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The desert sands of Africa hold many secrets long buried, some best left undisturbed. Claiming literal descent from the dark Egyptian god Set, the Setites hoard the secrets of their lost civilizations. According to the Setites, Set himself will rise -soon- and he will reward his faithful while plunging the world into eternal night. Organized more like a cult than a Clan, the Followers eagerly search for the mystic means to rouse Set, while they simultaneously spin webs of deceit and fixation to sway others to their service. Needless to say, the Setites are regarded with wariness at best and horror at worst.


Disciplines: Obfuscate, Presence, Serpentis

Clan Advantage: One free dot of Politics, Underworld or Street influence. One free dot of the Streetwise ability.

Clan Disadvantage: Aversion to light. Setites suffer a one Trait penalty on all challenges in the presence of bright lights. They also suffer an additional level of damage from sunlight.

Inactive Setite PCs


Player: Becky

Appearance: Danny dressed in a wardrobe of fashionable black, with a long-banged crew cut often concealing hir eyes. Sie was a quiet and often reserved character, only ocassionally entering a sarcastic comment into conversation. Hir gender, often a topic of inquiry, was something sie left open for debate.

Nature: Rebel

Demeanor: Deviant

Sire: Alan Scott

In Play: 2008 - 2009

Theme Song(s): The Killers - Jenny was a Friend of Mine (with Love Cassandra Goodchild); Garbage - The World is Not Enough

Background: Danny had been born Danielle Simons, one of two daughters raised by a middle aged New York widower. Throughout her life as a mortal, her sister Jennifer would be her best friend and confidant, and the two of them would become one another's primary support in their mother's absence. Some time after her father's early death, the young woman would go on to become a successful chauffeur, and would attract the eye of the flamboyant and cynical Alan Scott - a man who needed a good driver.

After slowly becoming bound to Alan (in reality a Setite), the young Danielle would watch her life radically change, with her debonair regnant increasingly attempting to instruct her in the ways of his Dark God and his promised escape from life's fetters. One night, in the Spring of 1976, Alan had his protege run what was to be a simple errand with him in the passenger seat, when the young woman's sister appeared by the side of the highway I-87, attempting to flag down help after her engine had stalled. Unexpectedly and suddenly, Danielle watched her car swerve to the right even as she sat behind the wheel, crashing directly into Jennifer and killing her. In the nights that followed, the sanguine Scott would lecture his pupil in freeing herself from such tawdry attachments as come with love - filial or otherwise - and would eventually undertake Danielle's Embrace, now that her mortal connections had all been severed.

For over a year, Danielle strove to process her mixture of grief and devotion, eventually coming to the conclusion that her Sire had orchestrated Jenny's death. Not buying into Alan's grandiose claims that the demise of her sister had "liberated" her, the angered neonate would eventually come to seek revenge, luring her progenitor to the green on Central Park and leaving him staked to meet the sunrise. Seeking to escape the ugly business of her mortal years and the no-doubt disapproving elders of her Clan, the young Cainite spent the next several decades in Europe, shedding in time her identity as Danielle and coming to take on the androgynous persona of Danny - now that the dispassion of undeath had made gender something of a human eccentricity in hir eyes.

As a PC: Danny would return to New York in the early months of 2008, seemingly comfortable that hir past indiscretions would be forgotten. Offering hir services as a transporter and smuggler, the discreet and quiet Setite would eventually find clients in both the mortal and immortal world - becoming rapidly indispensable to the newly appointed Brujah Prince Eugene Wright, who would come to rely on the cool-headed neonate in a number of his operations regarding the Special Affairs Division of the FBI.

Quietly gathering what secret's sie could about the other Cainites in the city, Danny had a somewhat conspiratorial -if strained- relationship with hir clanmate Theris, whose lack of subtley often met with hir distaste. Usually figuring only in the background of Kindred politics, the often silent Setite seemed to lead a calm, almost subdued unlife until the coming of winter, when sie made the acquaintance of Anarch Malkavian Love Cassandra Goodchild, a dual-personalitied Discordian culture-jammer with a penchant for causing chaos. After several exchanges of flirtations throughout several courts, the pair went on an supremely awkward date in the midst of Cassandra's attempts to rescue an Archon from the clutchs of the Sabbat, although they managed to nevertheless hit it off despite the series of improbable capers which would follow.

Over time, the two neonates would become something of a regular couple, and Danny would eventually attempt to lure the childlike Malkavian into a blood bond, promising to teach her the arts of hir Clan. The Setite, however, soon found hir plan backfiring due to a peculiarity of Cassandra's blood which would cause any bond she incurred to be emotionally requited. The pair grew steadily closer throughout 2009, watching together as the city repeatedly descended into near complete pandemonium at the hands of the increasingly violent Sabbat. Drawn increasingly into Cassandra's strange and unpredictable life, Danny would do hir best to warn the ever optimistic woman that those who loved hir had a history of getting hurt.

On Halloween of that year, Danny's gloomy premonitions were given life when Alan Scott made a theatric reappearance in the city - having survived Danny's attempt on his life through the removal of his heart. Sauntering into the crowded Camarilla Elysium to confront his wayward childe, the devilish ancillae would draw both Danny and hir paramour into a confrontation at the Wycoff House in Brooklyn, where the two lovers would make an earnest attempt to kill the man - only to have Cassandra incapacitated in the melee.

Speaking earnestly to his childe, Scott would reveal that the sorcery he had used upon Danny so many years ago in no way had the car crash as its end goal - and that the power had depended entirely on the desires already lurking in hir heart. Recognizing at last that it was hir own jealousy of Jennifer which had manifested itself into the sudden swerve, Danny left the building crestfallen, overwhelmed by the revelation that hir sister's death had stemmed from hir own passions. Cassandra, in the meantime, begged her paramour learn to live with what she deemed "kind lies" about her past, attempting haphazzardly to explain the origins of her own rift in personality as she desperately tried to prevent Danny's departure from the city.

In the end, however, Danny would not be swayed - but agreed to take Cassandra with her out of New York as she made plans to return to Europe. Wishing to sever their ties to the beleaguered city for the time being, the pair falsified their own deaths before departing - leaving many who knew them with the mistaken belief that Alan Scott had murdered the couple.

As an NPC: Danny and Cassandra would go on to adopt new identites, taking on the names Jordan Phillips and Joy Merlot as they made their way across Europe, getting themselves involved in various illegal or clandestine operations. While Danny would eventually come to recognize Cassandra as yet another fetter tying her to the world her Sire would have hir abandon, the conflicted Setite would make the decision to postpone severing that connection in the nights that followed - recognizing her love for the madwoman who now served as hir partner in crime.


  • Paranoid that the Camarilla would eventually seek to betray hir, Danny crafted an elaborate dead-man's switch which would transfer information regarding key New York Kindred to the FBI hunter cell activity in the city. After Cassandra went forward to trigger reports of the pairs demise to the mortal authorities, Danny found hirself unable to stop the plans sie had set in motion. This lead to a massive federal investigation of the Cainites of the city, eventually leading Prince von Metternich to order the Domain's evacuation.

Documents of Import:

  • Danny's Gambit: [Multiple influences] Danny preplans for vengeance should the Camarilla turn against hir. [September - October 2009]


Player: Danya

Appearance: Gretchen had been Embraced in her middle age, but nevertheless had a mature seductiveness to her. Unlike many of the other academic Cainites in the city, the vivacious theology professor was one who enjoyed levity - and would often abandon her professional demeanor for the sake of intoxication, sexual flirtation or just plain fun.

Nature: Perfectionist

Demeanor: Pedagogue

In Play: 2005 - 2006

Theme Song(s): R.E.M. - Losing My Religion; CAKE - Comfort Eagle

Background: Gretchen was the child of German immigrants, and would eventually rise through the ranks of American academia to become a Doctor of Religion, going on to attain tenure at a modestly prestigious university. Despite her deep intellectual understanding of human spiritual belief, Dr. Faustus would slowly come to sink into a deep and abiding depression as she grew older, plagued with doubt as to the meaning of her existence.

On the verge of suicide, she would be approached by one of her students - who would make her a wager that he could show her something worth living for, if she would only give him a year to prove it. The "young" man, in reality a Follower of Setite, would thereafter begin the process of drawing his new discipline through he nine gates of revelation, and as Gretchen's ardor for life was re-inflamed by the philosophy of Set, her former "pupil" would eventually take her into the ranks of undeath.

Description: After arriving in New York, Gretchen would for a time consort with the blood hunted Jim Sirius and his ancestor Helgiormir, but would eventually come to the decision that she should temporarily join with the Camarilla, seeing how the Lex Talonis had barred her Clan from interacting with much of Kindred society. Claiming that her clan excommunicated her for heresy, Gretchen would find grudging acceptance among the ranks of the Ivory Tower, although her beliefs would earn her the emnity of the deeply Catholic Sofia Castañuelas de la Plata and the paranoid Lillian Greer. Eventually, when the reality of Gretchen's situation was discovered by Greer and her clanmate Langston, the rival professor would blackmail the Setite into becoming her thrall that she might evade execution - offering in return to rewrite her memories that she might escape an investigation.

During her bondage to the cold Malkavian, Gretchen would slowly relapse into her previous depression, falling slowly into desperation as Lillian's harshly relativist philosophies began to pick at her newfound religious beliefs. While she would maintain something akin to friendships with some Kindred outside of her domitor (including Adam Jones, Diane Alekson, and Matthew Fribbley), she would eventually find her dependency on the other woman dominating her life - watching as her affections for Greer remained largely unrequited in light of the Malkavian's own bonds to both Hadrian Evans and Bojan Petrov.

In time, Gretchen's despair would reach such a pitch that she lept at the opportunity to escape her current existence, and after Lillian had made arrangements for it to appear as if her thrall had been killed by the visiting Assamites, Devin Farrel and "H", Gretchen would willingly place herself into torpor, burying herself in an obscure location in the hopes that she would not be found. Greer, although not entirely anticipating such action, would eventually come to the decision not to pursue her, feeling that Dr. Faustus had in some way earned a right to her freedom.


  • Gretchen kept a child ghoul in her company for a time, who she would pander sexually to a ring of pedophiles. After Greer dominated the girl into an attempted murder of her regnant (whilst the two professors were still rivals), the Setite would kill the child and fake her death, whilst leaving incriminating documentation whcih would lead to the prosecution of numerous men involved in the illicit circle.

  • Gretchen maintained an unusual interest in human sex and sexuality, and would often engage in trysts with mortals. At one point, she would engage in a brief fling with the equally perverse Auberon Xerices, which was rendered somewhat awkward by Auberon's own romantic pursuit of Lillian.


A.K.A.: The 'J'

Player: John

Appearance: His long, flowing hair, beard, and copious body hair marked him as an Embrace from the counterculture of the 60's and 70's. Favored lots of necklaces, rings, and watches, but never much for the bling. Clothing was light, blatantly flashy or drug related, and often worn exposing the chest or the whole torso, man-pelt and all.

Nature: Dabbler

Demeanor: Celebrant (before Adameus' death), Curmudgeon (after Adameus' death)

In Play: 2003 - 2005

Theme Song(s): Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Here Comes the Snake

Background Jim lived his mortal life with much the same ardent respect for others, sublime etiquette and impeccable taste that he displayed as a Cainite.

As a PC: Philosopher. Street poet. Purveyor to the Masses. King Amongst Snakes. Jim Sirius has gone by many names, some of them even actually picked up and used by people without intentional irony. Originally Masquerading as a Brujah in the city, Jim cruised the Camarilla in style, pissing off the man (Janx has the negative status Tool x2 in all Setite Temples), buying unregistered firearms, and generally making everyone think he was cool, up to and including the Hard-Assed and Totally Stone Cold Prince Svetlana "Communistovich" Karamatzoball. On the eve of his dread ascension to Ultimate Behind Thrown Power Master, tons of bad shit happened. The Prince died, he got kicked out of Elysium, then the Sabbat captured him, put his feet on his shoulders, and made him look like George Clooney (he didn't mind the last two parts since these totally hot incestuous twins from Texas did it to him).

After some time as their prisoner, he just kind of got shoved in a box. Even after being retrieved by his mentor, Jim was haunted by dreams of being trapped in a closet full of really lame clothing that's supposed to make you look "wicked" and "hardcore". Some say, he was never able to really shake his deep, unabiding fear of becoming as lame as the Sabbat whose stank-ass, moth-ridden closet he languished in for weeks on end. When he finally returned from his vision quest, he found Adameus, his bud and bro in the fight for Set, dead by the hands of self-same lameass vampire dorks. Subsequently, his hard-assed, but out of touch Grampsire Helgiormir showed up, along with a total fag with a lisp and dumb hair, and a chick who had wack ideas about Set, not to mention some Setite children and a Setite who was so totally fucked on priorities he joined the Sword of Laime. Note that this Setite chronology is totally fucked. Anyway, he made some nefarious plans, did some deals, held some kind of messed up thing over Evans' head, terrorized some Sheriffs and Sheriff related peoples, and finally got gacked in a club's back alley by hunters. His final words were: "Back off, popsicle-sticks! Hey, don't you fucking throw that salt-shaker at m-"


A.K.A: Caroline Lester

Player: Diane

Appearance: Mona was seductive professional of English descent, with a sharp condescension for those she disdained. She did not always dress the part of a dominatrix, but did appear to have a preference in her day to day dress for black, leather and cloves.

Nature: Masochist

Demeanor: Thrill-Seeker

Birthdate: October 28th, 1958

Sire: Juliana Hollwell

In Play: 2007

Theme Song(s): The Cure - Killing an Arab

Background: Born Caroline Lester, Mona had been a product of rape, and it was instilled in her at as a teenager that she had been allowed to come into the world as a Stestament to her mother's strength in overcoming her trauma. Growing up a somewhat detached and morose woman in London, young Caroline would eventually be introduced to her future Sire, Juliana Hollwell, through a French literature professor she was sleeping with, and would be slowly drawn by the older woman into the city's BDSM scene, becoming a secretary at her club, the Aspis. Eventually, after the sudden death of her mother, Caroline would received the Embrace, with Juliana claiming that she had been waiting until the young woman's last ties to the mortal world were severe before bringing her into the reality of undeath.

After becoming one of the Followers of Set, Caroline (now taking on the name Mona) would go on to run the Aspis in conjunction with her Sire for a while, before eventually setting out for the States in the hopes of opening a similar facility of her own there.

As a PC: Mona would arrive in New York in 2007, and would successfully open a second Aspis in the city, and would set up shop as a pro-domme. Becoming a somewhat aloof friend to Eugene Wright and Brian Wu, the quietly pretentious woman would find herself often at odds with her clanmates - disdainful of the obviously fallen Lynn and upset at the Masquerade-breaking antics of TJ Phillips. Eventually, as she stewed over what she saw as her aimless existence, the gloomy existentialist would develop a profound suicidal ideation - and would come to see oblivion as the solution to her malaise.

Having befriended the psychotic Malkavian, Lisa, the self-destructive neonate would invite the violent girl to commit the Amaranth upon her - hoping that the devouring of her own soul would at last fill her with the sensation she crazed. The other woman accept her offer, and the two would engage in a horrific yet consensual session of lovemaking and torture before Mona abandoned herself to her companion's hunger.


A.K.A.: Eric Aleghenny

Player: Paul

Appearance: A young twenty-something bespectacled man with long hair, Theris usually appeared dressed in the modern young casual professional's attire: button down shirts and slacks or jeans. Eschewing ties entirely, Theris's penchant for vests and his long braid were the only unusual features of his personal style.

Nature: Architect

Demeanor: Visionary

Sire: Venteras

In Play: 2007 - 2009

Background: Born Eric Aleghenny, Theris grew up in a troubled Bostonion home - the child of two violent cocaine users who frequently traded in sex to score their daily lines. Nevertheless a bright child, Eric would initially try his best to be unaffected by the deplorable conditions of his household, and would brieflly find himself excelling academically - only to eventually succumb in his early teen years to the same vices as his parents - becoming a teenage addict and dealer as his life spiraled downward.

In time, rival druglords would come to target young Eric and his family, and the disaffected youth would witness the death of his hated parents in a violent siege on his home. Aimless and angry, the youth would nevertheless seek vengeance on their behalf, and would succeed in slaughtering three of the gangbangers responsible for the slayings. In this midst of hunting down the fourth, however, Eric found himself knocked unconscious - he awoke to find himself under the Embrace, having been brought into the reality of vampirism by a Setite who had long been watching the course of his crumbling life.

As a PC: Theris arrived in New York in 2007, seeking to expand his journalistic fact-finding business, Truth in Words. A docile seeming businessman, the mild-mannered Setite was rarely without several stacks of business cards -which he handed out liberally- and would frequently be seen trying to drum up business on all levels from corporate to personal.

Despite the reputation of his Clan, Theris was nothing if not above board, and endeavored his best to be genuinely helpful - offering aid to Pisces in her public works projects and attempting at all times to insert himself helpfully in any situation where it seemed he could be of assistance. While his quiet Clanmate, Danny often felt underwhelmed by Theris' schemes to accrue favor with the various political players of New York, the jovial Setite generally managed to ingratiate himself to all he worked with - very convincingly persuading most of his allies that he was absolutely harmless.

Despite orders to evacuate the city under Prince Niklaus von Metternich, Theris remained in New York well past the Camarilla's abandonment of it - and still tends to the operations of his company somewhere within the Domain's background.


  • Theris at one point drew the card for an encounter with an inebriated fifteen-year-old from the Streetwise. While the girl did her best to try to sexually solicit him, Theris went radically against his Clan's general archetype, and tried to take her to a police station that her guardians might be identified. Afterward he dropped her off at a local church where an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting was in session.

  • Theris would eventually make overtures to join the Camarilla, although after being placed under the Accounting of the Malkavian Rasa, he would develop a somewhat patchy understanding of his new Sect.

Documents of Import:

  • Re: Your Setite Badge: An ST snarks at Theris' lack of villainy. [October 5, 2008]

  • Sage Advice: Theris learns the ways of the Camarilla from the Malkavian elder, Rasa. [August 17, 2009]


Player: Tom

Appearance: TJ was an attractive, but innocent looking, man, the sort you might want to bring home to your mother if you could get him to not mention the "dark Snake God" thing.

Nature: Guru

Demeanor: Dabbler

In Play: 2006 - 2007

Description: TJ Phillips came across as a naive, flaky, and seemingly harmless sort - his demeanor more in tune with what might be expected of a Berkley drop-out than the worshiper of a dark Egyptian deity. He made his living as a trained yoga instructor, and offered Kindred lessons in various arts of meditation which were astonishingly effective. Other than that, he kept to himself, his clan mates and the small coterie of Autarks living on the periphery of New York society.

It was startling then, when TJ became infamous throughout the city as the instigator of one of the largest Masquerade breaches in recent history. On May 11th, 2007, TJ (if Clan Tremere are to be believed) apparently used unknown arts of the blood to conjure a vast illusion over the Hudson Bay depicting the cult hero Lucasta fighting the forces of the "demi-urge" and preaching a message of Gnostic enlightenment.

Since he has been blamed for the incident, TJ has fled the city, saved only from the Lex Talionis by the swift intervention of Helgiormir with the Camarilla. He has not resurfaced since.

Setite NPCs


Player: Adam (original player) John, Carlson (as an NPC)

Appearance: Helgiormir seldom makes public appearances. However, those who have encountered him report him to be a middle-aged man with stark Nordic features and a cold gaze.

Nature: Perfectionist

Demeanor: Traditionalist

In Play: 2005 - 2008

Description: Born to the cold Northlands of the ancient Vikings, Helgiormir is a force as ancient as he is unknown. Allegedly an elder sorcerer of great power and the progenitor of both Jim and Lynn, this Cainite casts an ominous shadow over the city, lending no slight amount of weight to the oft-dismissed affairs of Clan Setite.

Few have ever met with Helgiormir, and this probably adds a great deal to his mystique. However, his clanmates claim that his power is far-reaching, and that while you -whoever you are- will never receive the honor of seeing him in person, he has most assuredly seen you.


Player: LG

Appearance: Lynn was overall a fairly attractive young women, however, her fashion sense tended to evoke the word "trash" on all points (see through top, cheap bling, overdone mascara, etc...) and was often arranged to reveal the long and rather cliche tattoo of a snake winding across her chest. Lynn carried herself (albeit somewhat wobbly) with an air of laid-back confidence.

Nature: Critic

Demeanor: Jester

In Play: 2006 - 2008

Theme Song(s): Amber - Yes

Description: Lynn Gladius was known throughout the city as a figure that managed to embody the vast majority of common negative sterotypes associated with the Seties. Crass, vulgar, indecorous and often unmistakably drunk and or drugged, Lynn was overtly blunt about the trades and practices of her Clan. Once technically a figure of some status within the Followers of Set themselves, being the childe of former Lector Priest Jim Sirius (and hence a great great grand-childe to Helgiormir), she lost considerable face after she defected to the Camarilla, an event which was likely precipitated by her brief and bizarre courtship and eventual marriage to the Grand Harpy of New York at the time, Auberon Xerices.

While Lynn's unconventional relationship with Auberon and her swift rise to the post of Minor Harpy were generally accepted by her new Sectmates, Lynn's presence at court always seemed a bit of an oddity. Notably brash, loud and overbearing in her official capacity, Lynn was known for bullying the general 'crowd' of Elysium rather frequently, waging a concerted war against the alleged "dumbfuckery" she felt inherent to the majority of polite court conversation and bitching out people frequently

She was last seen shortly before her husband's removal for alleged treason. It is assumed that she followed him to wherever it was that he was eventually arrested, although her ultimate fate remains unknown.


Player: Ivan

Appearance: Alan Scott was a handsome man with an nonchalant dismissiveness to his words. Appearing but briefly in New York, he appeared to have a taste for Armani shirts and excessive pomade.

Nature: Manipulator

Demeanor: Traditionalist

In Play: 2008

Theme Song(s): Kasabian - Underdog


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