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Rumors for April 25, 2008


Public Knowledge

  • The Daily Dirge [.doc] Pope Visits “Miraculous” Dogwood Tree; Lucasta Cultists Active in New York; Concerns Mounting Over Watch Abuses; Staten Island Violence Declines; Pope Calls Church Sex Scandal a “Deep Shame”

  • Super Amazingly Truthful Awesome News [.jpg]: Lucasta Followers Blinded By Faith; Pope: "Miracle" Dogwood Tree Sent Back to God

Sect and Clan

  • Judicial Conclave I (Sect is equal to Camarilla and Status is ≥ 2): There's a sudden Conclave that's been called in Halifax, Nova Scotia tonight. Attendance is not at all widely expected, and few people even know what it's about. Hadrian Evans' name has been bandied about.

  • Judicial Conclave II (Sect is equal to Camarilla and Status is ≥ 3): The Conclave is a tribunal. Hadrian Evans, and his companion Amelia Piccoli Rossi, are dead by the hand of Bojan Petrov - the neonate Brujah who rather infamously disrupted Justicarial proceedings previously in Chicago. Paschek and Streck will be present, and any who can make it to Halifax this evening and gain Hospitality from Prince Lafayette of the Domain are welcome to the spectacle.

    Nobody really expects anything outside of a vivid execution, and there are questions as to why the Justicariate are even involved, and why Halifax's Prince LaFayette didn't just have Petrov killed on sight. [OOC Note: If you for any reason leave for Halifax, you will be gone the rest of the game]

  • Judicial Conclave III (Sect is equal to Camarilla and Status is ≥ 5): The Conclave was called at great expense to LaFayette, who wished to avoid any uprising through having Petrov killed by the power of his jurisdiction.

    Everyone in the Domain hopes that this will end without enmity towards Halifax.

    It's little secret that Paschek is hungry for blood in this case, given the esteem he held for Evans.


  • The Weather (Personal for Eugene "Brody" Wright and Delaine Haus): There was a brief ... fog incident at Elysium after court two weeks ago. It slowly gathered around 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning, and the slowly dissipated over the next day.

  • Note From Vincent (Personal for Delaine Haus): You receive a note from Vincent accompanying his check:

    "My apologize again for the prolonged wait on my funds. I trust my finances in your hands. In these trying times where nothing is solid I believe you know how how to solidify investments. I hope we may talk again."

  • Elysium Security (Personal for Eugene "Brody" Wright): Elijah White informs you that Delaine offered to help outfit Elysium security, offering to hire him away from his 'day job' at a substantially higher salary so he could dedicate all his time to Elysium. She also offered to finance security upgrades. He told her he would have to talk to you and get back to her. (ST note: We don't know if Elijah White was instructed to cooperate with Delaine, and I didn't want to assume that just because you made the power-mongering Ventrue Keeper didn't mean you wanted to let her know all the ins and outs of your security measures, especially as she makes no secret of the fact that she wants your job).

  • Dream Before Waking (Personal for Abner Meallan Campbell): Hyperreals

  • Dream Before Waking (Personal for Arthur Clarke): You Are a Cruel God

  • Dream Before Waking (Personal for Jay Winslow): The Word Known to All Men


  • Bureaucracy x1: There has been a strong push not to let anyone off on code violations. A series of restaurants have already felt the impact of this new, more stringent approach.

  • Bureaucracy x3: The current resentment towards Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church has been slowly growing over the past couple months or so, although its hard to say exactly when it started.

  • Bureaucracy x4: Someone has been working diligently to expand their network for friends and contacts in the various government buildings in New York. They've been focusing on clerical and support staff.


  • Church x1: There is some increasing muttering against the Catholic church and the direction Benedict is moving in. Seems some people are unhappy with his conservative attitude.

    The Dogwood Tree is gone! During the pope's visit, it just crumbled away, leaving nothing but dust and ashes! Yeah, the pope tried to recover and say some pretty comforting words, but they sounded very fake. Catholics - they ruin everything.

  • Church x2: There is a lot of dissatisfaction with the Roman Catholic church. Although the papal visit has been nice, the pope has been... less than polite in several instances. And he killed the Dogwood Tree. His efforts to cover his butt on the abuse scandal is too little, too late. The Catholic Church is just out of step with the modern world...


  • Finance x1: Happy-fun-shredder time continues at several major investment banks...

    Inflation is starting to raise its ugly head, and the markets are still... troubled. Still, you can make a lot of money in this kind of environment if you know what you are doing.

  • Finance x2: Wachovia just got hit with $144 million in losses after someone got sloppy slipping money out of customers accounts. Dammit, don't screw this stuff up for the rest of us! I mean, a little now and again is OK, but don't get caught.

    On that note, there have been many ... special opportunities of late.

  • Finance x3: There has been a lot of, shall we say, less-than-legal trading going on recently... hopefully, the SEC won't catch on...

  • Finance x4: However, the SEC isn't made of dummies. Several major banks have been contacted by federal investigators...

  • Finance x6: There is some kind of really big, really sketchy operation being set up.


  • Health x1: A lot of restaurants have been shut down recently over relatively minor health code violations.

  • Health x3: Someone has been working very hard to establish more friends and contacts at area hospitals. His/Her efforts have bene distinguished by a driving urge to help people. Be it by listening to your problems, helping you get in touch with people who can help you out with one of your problems or simply by arranging shift changes, etc., this person has made a solid consistent effort to be a bright spot in people's lives.

  • Health x4: One of the blood drive organizers seemed really out of it on the phone. I hope she's OK. She called back later and apologized, said she was really tired.

    The friendly fellow making contacts the health care field has a surprising ability to know just what you need help with. He's got a borderline creepy knack for it.

    Guys, you need to get more careful about how you hid your sketchy 'research.' More and more massaged studies are getting called on, and the FDA is being forced to take action.

High Society

  • High Society x1: Yuppie environmental and social justice groups are facing a bit of a contradiction. Biofuels = good, because they reduce use of oil and everyone knows that oil is bad, but now there are reports that Biofuels = bad, because they raise food prices and make poor people starve, and starving people are bad. We need to help them.

  • High Society x2: Rumor has it that the price for a theater good review is going up. Apparently, good press coverage is also suffering from inflation.

    Apparently, the conductor of the philharmonic has started getting death threats...

  • High Society x3: There is both happiness and displeasure over the recent string of Health Code busts on area restaurants. In general, high society types are happy to hear that the nasty, unclean types of restaurants are being hit hard, but are not happy to see some of their own preferred eating establishments included on the list over what is obviously a misunderstanding.


  • Industry x1: Even though the number of jobs in the city has picked up, industrial jobs are dropping.

  • Industry x2: Some chemical company is looking to expand its operations, big time.

  • Industry x3: There is a new rubber plant opening up in the area using some kind of new rubber formula. The guys running it really have their stuff together.

    Wu Industries is looking to ramp up operations.

  • Industry x5: There is some kind of really big, really sketchy operation being set up.


  • Legal x1: The Sean Bell case is over, and the cops were acquitted. Big surprise there, I wonder why so many people were upset about it.

    The DAs are having a field day cracking down on those wackjob Lucasta cultists.

  • Legal x2: It seems like this 'Society of the Age of the Lightbringer' was really messed up - they had kids, innocent kids caught up in their nonsense, and some cases even with parental encouragement. One of these children committed suicide at their 'vigil' on the Hudson two weeks ago. We've got all their so-called religious leaders indicted, but unfortunately, we couldn't get the judge to deny bail...

  • Legal x3: Area judges and prosecutors are being encouraged to take a hard stance against 'cultists out to corrupt our youth.'

    It's not like the outcome of the Sean Bell case wasn't a foregone conclusion. I mean, that judge knew exactly which side his bread was buttered on, and the only honest judge is one that stays bought.

  • Legal x4: The SEC has quietly begun to investigate possible instances of insider trading at several major investment banks.


  • Media x1: Lucasta! WHY DO WE ONLY HAVE ONE FRONT PAGE??!! The pope killed the Holy Dogwood Tree (tm), Lucasta cults are getting busted all over the place and the Sean Bell shooters were acquitted which means there may well be riots! Especially since Al Sharpton is involved! Not to mention the impending food shortage! And the Democratic primary is still ongoing. And there was a shootout between NYPD superchiefs a couple weeks ago that the pols are still having fun with.

    Rupert Murdoch continues his shopping spree of newspapers.

  • Media x2: There is some pressure to portray the Lucasta freaks negatively. Like we needed any encouragement.

  • Media x3: Mr. Eugene Wright of the Dirge is quietly making plans to step down and start up his own independent news company.

  • Media x4: Reporters are being encouraged to keep their favoritism for Obama under wraps. Or at least, less obvious.

  • Media x5: The Times is reconsidering its endorsement of Hillary.



    Well, the Lucasta commemoration activities didn't turn out so well... The media, police and courts are all very much anti-Lucasta.

  • Occult x2: Word is out to avoid some group named the Shepherds of the Something Flower.

    So. The Society of the Age of the Lightbringer had its leadership arrested for corrupting youths after a minor committed ritual suicide with several other members of the group. This occurred down by the Hudson two weeks ago.

    The Society of the Unbroken Mind is doing okay. Their 'gathering' in Central Park nearly turned into a riot, but fortunately they're not being blamed. A group of whackjob anarchists were the ones really stirring things up.

    The Hearalds of the Lightbringer had several of their leaders arrested in conjunction with their sabotage of three transformer stations in Queens.

  • Occult x3: Shepherds of the Bitter Flower. Word is that they're involved in some scary shit. Really bad juju.

    The Heralds of the Lightbringer should be able to recover. Its not clear if the Society of the Age of the Lightbringer will be able to.

  • Occult x4: You know, the SAL guys really should have known about the minor who was going to commit suicide. The whole 'kill-yourself-for-Lucasta" thing wasn't the kid's idea, after all...

  • Occult x5: The Shepherds of the Bitter Flower are not happy that someone has been badmouthing them around the scene.


  • Police x1: The department is not happy over the attention they are getting right now. City Council and the Mayor's office are breathing down their necks over the reorganization in general and people on the force are still on edge over one of the Deputy Chiefs going batshit and shooting at officers. They're also tired of being blamed for the fuck-ups of the Neighborhood Watch. At least we got to bust some of those Lucasta freaks.

    The politicians have stepped in; the reorganization is being put on hold for now.

    After the acquittal of the officers in the Sean Bell shooting case, officers expect a lot of angry people... time to break out the truncheons, and bust some heads.

    The Pope has some pretty heavy security.

  • Police x2: The Neighborhood Watch has some serious structural problems right now. If it can't get its act together, it may just fall apart.

    At any other time, a few riots over Sean Bell wouldn't be a big concern. You wade in, bust some heads, and the politicians can get all law and order on the uppity Blacks causing problems. Now, what with everything else that is going on, the force can't count on political support from the city government, the force will have to take things a bit more careful.

    Deputy Chief Picard, the brains behind the reorganization, has announced his early retirement.

  • Police x3: Commissioner Kelley is not pleased with the amount of political pressure being brought to bear on the department over the reorganization.

    Picard was forced out.

    After Ramsey's little ... episode, there has been a serious investigation into his behavior over the past several months. Although some of the 'incidents' have been tentatively blamed on him, not everything has been explained. Ramsey's no help, he's still out of his head.

  • Police x4: There is pressure to just blame everything on Ramsey and close the book on the investigation.

    Several higher-ups at the department are a bit miffed at the FBI, although its not clear why.

    There is a small but rabid group of people who are convinced that the death of Kenny G was a conspiracy by The Powers that Be. They feel very strongly about this. Stupid 'truthers' of all types.

    The Watch's main leadership knows that its been infiltrated by all manner of bad sorts, but they're not sure what to do about it. Fixing the problem would require a huge purge, and it was hard to get the Watch leaders in the first place. Plus, a lot of the bad local Watch leaders were picked up because no one else wanted the job, or because they were the least bad out of many bad choices.

  • Police x5: Someone has been trying to make some friends in the department. It's nice to see someone being reasonable, what with the Neighborhood Watch, Staten Island, departmental reorganization and city council fuck-ups.


  • Politics x1: The City Council and Mayor's Office are putting the NYPD under a great deal of pressure right now over the Neighborhood Watch and reorganization problems. There have also been insinuations that the department could have done a better job handling the Staten Island situation.

  • Politics x2: Scapegoats. We need scapegoats for the various recent NYPD fuckups.

  • Politics x3: There is a lot of political pressure to just hammer the NYPD in general.

  • Politics x4: The anti-NYPD rhetoric really doesn't have anything to do with recent events - they just provide an excuse. Someone just really wants the NYPD to suffer.


  • Street x1: The Neighborhood Watch is, like, starting to fall apart.

    Great. Now the Watch is HELPING PEOPLE ROB US!!!! Forget that garbage.

    Staten Island is, remarkably, calm.

  • Street x2: The NYPD has been making life a bit more interesting for the Furies in Brooklyn recently.

  • Street x3: There are serious concerns in the Watch about continuing allegations of misconduct. Attempts are being made to clean house, but it is not clear whether or not it will work. It may be too little, too late.

  • Street x4: A nice, gangly, kind of dumb guy has been volunteering at soup kitchens in Brooklyn.

    Many people have been making an effort to gain the loyalty of some of the gangs previously loyal to the Russians or latinos in Staten Island. They have had varying degrees of success.

  • Street x5: Some guy over in Brooklyn hired a bunch of Reds to work on his house, turned it into a party or some shit. I hear it was good times.

    Some guy has been playing nice with some down-on-their luck guys.

    That gangly kid seemed to think one of the gangs might be dumb enough to pull the meat-to-shelters body disposal method. Idiot.


  • Transportation x1: There is talk about trying to get cabbies and bus drivers to report 'suspicious' activity on the part of their fares... with a stick in case someone fails to report.

  • Transportation x2: There was a near-miss on the runways at JFK late last week. A plane tried to land on the wrong runway and nearly collided with another plane taxiing on the ground.

  • Transportation x3: There have been some serious shipments being moved into, out of and around the periphery of Staten Island.

  • Transportation x6: We sold another one of those insane security vehicles the other week. You know, something one of those paranoid nutcases wants with the bulletproof and lightproof everything.


  • Underworld x1: There are may new players trying to move into Staten Island in the aftermath of the recent disagreements. The Italians are not particularly happy about this, but there is not much they can do about it at the moment.

  • Underworld x3: One group, in particular, has managed to cut a few deals with the Italians to pick up some previously contested territory.

    The Russians, Mafia and TCH's old boys are jointly offering a bounty on some jackass McClin. $100,000.

  • Underworld x4: The 'previously contested territory' is generally a mess that the Italians don't have the time to deal with right now. They're too busy trying to figure out who the new Don will be.

    The Russians will not forget what happened to them. Their vengeance will be without mercy.

  • Underworld x5: It looks like the struggle in Staten Island is over. Barring any surprises, the remaining Mafia leaders will likely accept the proposed division of power, as will Dead-Eyes. The big sticking point was Dead-Eyes' arsenal, but he's agreed to forfeit some of it in exchange for territorial concessions.

    New security racket in Staten, sharing with Italians, non-violent and sane network that wants to avoid the gang war debacle, moving in from Queens, wants to meet with one Harry McClin (but who doesn't?)


  • University x1: Anti-Neighborhood Watch sentiment continues to grow on area campuses. There is talk of Doing Something. Maybe a walkout. Or rally.

    There have already been some small protests over the papal visit.

  • University x3: Someone has made a very good impression at several staffers and faculty at Columbia.

    There is a small but rabid group of people, including some students, who are convinced that the death of Kenny G was a conspiracy by The Powers that Be. They feel very strongly about this.

  • University x4: They seem to be focusing on people in security and at the library, and they are involved with faculty governance.

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