the Brooklyn Nabvy yard was responsible both for ship building and housing a large Navy presence. At its height of activity before and during world war II it employed 10,000 workers. In the modern nights however, the yards are closed (having been shut down in 1966) and the area is now mostly populated by privately owned warehouses used for manufacturing. A large abandoned mansion, formerly owned by an admiral, is one of the many remnants of it's wartime era prosperity and was adopted by Prince West as his Elysium after he purchased it back in 2006.

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