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Rumors for April 11, 2008


Public Knowledge

  • The Daily Dirge [.doc]: Gunfight at NYPD HQ; Outbreak of Violence on Staten Island; Human Flesh Donated to Shelters as Food; Violence Declines in Staten Island; Watch Leader Caught on Camera Taking Payoff From Mugger; Pope to Visit “Blessed” Dogwood Tree

Sect and Clan

  • TJ Philips (Sect is equal to Camarilla and Status is ≥ 4, or Clan is equal to Followers of Set): The criminal responsible for the Masquerade breach in New York last year, 'TJ,' has been arrested and sentenced to Final Death by slow exposure. The sentence is expected to take the better part of a century to carry out. TJ was found hiding in Agra, India.

  • Eli Sansariq (Clan is equal to Followers of Set): A message from Lord Helgiormir:

    "There is a Kindred, one of our Clan, who will be in New York City this evening. He will likely be in Elysium. His name is Eli Sansariq. He is to be incapacitated and brought to me."

  • Tribunal (Clan is equal to Tremere): You receive the following notice from Jones:

    "The most recent dispatches from Lord Cromwell included the following:

    The tribunal of Magus Auberon Xerices, Apprentice of the Seventh Circle of Mysteries, convened on the evening of March 27, 2008. The tribunal concluded on the morning of March 29, 2008. After careful deliberation, the court found Magus Xerices guilty of willful and repeated violations of the Code of Tremere. These crimes include, but are not limited to, repeatedly consorting with members of the Sabbat and conspiring with enemies of House Tremere to bring harm to its members. In light these crimes and Magus Xerices' previous disciplinary history, the Tribunal sentenced Magus Xerices to final death by exposure, to be carried out at the next dawn. Magus Xerices expressed regret for his actions, and requested a temporary stay of execution so that he might compose letters of apology to those most affected by his actions and so that he might testify in the tribunal of Michael Montgomery. A one week stay was granted. Sentence was carried out at dawn, April 5. Final death was confirmed by negative sympathetic link tests.

    The tribunal of Magus Michael Montgomery, Regent of the Second Circle of Mysteries, convened on the evening of March 29, 2008. The tribunal concluded on the evening of April 3, 2008. After careful deliberation, the court found Magus Montgomery guilty of willful and repeated violations of the Code of Tremere. These crimes include, but are not limited to, willfully and repeatedly providing thaumaturgical for the Sabbat, willfully and repeatedly sharing secrets of House Tremere with members of the Sabbat and willfully, repeatedly and flagrantly violating the Masquerade. The tribunal found Magus Montgomery not responsible for following the orders of his Regent and Lord by participating in the 'New Camarilla' movement. Speaking for the Court, Regent Zao stated "Apprentices are expected to bring unreasonable or illegal orders to the attention of the relevant authorities. In this instance, however, both the Regent and Lord above Magus Montgomery colluded to behave inappropriately. Although House Tremere would obviously prefer for Apprentices caught in such situations to report the situation to the next untainted authority, we realize that it is practically difficult, if not impossible, for an Apprentice to do so due to restrictions on Apprentice communication with other Chantries. We further recognize that it is not the responsibility of an Apprentice to second-guess the behavior of his Lord." The court found that although Magus Montgomery did not directly collude with the Follower of Set 'TJ' to cause the Masquerade violation at the Hudson River on May 9, 2007, Magus Montgomery's irresponsible actions earlier that year enabled this breach to occur, and thus Magus Montgomery is partially responsible for the resulting breach. In light these crimes, the Tribunal sentenced Magus Montgomery to final death by exposure, to be carried out at the next dawn. Speaking for the Court, Regent Zao stated "It saddens the Court to pass this verdict. Magus Montgomery was the victim of prolonged and repeated mistreatment by his Sire in the decades following his Embrace. It was only after nearly a century of abuse that this misconduct was addressed by House Tremere. In the wake of such instances of official misconduct, it is not uncommon for the victim to commit minor violations stemming from resentments against the failure of House Tremere to protect him. House Tremere prefers to look past such minor acts of disobedience as part of a broader effort to insure that the victim is not lost to the House. Due to the seriousness of Magus Montgomery's crimes, however, clemency is not possible in this case."


  • The Weather (Personal for Elisa Catherine Grey): There is a 60% chance of precipitation.

  • The Furies (Personal for Richard Lord): The NYPD has been seriously pushing the Furies in Brooklyn. Over a dozen guys have been arrested, and it looks like they've wised up to the fact that the Furies had ties to the Watch.

  • Power Outage (Personal for Setemruwi): Three power transformers in Queens just blew. One is not unusual. Three is. I wonder what this is about...

  • Dream Before Waking (Personal for Abner Meallan Campbel): But Sir, I Disagree

  • Dream Before Waking (Personal for Rain Dylan Morgan): Deth is Cumming


  • Bureaucracy x1: 'Parade Permit? Nope. Permits of any kind? Nope. We worship Lucasta, we don't need to follow the law.' Morons.

    Planning continues for the April 25 - 27 papal visit. An increasingly large number of people working at the city are not looking forward to this. They have not been happy with their interactions with the pope's security people, who they feel are being uncooperative. There is also built up resentment over the pedophilia scandals, particularly in light of Benedict's conservative views and perceived unwillingness to respond in a effectively to criticism. He's been pope for how long, and only now he's looking to respond the the fact that the Church was systematically concealing the fact that some of its priests were pedophilic serial rapists. Bull. He doesn't care, he's just doing something to make it look like he's doing something.

  • Bureaucracy x3: The current resentment towards Pope Benedict and the Catholic church has been slowly growing over the past month, although its hard to say exactly when it started.

  • Bureaucracy x4: There's been someone working on getting renovations for some club started up.

    Someone has been working diligently to expand their network for friends and contacts in the various government buildings in New York. They've been focusing on clerical and support staff.

  • Bureaucracy x5: The club in question, Daemon's, was purchased a while ago. The current owner plans on turning it into some kind of hard rock bar and grill.

  • Bureaucracy x6: The new name of the club in question is Helen's.


  • Church x1: There is some increasing muttering against the Catholic church and the direction Benedict is moving in. Seems some people are unhappy with his conservative attitude. Ick! Someone donated human flesh to homeless shelters. That's just horrible!

  • Church x2: The Catholic Diocese has been caught off guard by the grumbling about Catholicism and the Pope. They had not expected there to be anywhere near this much resentment (probably because they can't find their behind with both hands and a map). Tools.

  • Church x3: All of the 'people in a can' donations had the same label that said they were from Bob's Finest Butchered Beef: Straight from the Heart of New York, which as near as anyone can tell, doesn't exist. And the donations were given in small quantities, spread across a lot of different homeless shelters. Weirder and weirder. I mean, if you wanted to dispose of a body, there are much better ways.


  • Finance x1: Congress appears to have a reasonable attitude towards requests by the housing industry for assistance in dealing with the ongoing credit crunch.

    Some banks have been making heavy use of the shredder evidence storage system for documents regarding sub-prime policies... I wonder what the story is there...

  • Finance x2: A 5.8 percent decline in first-quarter profit at G.E. stunned investors who consider it one of the most reliable earners and sent stocks tumbling.

    And by reasonable, I mean they were bought, and by assistance, I mean big fat sacks of cash!

  • Finance x3: Paterson shot down the LNG platform for Long Island Sound. I bet he was paid off by the Russians - they're the ones who'll benefit from the higher gas prices.


  • Health x1: After years of effort on the part of concerned citizens and activists, the feds have finally consented to allowing a forum to consider the possibility that mercury-based vaccines may contribute to autism.

    Oh my goodness! Area homeless shelters received 'donations' of HUMAN FLESH wrapped in butcher paper.

    An Upper West Side couple settled their suit over their neighbor's smoke. The suit claimed that the neighbor's smoke posed a health hazard to the couple's young child.

  • Health x2: There is an ongoing, low-key effort to discourage efforts to study possible links between cell phone use and cancer.

    Soon, City Council will be reviewing oral health policies in schools, and there may be a few doozies buried in the small text...

  • Health x3: Someone has been working very hard to establish more friends and contacts at area hospitals.

High Society

  • High Society x1: Mara Manus is stepping down as executive director of the Public Theater. She is credited with bringing the theater out of debt and overseeing six years of steady financial improvement.

    There is some sort of pissing match brewing between the Concertmaster and Conductor of the Philharmonic.

  • High Society x2: It's not clear why Manus is stepping down right now - observers expected her to last another year or two at least.

  • High Society x3: There is a small but rabid group of people who are convinced that the death of Kenny G was a conspiracy by The Powers that Be. They feel very strongly about this.


  • Industry x1: Even though the number of jobs in the city has picked up, industrial jobs are dropping.

  • Industry x3: There is a new rubber plant opening up in the area using some kind of new rubber formula. The guys running it really have their stuff together.

  • Industry x4: There is serious concern about the possibility of the Polar Bear being put on the endangered species list. Because the main factors threatening the bear can be linked to climate change, if the bear was put on the endangered or threatened list, every company seeking to do anything that could potentially affect climate change would be mandated to first consult with the EPA.


  • Legal x1: An Upper West Side couple settled their suit over their neighbor's smoke. The suit claimed that the neighbor's smoke posed a health hazard to the couple's young child. The suit was remarkable because of the extreme lengths the neighbor went to in attempts to appease the complaints of her neighbors.

  • Legal x2: Shit if flying over the Clear Channel deal falling apart.

  • Legal x3: Several members of the Attorney General's office are surprisingly unsurprised to hear about Spitzer's lady friends...

    There is a lot of behind-the-scenes activity as power-players try to encourage and shape government 'help' in the wake of the economy's downturn.

  • Legal x4: You notice that those feds were already poking around Spitzer's finances when they found the hooker connection... that wasn't an accident.

  • Legal x5: A fact checking company has been hiring law students for interns in its legal division.


  • Media x1: Lucasta! Seems those lightning worshiping freaks are pulling some kind of crap tonight. People are starting to gather down by the Hudson, which doesn't bode well, considering the last time that Lucasta freaks started hanging out down there. There is also some kind of mob in Central Park. Don't worry, we've already got the camera crews out so that if/when a riot kicks off, it'll be on/in the news. We've gotten a couple of poorly written, poorly spell-checked 'press releases' from these wackos.

    Hey - three power transformers in Queens just blew. One is not unusual. Three is. I wonder what this is about...

  • Media x2: Even the other weirdos seem to be getting tired of Lucasta's followers and their bull. A lot of the rumors circulating recently seem to be coming from that direction.

  • Media x3: Someone has been pushing a fact checking service to the editors of the Dirge, as well as several other, smaller papers.

  • Media x4: Mr. Eugene Wright of the Dirge is quietly making plans to step down and start up his own independent news company.


  • Occult x1: Okay, tonight's the night, and the Lucasta events have already started. Some of them are, unfortunately, a bit disappointing. Although there was a lot of talk about the Society of the Age of the Lightbringer (SAL) holding a candlelight vigil at the Hudson, very few people from the group actually showed up. There were about as many people from others groups as from SAL. The big one right now is the Society of the Unbroken Mind (SUM), which is having a large gathering in Central Park. Rumors has it there is going to be a bonfire! The Heralds of the Lightbrinter (HoL) were going to do something bit, but I'm not sure what. Everyone sent people to everyone else's events to 'show them the true path', or some such bull, and many of the smaller sects also made an appearance.

    People badmouthing Lucasta and the Lucasta followers is nothing new, but it got really vicious these last few weeks. A lot of people are calling it everything but devil worship, and some people even call it that.

  • Occult x2: HOL went nuts, and messed up a power substation in Queens to cause a massive electrical discharge in some kind of twisted attempt to bring Lucasta back. I hear it was quite a show, and the area lost power in the aftermath.

    The gathering at the Hudson river was originally supposed to be much bigger. Not sure what happened.

    There have been some scuffles (fights) between supports of various Lucasta groups. There is also a bunch of anarchists going around trying to start trouble. Jerks. There is some excitement over the announcement that the Pope will be stopping by the Dogwood tree.

  • Occult x3: Attendance in general has been lower than expected at the Lucasta-themed events, especially among the non-occult-weirdo demographic. Which is strange, when you think about it, because Lucasta was as much or more about helping the downtrodden as he was about occult groups.

    Several of neo-Pagan groups are planning to follow the pope around, protesting the many varied ways that the Roman Catholic Church has caused problems.

  • Occult x4: The Shepherds of the Bitter Flower are recruiting. They follow a sort of new age, eclectic egalinitarian ideal, and are only really notable for their intensity. Not much is known about them, except that they use a blackened, dead rose as their main symbol.

    Yeah, we tried to tell the Heralds that their plan was a.) really stupid and b.) really, really stupid. But they didn't listen. Idiots. We tried to help them.

  • Occult x5: Someone pulled out all the stops trying to discourage the stunt at the river and power station, but unfortunately they were unable to stop them entirely.

    There was, in fact, a concerted effort to get the Heralds to behave themselves. Unfortunately, it was unsuccessful.

    Someone also tried to explain to the Society of the Age of the Lightbringer precisely why what they were doing was a bad idea, but they didn't listen either.


  • Police x1: Holy crap! Gangland executions in Staten Island, followed by the massive successful SWAT raid, followed by DEPUTY CHIEF (!!!!) Jacob Ramsey flipping out at the station and shooting Assistant Chief Jon West in the chest!!!!!!!

    The politicians have stepped in; the reorganization is being put on hold for now.

    And now we have those Lucasta worshiping failures-at-life stirring up trouble. There is a mob forming in Central Park and a bunch of weirdos hanging out down by the river (we already sent out some guys to pick them up if they start anything)

  • Police x2: Although most of the reinforcements were pulled out of Staten Island, extra anti-gang units were put in, which made the targeted SWAT raids possible.

    Dep. Chief Ramsey had been really going off the deep end these last few weeks. And as bad as the Dirge makes it sound, trust me, its worse. They think he might have been involved with all the weird crap going on these last couple months.

    Ah crap, three power transformers in Queens just popped. And they found a fried corpse at one of them, and a couple guys were caught sneaking out. Lucasta nuts, all of them. Just what we didn't need...

  • Police x3: Ramsey definitely saw the re-org as some kind of nefarious plot against him and others like him. And there were warning signs that he was close to losing control. I heard that last week, on a routine patrol, he pulled his gun when someone gave him lip.

    Commissioner Kelley is not happy about the politicians stepping in to kill the reorg, but hes got so much on his plate right now he's not fighting it. Yet.

    There are serious concerns in the Watch about continuing allegations of misconduct. Attempts are being made to clean house, but it is not clear whether or not it will work. It may be too little, too late.

  • Police x4: Get this - they went to Ramsey's house and found some really bizarre crap written on the walls; all manner of paranoid nonsense about the other police being out to get him. Weird.

    Several higher-ups at the department are a bit miffed at the FBI, although its not clear why.

    There is a small but rabid group of people who are convinced that the death of Kenny G was a conspiracy by The Powers that Be. They feel very strongly about this. Stupid 'truthers' of all types.

    We got some good tips about the Russian organization on Staten Island - exactly what we needed to pull off those raids.

  • Police x5: Seems like the tips can be crucial sometimes, but we would have had this one. That info was coming through the detectives' work anyway.

    The limo driver from Fallon's party came by the precinct and brought doughnuts! They were delicious.


  • Politics x1: The Council finally had enough of it and stepped in to halt the ongoing NYPD reorganization. At the very least, the department needs to step back and reconsider things. If they're top leaders are flipping and shooting each other, it's time to step back and reconsider some things.

  • Politics x2: More and more politicians are reconsidering their support of the Watch due to the recent scandals...

  • Politics x4: Council is likely to take some action regarding the problems with Watch. Soon.

  • Politics x5: A driver has been schmoozing a lot recently. At least he's not a total tool.


  • Street x1: There be big things planned tonight by the Lucasta followers. Very big things. They've been in the planning for a long time, and each of the three big groups is planning its own special shindig. In the past couple of weeks, however, interest has dropped off dramatically due to a series of nasty rumors about what really is going on at some of these cults... Seems they're dabbling in all manner of things that they ought not be involved with.

    Still, there is supposed to be something big going on down by the Hudson, and a big get together in Central Park. And something spectacular in Queens. (message in voice mail after you wake up: ...and from the explosion in Queens a couple minutes ago and sound of sirens heading in that direction, I imagine whatever was planned there just kicked off)

    The struggle for dominance in Staten Island is back with a vengeance.

    Ick! Someone donated human flesh to homeless shelters. That's just horrible!

    Great. Now the Watch is HELPING PEOPLE ROB US!!!! Forget that garbage.

  • Street x2: The get together in Central Park is going to be a bonfire. Going to be pretty awesome. The group putting this one on is one of the older ones. Society of the Power of the Mind of the Lightbringer Unbroken Potato, or something like that. I can't keep the damn names straight. Anyway, the Heralds of Wankery are planning something "big" and "awesome" in Queens. The Circle-Jerk of the Age of Being a Total Tool is doing something sappy down at the Hudson, but I doubt anyone will go expect the riot cops.

    Oh yeah, the Heralds just messed three transformers in Queens. Way to go Lucastites! Riot cops are your friends!

    Wow. Just look at the papers. Over a dozen hits in the past few days, and a couple safe houses hit, and someone lost a crapload of guns. The hits were most on the Italians. The guns were probably the Russians', but might have belonged to Hernandez's crew.

    Each Lucasta cult is sending some guys to the other cults' get togethers to stir up trouble.

    The NYPD has been making life a bit more interesting for the Furies in Brooklyn recently.

  • Street x3: The planned get-together down by the Hudson sort of fell through because people got smart, and didn't show up, and the riot cops, in fact, did show up.

    One of those hardcore groups of 'professional' anarchists is floating around somewhere amidst the Lucasta freaks, looking to start a riot. That is totally going to end well.

    All of the 'people in a can' donations had the same label that said they were from Bob's Finest Butchered Beef: Straight from the Heart of New York, which as near as anyone can tell, doesn't exist. And the donations were given in small quantities, spread across a lot of different homeless shelters. Weirder and weirder. I mean, if you wanted to dispose of a body, there are much better ways.

    The Hernandez dealers had to completely pull out of Brooklyn. Something to do with the Furies giving them trouble.

    There has been a lot of covert activity recently to ferret out little secrets about the various players in the Staten Island fight.

    There are serious concerns in the Watch about continuing allegations of misconduct. Attempts are being made to clean house, but it is not clear whether or not it will work. It may be too little, too late.

  • Street x4: Someone has been doing a largely ineffective job of making some friends on the streets. He's a really earnest, nice kind of guy.

    It wasn't just the Furies; apparently the Neighborhood Watch started fucking cracking down on them and the cops were getting scarily lucky on busting deals.

  • Street x5: Someone has been playing meet and greet with some guys on the streets. He's awfully nice about giving a poor guy a couple smokes. (puff). Don't look at me like that, these things are expensive these days.

    Although, come to think of it, the Watch and the cops were probably because of the Furies too. They tend to be smart enough for that shit.

  • Street x6: The motivation was turf. Just think: The Furies were trying to get the latinos out of there so they could take over. It's so clear.


  • Transportation x1: There is talk about trying to get cabbies and bus drivers to report 'suspicious' activity on the part of their fares... with a stick in case someone fails to report.

    Those Lucastites have been making things difficult today by crowding in the streets and basically any public place. I know that you're crazy and all, but why do you have to make it more difficult for me to do my job. I just gotta make a living here. I don't know about youse guys, but from what I remember, Lucasta was about protecting the little guy, not making a bunch of spoiled whiny rich kids feel important.

  • Transportation x2: Man, the airlines be totally hosed what with the new inspection scrutiny. Thats what they get for trying to dodge the rules for so long... And those are the big boys. Several budget carriers have folded in the past few weeks.

  • Transportation x6: We sold another one of those insane security vehicles the other week. You know, something one of those paranoid nutcases wants with the bulletproof and lightproof everything.


  • Underworld x1: Oh man, all those hits - every last one of them on made men. The Mafia hasn't really come to terms with things yet, but they got hurt. Badly.

    The hits on safe houses - Mafia retaliation against the Russians for the hits. This, combined with the surprise NYPD raid, really hit them hard.

    The Hernandez crew has been laying low recently - it's not clear why.

    Why is someone trying to dispose of bodies through homeless shelters? Is there something wrong with their car compactor?

  • Underworld x2: It sounds like at least one serious Mafia VIP got hit in the assasinations.

    The Mafia had very good information on the Russian safehouses, and they managed to catch at least some high profile targets.

    Hernandez got hit, hard, in Brooklyn when the Furies cut off a bit pieces of their income from the drug trade. Normally, Dead Eyes' would just start 'educating' the offending gang, but the strike cam just at the right time to really, really screw up Hernandez's ops in Staten Island. He really needed that money.

  • Underworld x3: Child smuggling is on the rise again. Those guys pull in some serious cash.

    There is a gentleman looking to obtain a P-90 in New York City. One can only imagine what stupidity he wants to use it to implement...

    It wasn't just any VIP - Giusy Sagese got whacked. The guy was coordinating Mafia actions all across Staten Island. But the Russians got hit badly as well. The four key sub-lieutenants overseeing Staten Island - all dead or in custody. The boss is pissing himself - doesn't know what to do now. But the Italians aren't much better.

  • Underworld x4: There's a kiddie ring that works out of Queens that's been doing particularly well recently. Apparently they have a good track record with spotting cops.

    Useful as they are, automatic weapons are not for the indelicate hands of an eager murderer. They must be used with care, for if one is discovered then we all suffer.

    The Russians are pulling out of Staten Island. What's left of the Italians are talking with the Hernandez boys to try to reach an agreement to divvy up the borrough. Keep your fingers crossed, this may be over.

  • Underworld x5: Leader of that group in Queens goes by the name Golden Boy. He was at Ratski's just the other night talking to a new buyer, some creepy bastard like always.

    The Staten debacle happened because each side acted effectively but did not form reasonable backup plans. Do not underestimate the importance of intelligence in this business.

    Anyway, Mr P-90 has got a good rep, so cut him a few grand if you sell him one.

    It looks like the struggle in Staten Island is over. Barring any surprises, the remaining Mafia leaders will likely accept the proposed division of power, as will Dead-Eyes. The big sticking point was Dead-Eyes' arsenal, but he's agreed to forfeir some of it in exchange for territorial concessions.

  • Underworld x6: The Russians are taking precautions to shift some bases around given the leak.


  • University x1: Anti-Neighborhood Watch sentiment continues to grow on area campuses. There is talk of Doing Something. Maybe a walkout. Or rally.

    Hey, those planned Lucasta rallies sound kind of cool! Especially the one in Central Park!

  • University x3: Someone has made a very good impression at several staffers and faculty at Columbia.

    Someone else has been making persistent but largely ineffectual efforts to make more friends/contacts at area Universities.

    There is a small but rabid group of people, including some students, who are convinced that the deaht of Kenny G was a conspiracy by The Powers that Be. They feel very strongly about this.

  • University x4: They seem to be focusing on people in security and at the library, and they are involved with faculty governance.

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