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Rumors for October 26, 2007


Public Knowledge

  • The Daily Dirge [.doc]: Terror in the Bronx! Return of the Lunez Killer!; Is the Watch Overstepping Its Bounds?; Vigilante Activity Continues

  • Super Amazingly Truthful Awesome News [.jpg]: Dragonrax Linked to Internet "Furry" Fandom; Sempreverde an Extraterrestrial Plot!

  • Those baby carriage bombs in the subways were just baby carriages. The City of New York thanks you for your constant vigilance and reminds you to report all suspicious packages and behavior immediately.

    This time.

Sect and Clan

  • Camarilla: Trouble in Paris (Sect is Equal to Camarilla and Status ≥ 2): The word is that there was apparently a bit of an altercation in Paris regarding Kindred formerly of the Domain of New York. The Scourge and Sheriff of that Domain have recently brought down and killed one Cameron Bennett, an infamous former Lasombra antitribu.

    Rumors circulate that a young Toreador in the same city committed suicide on account of this. While nobody likes to speak ill of anybody (cough) it was rumored that she was somehow involved with Bennett.

  • Camarilla: More on the Trouble in Paris (Sect is Equal to Camarilla and Status ≥ 4): The Toreador in question was named Natalie Hemming, and apparently she was once the Primogen of New York. People do, in fact, confirm that she had some sort of romantic affair with Bennett, and that she was most likely blood bound to him.

    She allegedly committed suicide by jumping into a canal. The only thing that could qualify as a note which she left was the words "I'm sorry" scrawled on the back of an envelope.

  • Camarilla: Trouble in Europe (Sect is Equal to Camarilla and Status ≥ 5): The events of Paris have caused quite a backlash amongst the Lasombra antitribu of the region - particularly the infamous Amelia Piccoli Rossi, who is said to have vouched for Bennett previously.

    As a result, Amelia and her equally infamous servitor, a Malkavian known as Hadrian Evans, are facing informal exile in several Domains, and it is rumored that Amelia might fall to the Sixth tradition should she attempt to enter Paris.

    Rumors abound that they're heading back to America as a result.


  • The Aspis (Personal for Mona Ramsey): You come into the Aspis one night to find it almost completely deserted. Almost overnight, it seems, your club has become the least popular place in New York City, even for the BDSM scene. Most of the people there are obviously teenagers with fake IDs. You realize that if you want ANY money to still come in you're going to have to let them drink. The major exception is this creepy obese guy who wants to be dressed up as a baby.

  • Sempre Anti-Toxin (Personal for Brian Wu): There seems to be some heavy research going on OUTSIDE your companies into this whole sempre anti-toxin thing. They're operating off of a lot of the research that you had let Wu Industries publish and a few things that you hadn't yet published. Company scuttlebutt has it that low-level people in the other group have been trading information with low-level people in Wu Industries.

  • Some Total BS (Personal for Eugene "Brody" Wright): Someone's been trying to trick the papers into jumping on some supposed Neighborhood Watch abuses, but you're pretty sure it's a load of crap. Your policy of only reporting facts (which you break all the time) has paid off in that a lot of this crap shouldn't really be reported as most of it is total B.S.

  • Dream Before Waking (Personal for Jay Winslow): A World of Color

  • Dream Before Waking (Personal for Rain Dylan Morgan): Fishing Trip


  • Bureaucracy x1: There is some sort of really nasty parade permit coming through. Not clear what it is, just that the people in charge of approving such things really wish they didn't have to.


  • Church x1: This entire Pritchard High School thing is rather embarrassing. Hopefully, we can contain the damage. I can’t believe they let this happen.

  • Church x2: I can understand why a poor, lonely teacher at an all girls prep school might get a bit tempted, we all do from time to time, but why did they have to succumb to it?

  • Church x3: More importantly, why did they get caught? That’s just stupid.

  • Church x4: I heard that this Pritchard thing has been going on a while. I hope this doesn’t blow up too badly.

  • Church x5: The Pritchard things has the possibility of being fucking huge. This is bad, bad, bad.


  • Finance x1: Microsoft posts unexpectedly strong profits this quarter. Oil prices are topping $91 per barrel.

    Vontaug Industries' upcoming shareholder's meeting should be extremely interesting. Something big is coming...

  • Finance x2: Vontaug may be announcing a new strategic plan

  • Finance x3: Another pharmaceutical research lab is attempting follow-up work on Wu Industries' sempreverde anti-toxin research.

  • Finance x4: There is no sign that this company and Wu Industries are affiliated. There seems to be some unofficial co-operation.


  • Health x1: It's almost blood drive season again. Still not over the shortages of the last few years.

  • Health x4: Some people who AREN'T Wu Industries are doing some follow-up research on Wu's sempre anti-toxin research.

    That wonderful "Art for Life" program seems to be getting off the ground quite well.

  • Health x5: They may not be Wu Industries, but they may be trying to work WITH Wu Industries. No official announcements yet. Some other independent researchers are also helping out.

    One of the major players in "Art for Life," a Miss Ghiberti, has been having informal meetings over dinner and the like with various hospital administrators.

High Society

  • High Society x1: The buzz is out about this horrible club called the Aspis. Apparently it doesn't even cater to its own clientele very well.

  • High Society x2: There was quite a lovely little article written in the Manhattan Performing Arts Review about that wonderful ballet Coppelia and the star, Anastasia Rothe. It's really such a shame that the show has a short engagement.

  • High Society x3: The Aspis is a very bad BDSM club that everyone should avoid. It's what they were thinking when those teenagers invented that word "sketchy."

    The article in the MPAR was written by a fellow named Ryan Yang.

  • High Society x4: Apparently, no one at the Aspis understands what a "safeword" is. The drinks are horrible, the service is horrendous, and the clientele is, well, creepy.

  • High Society x5: The only people who still are willing to spend time at the Aspis are teenagers with fake ID.

  • High Society x6: Well, not the only people. There's also this fellow who could stand to lose a little weight and wants to be dressed as a baby. Shows what kind of people were frequenting it.


  • Industry x3: Vontaug Industries is having a major board meeting on November 9th.

  • Industry x4: The Scenic Artists' Union has been holding quite a few little get togethers lately.

    Vontaug is putting in some very heavy security measures for the upcoming meeting.

  • Industry x5: One of the Scenic Artists' hosts was that Spanish artist, del Valle, who had a party for the Yankees playoffs. Didn't know they had baseball in Spain.


  • Legal x1: There is some excitement over the upcoming Vontaug meeting.

  • Legal x2: There's some mutters among the free speech lawyers about some upcoming event that should provide some good business.

  • Legal x3: Some fools are muttering about suing the Neighborhood Watch.


  • Media x1: There's something shady going on with the Neighborhood Watch.

  • Media x2: Apparently, there have been complaints about abuses by the Watch.

  • Media x3: The complaints have been reported to the City Council.

    There are reports of some sort of weird new vigilante

  • Media x4: Looks like we've got a serial killer on our hands. Another one like the Lunez family. Wonder why we're only now finding out about a death almost a month ago.

    Hey, those complaints? Seems to be something fishy about them.

  • Media x5: Oh, that's why. Someone's covering something about the death up. Funny it wasn't the part about her being partially eaten.

    The complaints, though, are totally bogus.

  • Media x6: The feds are behind the cover-up. Wonder what they're up to.


  • Occult x1: Someone's trying to restrict the market for some fairly unusual items. [?]

  • Occult x2: Apparently, those items are either so rare that you don't NEED to restrict the market or so common that it's impossible.

    This really creepy guy has joined the Society of the Age of the Lightbringer.

  • Occult x3: Well, one of the things that they're trying to restrict is werewolf pelts. When was the last time you saw a werewolf pelt, anyway? Never. No one sees them unless they're attached to a werewolf, and those people end up dead.

    Apparently, right after the creepy guy started showing up to Society meetings, some other people stopped showing up.

    Apparently, something happened a few weeks back at St. Isabel's cemetery in Brooklyn. A few guys from out of town performed some sort of ritual there in the late evening, scared a few of the normals. Lots of chanting and chicken blood and such.

  • Occult x4: The group trying to restrict this is the Scions of the Mystic Sigil.

    The group at the cemetery seems to have been performing some sort of binding ritual.

  • Occult x5: The other items are apparently the bile of a vulture that choked on a pearl and a veil woven of a virgin's hair.

    Get this! Once the cemetery goons left the area, hearsay has it that two of them DIED mysteriously. While this is unsubstantiated, it does make one curious as to what precisely they were after.

  • Occult x6: The cultists belonged to a very obscure group called the Ordo Caelorum, and two of them did in fact die. While nobody knows any of the group members in question (They're from like Louisiana or something...), most people can guess that they're a bit spooked by now.


  • Police x1: An officer's kid is semi-missing. He hasn't been home for weeks, though he's been in for his job, and he hasn't been in to school. He's still only seventeen.

    The police hate vigilantes.

  • Police x2: The kid's name is Zack Arkell, and his dad is Arkell over in Precinct 9.

    The vigilante "Dragonrax" stopped a suspect in an attempted robbery at a Kwik-E-Mart. The vigilante left the scene using a flash-bang grenade before officers could apprehend him.

  • Police x3: The kid's job is as an intern at the Daily Dirge. "Dragonrax" also "helped" with a lewd contact situation (He made them stop).

  • Police x4: Arkell's not QUITE ready to bring the force into it yet, but it's worrying him a lot. It's like the kid joined a cult or something.

    Someone's been turning in sempre dealers. Good for them. [?]

  • Police x5: Funny thing - the people turned in by our sempre informant all seem to think she turned them in because they wouldn't sell to her. [?]


  • Politics x1: Someone's been sending in complaints about abuses by the Watch. [?]

  • Politics x3: And those complaints have turned up nothing remotely able to be investigated. [?]


  • Street x1: Dragonrax totally stopped a robbery and got away right before the cops got there.

  • Street x2: Someone's getting together a poor man's Halloween party. Something about a haunted house.

  • Street x3: Yeah, it's a haunted house. This girl with a scarf is getting it together.

    There's this snaky club. It's said they got their hands on some really strong sempre.

  • Street x4: This semi-famous hobo named Jim Barker died. He was eighty-something and had cancer, and somebody got him his last train ride. [?]

    The club with the super-sempre is called Sebau or some shit like that.

  • Street x5: There's this fellow in Brooklyn who's chatting with folks and passing out the occasional free blanket and coffee.

    Actually, Jim Barker got himself his last train ride. Someone else got him some morphine. [?]

    Dragonrax challenged the Bronx Butcher to a duel.


  • Transportation x1: Seriously. The baby carriage bombs weren't bombs. Somebody's too paranoid. Only you can't be in this day and age.

  • Transportation x2: There continues to be a significant degree of unhappiness over the GPS units and 'tracking devices' being put into cabs.

  • Transportation x3: There has been talk about new subway security procedures.

  • Transportation x4: Some of the cabbies have started to find out exactly what those new GPS units do.


  • Underworld x1: People are NOT pleased about the sempre situation.

  • Underworld x2: Well, by not pleased, I suppose I am referring to the ones who were arrested. The ones still in business are still quite happy. I mean, profits are up, competition is down. I mean, seeing all your friends arrested kind of sucks, but if they were really your friends, they would not be competing with you.

  • Underworld x3: The sempre trade in Staten Island has been severely curtailed. The NYPD seems to have made damn near a clean sweep

  • Underworld x4: Rumor has it that the reason for the die off in the Staten Island drug trade is because there's some narc going around.

  • Underworld x5: There are some very serious people who never smile who would be very, very ... happy ... to get a solid lead on who has been talking to the cops about the sempre trade. There may be some sort of festivities.


  • University x1: Three students at NYU apparently tried to commit group suicide by taking massive doses of painkillers.

  • University x3: The Help the Homeless people are active still at Columbia, and they're backed by someone with some spare money.

  • University x4: The left-leaning political groups are still backing Help the Homeless, too.

  • University x5: Some people who AREN'T Wu Industries are doing some follow-up research on Wu's sempre anti-toxin research.

    The politics and the money come from the same person. Some kid named Tommy.

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