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Rumors for October 24, 2008


Public Knowledge

Sect and Clan

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  • Bureaucracy x1: I hear that they plan on expanding, yes. But not into the places that you're expecting. Queens? Yeah right. As if there are any gifted children there...

    There were a couple of guys installing something in the sewer the other day. Looked mighty complicated.

  • Bureaucracy x2: He switched sides with the devil... It's all a political game to garner more support. That's how he was able to get the Council on his side after all... He's been planning it for a looong time.

  • Bureaucracy x3: The vote was rigged. There was bribery involved too... Just ask 'em.

    There have been increased investigations into the 11/9 attacks again, especially with regard to those that were on the job when it happened.

  • Bureaucracy x4: There's been a large bureaucratic push for this new free clinic that's going to go up in a bit.

  • Bureaucracy x5: There's going to be a little bit of reshuffling in city records, apparently a clerk whose been instrumental in helping to solve a drug case this summer is getting a promotion.

  • Bureaucracy x6: Someone's been looking around for records of a "Reino Haldor."


  • Church x1: There are non-believers about! This Amaranth is a true sign from God! Just look at it! Ganesh is present amongst us... look at all of the followers it has brought together.

  • Church x2: And impromptu ceremony has been held in honor of Ganesh. Come pay tribute to the holy family and this spiritual sign. I will be added to the historical religious artifacts collection once it's matured.

  • Church x3: There have been many claims about this plant... I find none of them to be holy or mysterious. Although, there have been numerous reports of healing, mysterious voices, and a sense of spiritual calm. This is utter nonsense, as there can only be the One True God and His Beloved Virgin Mother.


  • Finance x1: Up, up, up, and DOOOOOOOOOOWN goes the market. Two thumbs waaaay down for the lower income individuals as they are still screwed on a skewer.

  • Finance x2: Yeah, that AIG hunting trip? Top executives and Congressmembers flocked to go on a killing spree... and not just with your money either.

  • Finance x3: Your tax money is going to the AIG members, who constantly coffer favors financially out of Congress... want to see the transactions for Pelosi? She then gives it to her husband and has been for years...

  • Finance x4: Wu Industries has acquired a contract with the city regarding its new water purification system.


  • Health x1: Someone was poking around in the morgue lately. They had a clipboard and were taking intense notes about the dead. They looked all official too... paperwork an' everything. I had to let them in.

    Many, many people are donating blood to your friendly bank. It can pay well if you find the right people to ask...

  • Health x2: Due to the very past increase in blood donations, the security has been lax around the blood bank storage since there's so many people around nowadays. Hard to keep track of the blood stores and records...

    There's been a huge push by some philanthropic citizens to establish a new free clinic somewhere.

  • Health x3: The drug stores are reporting a lot of cases of various drugs missing. *sigh* Economy is hitting everyone it seems...

    The free clinic is having trouble getting doctors it seems. No shortage on medical students, though...

  • Health x4: PreLife, a woman's health program focusing on providing pre-natal care to unemployed and low income women of child-bearing years, has been recently been expanding in terms of its volunteer base and funding.

  • Health x5: The free clinic is going to be located in Staten Island somewhere, it seems.

High Society

  • High Society x1: Panic is all I can say. No one's investing anywhere. People are hoarding cash like it's a life-line. No fundraisers today, not for a while at least. Those poor children in Africa.

  • High Society x2: Fundraising it taking on a new meaning, for those that are still willing to share. Many report to be doing "fundraising" with concerts, performances, etc... It's all going into their own pocket.

  • High Society x3: The escorting service is taking a hit... although AIG had plenty of escorts at its retreat, the prices are falling as fast at the stock market for top-of-the-line service.


  • Industry x1: They're on strike again!

    There were a couple of guys installing something in the sewer the other day. Looked mighty complicated.

  • Industry x2: Those day laborers are very useful in getting those sticky difficult machine jobs done. And the best ones don't even speak English very well... sounds Russian to me. Wonder where they're all coming from?

    A few of the shops are really hauling in materials from all of these foreclosed houses. People are just ripping stuff out of homes - aluminum siding, copper pipes...

  • Industry x3: The big Unions are attempting to bribe Congressmen to get forced unionization for clerical staff.

  • Industry x4: There seems to be a contingency plan among the industry moguls in case the financial crisis gets worse. What it is, we're not completely sure of.


  • Legal x1: Lawmakers are still unsure how it happened... it was so quick and out of left-field. Next thing you know, they'll be changing the laws for the Presidency as well...

  • Legal x2: He had something to do with the decision... I think it was financial.

  • Legal x3: That decision has to do with a surge for power. First it's the length of term. Then he gets a significant raise and new home followed by more and more power... although it's all going to be very quiet... just like this decision was.

  • Legal x4: There's been a renewed interest in investigating the 11/9 attacks.


  • Media x1: I heard in the press room that he didn't seem terribly overjoyed with the decision... like he kinda expected it to work out the way it did. Like he had a part in it.

    Oh no! There are more poor and homeless roaming the streets these days!

    Sounds like the FBI are wasting our taxpayers' money again with all of these special outrageous alphabet agencies.

  • Media x2: Did you see him with that man? They were quite cozy, hugging and all... I think that there was some squeezing down below - if you know what I mean... Oh, and did I mention that his snuggle-buddy was on the Council?

    CNN hasn't picked up that special FBI agency story yet. Guess they're the only news agency that actually reports the news instead of stuff that should go into the tabloids.

  • Media x3: You know, I've noticed that the two of them have been meeting a lot in the past few months. It's in my section of the news, so I cover a lot involving the politics. But, it seems to me, that Bloomberg saw more and more of him and became more and more liberal as their "relationship" progressed... So much for keeping personal life out of politics...

    Someone's calling attention to the severe lack of health care for the poor. Good thing Obama is here to save the day.

    The SAD sounds like a real-life X-Files kind of thing. You know, where they stick the whackjob agents. I guess they have some merit, what with the whole Lucasta cult business going on.

  • Media x4: There's news of a new free clinic planning on going up soon. Don't know who the initial backers are, but it's supposed to help with regard to the lack of cheap healthcare.

    It seems like the SAD story was dropped rather quickly after it was run the first few times. A few politicians gave some soundbites a day or so later but nothing more than that.

  • Media x5: Sounds like the government is mixed about this whole SAD issue. Mostly "pending investigations" standing opposed to "gross misuse of taxpayer money." It was hushed up real quick though...


  • Occult x1: That human-eating cult? Yeah, they're still around... It's okay though, Lucasta will send all of their souls to heaven.

  • Occult x2: That plant, there's something about it, elephantine or not, it's... different. Like, it's a truly spiritual being. Makes me want to study it some more... Regardless, it's beginning a movement throughout Queens that's rapidly spreading.

    Supposedly some sort of 'green devil' controls the human-eating cult. There have been ties to Sempreverde suggested.

  • Occult x3: There are murmurs of something huge happening for Halloween... You're not going to want to miss out on this extravaganza... I mean... He's coming! Lucasta! How can you not be surprised and happy about that?

  • Occult x4: That human-eating cult? Yeah, they've still got members out on the street... Maybe that's why there are still violent murders happening in the same manner. We were told they had gotten them all...


  • Police x1: Fucking hell! He just grabbed my gun! And then he shot me! Without provocation! Dude must have been on drugs... he was really twitchy, and was using a 15-year-old girl's pass. This human-eating cult is just another one of those weird fucking New York stories. Just another point in the long list of bizarre and strange happenings.

  • Police x2: Hey, as long as my pay isn't affected by these big-screen TVs and it keeps those catty assholes from harassing me doing my job protecting the platforms, I'm cool with it.

    The police have arrested a few of the leaders in the Brooklyn gang war. Hurrah!

    There have been a series of hits on a bunch of residential areas. Seems like the thieves have made off with a fair bit of money in total.

  • Police x3: That 15-year-old girl who's bus pass was being used by that crack-head? She's been missing for weeks...

    The investigation of the bank robbery is continuing; however it is losing steam and the police have no solid leads...

    Richard Lord, one of the leaders of the Orphans, supposedly gave himself up willingly. Seems like the guy must have some information...

  • Police x4: Someone's peeked at the budget, and it ain't pretty. Probably why the police are hoping Brooklyn is just a dud - they can't handle a full-on gang war with the money they're spending.


  • Politics x1: He's all set now. Been conservative, independent, and now liberal. Talk about really reaching across the aisle and finally showing your true colors. Time to begin real reform now! He's seen the light!

    There's been an investigation following that news report about the FBI interference in New York, prompted by a few senators.

  • Politics x2: That man has ties to the Council. I mean, come ON! It's not like it wasn't obvious before with him hanging off of that Council member... did I mention that it's a "he" as well?

  • Politics x3: Not only has he been rubbing shoulders with that Councilman, but his public political donations to the organizations that other liberal Council members' interest groups is, well, interesting to say the least. Have no idea what the private donations have been...

    Seems like the politicians can't quite decide what to do with the existence of the SAD - most of them are just avoiding the question, while some of them are really pushing the envelope here.

  • Politics x4: A few politicians are making new friends all over the place. Hey, you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours, right?

    A few companies are offering fact-checking services for ads and the like.

  • Politics x5: No news about the SAD... although the federal government seems to be hushing the story up.


  • Street x1: Those day laborers have always been a pain-in-the-ass on my street corner. They stand there, loitering, looking lewdly at the ladies, and customers don't want to come near my shop! It's been bad for business as more and more keep joining together at my corner due to the economy...

    Cirque de la Lune is back in town for Halloween! Yay!

    Brooklyn remains silent. The police aren't too worried about it, and neither are we.

  • Street x2: They're beginning to pick up the homeless and those without. If you're caught loitering, they'll treat you like garbage and hoist off with you to some unknown. I haven't seen Old Tin Can Bill in a while... Some "community revitalization" this is...

    The circus is recruiting a whole bunch of people for stuff - if you're a busker or a street performer, they definitely want you.

    The Orphans/Furies meeting went well last time. No heads are rolling just yet.

  • Street x3: It's a crackdown. There were about six more guys there, but they weren't picked up from that corner... My senses are tingling: CONNECTIONS! Oh, and little baggies and bills being passed all around.

    So they managed to clear up that whole assassination attempt thing. The Furies' leader still hasn't come out of hiding, though.

  • Street x4: There was a large shipment of bronze going to one of the junk shops actually. There was a whole lot of it to melt down - oh, and there were some precious stones that came with it.

  • Street x5: There was a misunderstanding between the Furies and the Orphans. Seems like a third party got involved somewhere down the line and that's why the Orphans freaked out.

    There's been a few new buskers out near the ferry at Staten and around a few public street corners who are doing oration and storytelling. They're apparently pretty good.


  • Transportation x1: FINALLY! They're finally doing their fucking job and keeping the truants off of my train rather than keeping us all at risk because they want to go eat donuts all of the time!

  • Transportation x2: Those big screen TVs are really damn expensive... I don't know how we'll afford them... there's no budget for something that expensive. At least it'll quell the masses a bit.

    There have been a few shakeups at the MTA recently. Nothing too big, just a few people moving up and a few moving down.

  • Transportation x3: Yeah? Those TVs are more for keeping an eye on the train drivers than anything else. Makes sure they're on time. Hey, it's not coming out of my paycheck, but rather those losers down below...

    A lot of transportation services are facing reorganization, actually. It'll be pretty interesting to see what happens.


  • Underworld x1: The Russians are trying to set up a business 'facilitating' things for day laborers.

  • Underworld x2: Those fucking yobs! At, least we know who the "helpful" officers are in the department... those sympathetic to our causes...

  • Underworld x3: The boss is temporarily "busy"... you're not going to be getting any info from him in a while.

    One of my guys hooked me up with a whole bunch of easy cash!



  • University x2: Free shit! Not only is Guns 'n' Roses back, but they're giving out free soda and more when you go purchase their album! They're giving away free signed copies of the new album to the fist 100 purchasers... I'm already in line!

  • University x3: That administrator forced me to have sex with him. I told him I would report him, but he threatened to reveal that I was gay to my girlfriend and her devoutly religious parents... I'm not sure how to go about telling the authorities he put his penis in my butt without being found out!

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