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Rumors for September 12, 2008


Public Knowledge

  • The Daily Dirge [.doc] Club Destroyed, Still Under Investigation; Crackdown on NYC Corruption; Staten Island Calming Down; Trials of Lucasta Followers Begin; Bush's Olympic Diplomacy; Large Hadron Collider Fires Up

  • Super Amazingly Truthful Awesome News [.jpg]: Bronx Butcher Caught on Camera, Exclusive Photos the NYPD Doesn't Want You to See; LHC Fails to Destroy the World, What Went Wrong?

Sect and Clan

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  • Bureaucracy x1: A city-wide investigation for bureaucratic corruption is currently being conducted after several cases of embezzlement were exposed.

  • Bureaucracy x3: It seems that this bureaucratic corruption crusade started several months ago in late May after a number of high-ranking officials were discovered to be embezzling public funds. Shame on them!

  • Bureaucracy x5: There's going to be a little bit of reshuffling in city records, apparently a clerk whose been instrumental in helping to solve a drug case this summer is getting a promotion.

  • Bureaucracy x6: Someone's been looking around for records of a "Reino Haldor."


  • n/a


  • Finance x1: The potential landing of Hurricane Ike has caused oil prices to spike again.

  • Finance x2: Wu Industries has just about completed its' round of new expansions and developments.


  • Health x1: Several hospitals are having blood donation drives from September 11th to 14th. Donate blood today!

  • Health x2: A number of public works programs designed to help provide free or cheap health-care to the NYC homeless population have recently started receiving financial backing from a privately owned fund.

High Society

  • High Society x1: There's been some buzz going on about this new restaurant, Helen's. It's been touted as the "New Old Hard Rock Cafe" or something.

  • High Society x2: Helen's seems like an good place to have a nice meal. They also have an interesting list of house drinks... what, exactly, is a "smiling Brody?"

  • High Society x3: Helen's was originally a leather bar which was driven into financial ruin. It was bought at least a year ago, although renovations didn't start until early last spring.


  • Industry x1: The potential landing of Hurricane Ike has caused oil prices to spike again.

  • Industry x3: Some company has been looking into human exoskeletal suit technology.

  • Industry x4: The rumors surrounding Wu Industries suggest that there may be some sort of new product coming out.

  • Industry x5: Brian Wu is about to announce the new Applied Research and Engineering branch, which deals with mostly sustainable chemical engineering.


  • Legal x1: A judge threw out criminal indictments against the central figures in a national steroids investigation, citing a series of blunders and missteps by Albany prosecutors.

  • Legal x2: It seems that the figures responsible for the Lucasta-related riots in April are now facing trial, although several have already been acquitted.

  • Legal x3: The company Truth in Words has been actively expanding its legal department.


  • Media x1: There's been some buzz going on about this new restaurant, Helen's. It's been touted as the "New Old Hard Rock Cafe" or something.

  • Media x2: It seems that the media doesn't seem to be selling very well these days, with a severe lack stories covering fantastic apocalyptic events or rabid cultist riots. Even the LHC isn't generating as much drama as Lucasta has.

  • Media x3: The organization Truth in Words, a reputable fact-checking company that works in conjunction with New York news outlets, has recently begun expanding its enterprises into the larger papers, in addition to having contracts with a few television and radio networks.

  • Media x4: Rumor has it that Truth in Words has created more subdivisions specifically to handle the additional burdens of it's new workload.

  • Media x5: While the majority of the public has moved on, some concerned journalists still continue to wonder about the mysterious events at the Sebau, as well as the "Sabertooth" prank.


  • Occult x1: Seems like the Anonymous protests have been taking their toll on the Church of Scientology.

  • Occult x4: A newsletter entitled "Enlightenment in Our Times" by Grant Morgenstern and Nigel Paulson is making the rounds at various meet-up spots and bookstores in Manhattan. It is a rather sensible and down to earth assessment of local occult movements, and whether or not they engage in dangerous cultic activity. Most people who are actually in the know, find it quite helpful and well researched.

  • Occult x5: "Enlightenment in Our Times" has a decidedly anti-Lucastian slant at points, and has drawn slight ire from that camp in the occult world. It also makes a great deal of references to some of the pitfalls of LaVeyan Satanic groups and left hand path religion.


  • Police x1: Everything is back to business as usual in the police department, after a relatively quiet summer. No vigilantes or cultist activity has been a big plus.

  • Police x2: Reports of corruption concerning the Neighborhood Watch are becoming almost routine. Isn't it about time the politicians did something about it?

  • Police x3: Rumors are still being whispered about the nature of the raid on the Sebau. Most police officers still don't know what it was about.


  • Politics x1: The Obama Campaign seems to be losing steam after John McCain's post-convention bump in the polls.

    A stem-cell research lobbyist has been enthusiastically courting various officials.

  • Politics x2: Guess who it is again? Seth Samuel, for the biotech industry, schmoozing it up with congressmen! It looks like he's really pushing his agenda this time around.

    In other news, politicians gathered at Ground Zero on Thursday to commemorate the fallen of September 11th. Among the attendees were presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama.

  • Politics x3: It looks like Mr. Samuel's one man campaign for state-approved stem-cell research is... actually successful? It seems like he's encouraging politicians to do more than just talk about partisanship.

  • Politics x4: Mr. Samuel's even had private meetings with Governor Patterson, who seemed to be quite impressed with the young lobbyist.


  • Street x1: Things have been going pretty well for the less fortunate over the summer. There's been nary a serial killer in sight, and people on the street seem to be rather mellowed out. It's possibly just that winter hasn't hit though.

  • Street x2: There's a lot of graffiti tags popping up around Brooklyn and lower Manhattan (and even a handful in Queens and the Bronx) that read G2G. No gang seems to be claiming it as related to them.

    There's a number of odd graffiti markings showing up in abandoned sites throughout Staten Island. They often aren't particularly visible, and they don't seem to have any gang or artist affiliation.

  • Street x3: There's a few variations of the G2G tag which read more explicitly "Give to Get." It's apparently related to some sort of "Pay it Forward" sentiment amongst people on the street, and has been popping up increasingly throughout the summer. The idea is that you apparently have to give a little to the folks around you to get something back tot he community.

    Several successful communal squats have sprung up since June. With a little asking people can usually find a safe place to stay in the Brooklyn area if they're down on their luck.

  • Street x4: Rumor has it that the Staten graffiti is some sort of code, and that it points the way to safe locations and good crash points in the area.


  • Transportation x1: The MTA has recently raised bus fares again to account for rising gas prices.


  • Underworld x1: Seems like everything's quieted down after the whole Staten Island war. Everything is back to business as usual.


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