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The Samedi are universally reviled as the most disgusting of Cainites, for all of them share a singular curse: Upon the Embrace, a Samedi becomes immortal like other vampires but he has only an imperfect preservation of the flesh. Some appear leathery and emaciated, like unwrapped mummies, while others look like corpses in various arrested stages of decay with a variety of noisome features -foul fluids oozing from tattered skin, rotted noses, death-rictus grins and sunken eyes.

NOTE: The Samedi are a heavily restricted Clan. They require ST approval to play.


Disciplines: Fortitude, Obfuscate, Thanatosis

Clan Advantage: Samedi may learn Necromancy out-of-clan without seeking a Giovanni instructor, although they still must pay an additional XP per level of the discipline.

Clan Disadvantage: Like the Nosferatu, the Samedi are hideous to behold. Samedi must take the Negative Social Traits Repugnant x3, which may never be bought off with XP. They are also forbidden from taking the Appearance-related Traits Alluring, Gorgeous or Seductive.

Active Samedi PCs

There are currently no active Samedi PCs in UnMasqued.

Inactive Samedi PCs


Player: David M.

Appearance: Cute but rotty!

Appearance (Mechanics): [0] Appearance-related Traits, obvious Negative Social traits (Repugnant x3)

Description: No bio submitted.

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Clan description from Laws of the Night.


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