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Rumors for October 10, 2008


Public Knowledge

  • The Daily Dirge [.doc]: Brooklyn Gang War Still Quiet; Dead Animals Found in Sewers; Pfizer Inc. Spins Study Results; Stock Market Crash Continues; Candidates Turn to Negativity

  • Super Amazingly Truthful Awesome News [.jpg]: Glenn Beck's New World Order; Kittens Commit Mass Ritual Suicide in New York Sewers, Carnage Unbearably Adorable

Sect and Clan

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  • Bureaucracy x1: Ooooh boy... John is surely gonna have problems. They found out that the drug's market tests are invalid attempting to claim it usable for other medical problems as well... guess this means that he'll be out of a job soon.

  • Bureaucracy x2: Wow. Members of the FDA was bribed too in the Pfizer drug scandal? Whoo... that's a lot of money... a lot of heads are gonna roll for this one.

  • Bureaucracy x3: It's not only ACORN that's getting dead people to vote. Her boss threatened her with her life if she did not get people registered to vote more than once. I saw a letter on his desk from the campaign saying that he'd get a cushy job in the cabinet if they win.

  • Bureaucracy x5: There's going to be a little bit of reshuffling in city records, apparently a clerk whose been instrumental in helping to solve a drug case this summer is getting a promotion.

  • Bureaucracy x6: Someone's been looking around for records of a "Reino Haldor."


  • Church x1: Attendance is up. God bless financial troubles... and their donations for their salvation.

    No news on the stolen holy water chalice yet... we've got a new chalice in place for now.

  • Church x2: The recent thieving has increased. Stressful times call for stressful measures. God surely has a plan.

  • Church x3: That human-eating cult? Yeah, they've still got members out on the street... Maybe that's why there are still violent murders happening in the same manner. We were told they had gotten them all.


  • Finance x1: Kashkari has a plan for everything... everyone is losing money and he's taking and making more.

  • Finance x2: Lehman failed. Everyone knows this. What they don't know is that it was a set up by Him... Yeah you know who. He wanted to kick out any European hold on the market... at least, that's what He told me.

  • Finance x3: AIG has its hands full. The members that went on that retreat were lots of Congressmen/women. It's all been covered up so Congress can bolster it's approval ratings... Want to see the receipts?

  • Finance x4: Wu Industries is about to announce its' Applied Research and Engineering department in conjunction with one of its new projects...

  • Finance x5: The new Wu project, of course, is a water filtration system that the city contracted them for. The prototype will be unveiled shortly.


  • Health x1: Someone was poking around in the morgue lately. They had a clipboard and were taking intense notes about the dead. They looked all official too... paperwork an' everything. I had to let them in.

  • Health x2: I heard that the FDA was involved in the recent drug scandal. I was wondering why that medication never worked on patients... shoulda seen the deaths related to it as a link...

  • Health x3: Yeah, there were some deaths from the Pfizer drug. There always were official burly men that came in when we were filing our reports and forced us to strike the note from the record. It's like they always knew when the patient was on the drug... and when they died. Creepy, huh?

    There's been talk at several hospitals of opening discussions to involve a few more medically-related non-profits to have programs running at their locations.

  • Health x4: One of the more popular non-profit organizations that is possibly getting more hospital partnership is PreLife, a woman's health program focusing on providing pre-natal care to unemployed and low income women of child-bearing years.

High Society

  • High Society x1: Panic is all I can say. No one's investing anywhere. People are hoarding cash like it's a life-line. No fundraisers today, not for a while at least. Those poor children in Africa.

  • High Society x2: Fundraising it taking on a new meaning, for those that are still willing to share. Many report to be doing "fundraising" with concerts, performances, etc... It's all going into their own pocket.

  • High Society x3: The escorting service is taking a hit... although AIG had plenty of escorts at its retreat, the prices are falling as fast at the stock market for top-of-the-line service.


  • Industry x1: The upper tier of large unions is having a free-for-all battle over striking or standing fast. No Fuld-punching yet, but that may be happening soon.

  • Industry x2: Vontaug: no production decrease. In fact, it's going up and more in spite of the times. Mayhaps a private investor?

  • Industry x3: The big Unions are attempting to bribe Congressmen to get forced unionization for clerical staff.

    A few of the shops are really hauling in materials from all of these foreclosed houses. People are just ripping stuff out of homes - aluminum siding, copper pipes...

  • Industry x4: One of these shops got a large shipment of copper these past few weeks.

    There seems to be a contingency plan among the industry moguls in case the financial crisis gets worse. What it is, we're not completely sure of.

  • Industry x5: Brian Wu is about to announce the new Applied Research and Engineering branch, which deals with mostly sustainable chemical engineering.


  • Legal x1: Jerry Capeci is under legal council in regards to his discussing important matters of the Mafia. He has been seeking legal council for some time due to allegations of false claims.

  • Legal x2: The FBI is investigating some of the executives involved in this shady finance shit...

    Sharpton caused a major uproar lately... his payment due to an uproar over that recent case is raising eyebrows. Despite calmly paying his fine for interrupting court proceedings, he has filed a complaint that his First Amendment rights have been breached.


  • Media x1: Blah, blah, blah. Nothing interesting in the news. We're told to cover only the campaigns and the financial crisis. No one notices other scandals in the media anymore... Like, the missing crates from the arms dealer recently...

  • Media x2: That Con Ed worker that was killed in the manhole explosion? Quite dead. There were lots of little kitten corpses in the area below, however. It was so creepy, no one really wants to talk about it...

  • Media x3: We were told to keep our mouths shut about the Congress members on that retreat... Under threat that the same will happen to us that did Lehman...

    There's a column going around in a lot of small liberal publications detailing how violence against the poor in NYC is often under-reported, poorly investigated, or brushed over by media outlets. It refers to a lot of incidents over the past year, and is getting a lot of love from bloggers who are interested in the issues it presents.


  • Occult x1: This is the time we see large numbers of chickens being slaughtered. And not just for the Orthodox Jewish tradition of kaparot, in preparation of Yom Kippur. Many independent groups a slaughtering chickens and more at this time of year...

  • Occult x2: No news on the stolen holy water chalice yet. The church has replaced it with a temporary holder though.

    Man-eating cult strikes again! ...maybe. Just some hobo got mauled is all.

  • Occult x3: Chickens = children? That human-eating cult still has members on the prowl... I've seen other signs of their continual existence aside from the corpses. I'm betting that they're laying low while the court proceedings are taking place...

    There have been some investigations towards this whole stolen holy water thing. The chalice doesn't seem to be that important, but the holy water - well, that's an ingredient for a lot of things, good and bad.

  • Occult x4: That human-eating cult? Yeah, they've still got members out on the street... Maybe that's why there are still violent murders happening in the same manner. We were told they had gotten them all...


  • Police x1: Brooklyn is eerily quiet. Seems like the violence has stopped for a bit, at least.

    That Chief is refusing to evict responsible renters from the foreclosed building that the manager failed to make payments on. I think it's a heroic move, but also fueled by the fact that he lives in an apartment as well... not entirely altruistic as it seems, eh?

  • Police x2: The police are absolutely convinced this Brooklyn thing is going to blow over. Just another tremor in the system.

    Credit-crunch police firings? Don't be serious. Those junior officers' jobs are well and secure since we're funded through the government and taxpayer money. No one's loosing a job here too soon. Hohoho!

  • Police x3: Our jobs are at stake!!! We're gonna loose them since those senior pushovers don't want us encroaching on their jobs... those cocksuckers! I saw the 2009 budget... the list of employees is much smaller.

    The police are still confused as to what actually happened at the bank robbery a few weeks ago.

  • Police x4: Someone's peeked at the budget, and it ain't pretty. Probably why the police are hoping Brooklyn is just a dud - they can't handle a full-on gang war with the money they're spending.


  • Politics x1: Kashkari has his fingers in lots of pies. Too bad for Lehman that his fingers weren't in their pie as well...

  • Politics x2: When he pulled out his business card, it had white powder on it. I always thought Kashkari's eyes were too skittery...

  • Politics x3: Shhhh. I heard that some in Congress is benefiting from the AIG "stunt". The approval rating is so low, that they wanted to make it higher be "appearing" to help AIG out... and then taken on a spa visit.

  • Politics x4: A lot of people in politics are understandably stressed these days, especially with November approaching. There's apparently a few people here and there who are understanding and willing to help... if you catch my drift. No names though.


  • Street x1: Ouch! Hookers are even more desperate to service you - yes, YOU! The pimpin' lifestyle is taking its toll, but it may see a turn-around when people get depressed enough over the economy...

    Brooklyn is quiet. Seems like the Orphans and the Furies have backed off temporarily.

    Seems like there have been way more graffiti signs that have been popping up.


    There's been talks between the heads of the Orphans and the Furies. They're going to meet sometime later this week...

  • Street x3: Sewer rats are moving out of the sewers and into the streets for better food it seems. It is unknown why the rats are surfacing, but it is affecting what you can scrounge up...

    There have been a few pawn shops that are really getting good on this mortgage foreclosure thing. Seems like a lot of people are getting rich by stealing stuff from foreclosed homes.

  • Street x4: There was a large shipment of bronze going to one of the junk shops actually. There was a whole lot of it to melt down - oh, and there were some precious stones that came with it.

  • Street x5: There was a misunderstanding between the Furies and the Orphans. Seems like a third party got involved somewhere down the line and that's why the Orphans freaked out.

    There's been a few new buskers out near the ferry at Staten and around a few public street corners who are doing oration and storytelling. They're apparently pretty good.


  • Transportation x1: Argh! First, it's no tips. Then, it's "Your rates are too high!" they moan. Then, they're all walking or taking the bus... I even picked up a hooker the other day thinking she was desperate for a ride...

  • Transportation x2: If I have to work another underpaid, screaming, long shift of disgruntled, angry stock brokers riding my bus, I'm taking it to my union! Surely they'll do something about the mass hordes of people complaining of the bus fee and how expensive cabbies are.

  • Transportation x3: A big "shipment" is coming in soon, you won't want to miss this one!


  • Underworld x1: People're buying information from former "escorts'" who have been dumped by old finance guys. Guess the financial squeeze is hitting the top as well...

  • Underworld x2: Members of the various families/clans/etc are extra cautious about loyalty to them and not the police. Trust and loyalty "tests" have sprung up to route out narcs. One guy already's been killed...

  • Underworld x3: Hey buddy! You... uh... need a fix? How 'bout a "Fuld-Punch"? You pay me, an' I'll make sure that those big tops never see the light of another day... You catchin' my drift, buddy?


  • University x1: I heard that his annual donation will be pulled out at the last moment. And sure as hell, he's not the only one...

  • University x2: He just threw that ledger at me!!!1 I can't believe it! I asked him at the recent board meeting how our financial budget was doing, and he turned as red as an apple and threw it at me! Then the whole room burst into a shouting match...

  • University x3: This year, we're not giving out any scholarships or grants. Can't afford to if I want to keep my salary at this level. So, no money is to be given to students... only loans. Why not use AIG? Let's increase fines as well.

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