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Rumors for October 12, 2007


Public Knowledge

  • The Daily Dirge [.doc]: Shocking Last Will and Testament Exonerates Wu Industries; Anti-sempreverde Measure Signed; Vigilantism on the Rise?

  • Super Amazingly Truthful Awesome News [.jpg]: Sempre Linked to Serial Baby Punting!; Vigilantes Getting More Stylish, Dragonrax Strikes Terror into the Hearts of Evil Doers - Fabulously

  • New York's subway system was placed on high terror alert starting Thursday, October 6th. The terrorist threat apparently involved explosives hidden in baby carriages. However, other than a small amount of attention from overzealous Neighborhood Watch members and an extra cop or two, nothing is amiss.

    This time.

Sect and Clan

  • Tremere: Infernalist Scandal! (Clan is equal to Tremere): During a routine visit to the Hartford Chantry, a mortal servant of Lord Cromwell was the victim of an attack by Apprentice of the Sixth Circle Timothy M. Pillforth. During the attack, Magus Pillforth manifested infernal powers, including the ability to conjure and control hellfire. In the ensuing struggle, Hartford Regent of the Second Circle Leon Crawford and Apprentice of the Fourth Circle Yolanda Smith were serious injured and a ghoul in the service of the chantry was killed. The servant of Lord Cromwell was also injured, but is expected to recover. The portions of the chantry in which the struggle occurred were heavily damaged.

    Magus Pillforth committed suicide when it became apparent that he would be captured. As far as anyone can tell, there were no earlier signs that he had made an infernal pact.

    Finally, you all receive a message from Jones' ghoul reminding you are expected to meet with him on Halloween (the IC date of next game).


  • Glowing Review (Personal for Anastasia Rothe): A glowing review of "the divine Anastasia Rothe's" dance was written for the Manhattan Arts Newsletter by a woman named Mallory Grant. Ms. Grant extolled the virtues of "Anastasia's technically perfect and remarkably expressive dance." All in all, she thinks you're an amazing dancer and wants to see you in more shows.

  • Message for the Regent Secundus (Personal for Auberon Xerices): You receive the following information, forwarded from Jones:

    "Lord Cromwell blames Nicolai's laissez-faire policies for the lapse. Needless to say, Cromwell is extremely unhappy about the discovery of a case of infernalism in one of his Chantries. Although Cromwell appears fairly convinced that our Chantry is not populated by morons, he will likely very carefully examine some of the other chantries in the region. He is highly interested in finding out how an Apprentice in good standing went infernal without anyone noticing."

    You also receive a terse message from Jones inquiring as to when you will arrange a lawyer so that he can track down and recover the money misdirected by Richardson. He emphasizes that he has very good records and is convinced that it will be sufficient to prove that he did not authorize the closing of his accounts.

  • Missed Deportation Hearing (Personal for Auberon Xerices): When you stop by Amity Street, Jorge and Lolita have a letter addressed to you.

    It is from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

    Upon opening it, you find it is a Notice of Deportation.

    "To Auberon Xerices:

    This notice is to inform you that you have been entered into removal proceedings.

    A notice was served to your primary address informing you that your final deportation hearing regarding your pending deportation case had been scheduled, according to standard procedure as given in A.S.C.A. §§ 41.0205(7)(a), 41.0607(a)(1). Our records indicate that you failed to appear for your scheduled hearing on October 10, 2007 at 10:00 AM. The presiding judge has entered an in absentia removal order in accordance with 8 U.S.C. § 1229(a). Under INA § 240B(b), you have waived your right to Voluntary Departure. You will receive a Notice to Appear for Removal Proceedings in the next 7-14 days.

    The INA provides that an alien who has been found removable from the United States "may file one motion to reopen [the removal] proceedings" to present "new facts." 8 U.S.C. 1229a(c)(6)(A)-(B). The statute prescribes that "the motion to reopen shall be filed with in 14 days of the date of entry of a final administrative order of removal." 8 U.S.C. 1229a(c)(6)(C)(i). An alien who is the subject of removal proceedings and who de parts the United States may not file a motion to reopen "subsequent to his or her departure." 8 C.F.R. 1003.2(d). In addition, if an alien who is the subject of removal proceedings departs the United States "after the filing of a motion to reopen," the alien's departure "constitute[s] a withdrawal of such motion." Ibid. The deadline for filing a motion with the Board of Immigration Appeals is October 23, 2007. Failure to appear for removal proceedings will result in an in absentia decision being given. You will also become ineligible for cancellation of removal, adjustment of status, and any future grants of voluntary departure for a period of ten years.

    Please keep this for your records. You will not receive another copy.

    U.S Department of Homeland Security
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
    London, KY 40742-7134

  • Sempreverde Counter-Drug (Personal for Brian Wu): Somebody or some organization with a lot of sway is trying to find a drug that can counteract sempreverde. Some of your former employees join some research organizations that get some massive grants from the hospitals.

  • Dream Before Waking (Personal for Bojan Petrov): Farewell

  • Dream Before Waking (Personal for Jay Winslow): Disapproving Cow

  • Dream Before Waking (Personal for Leon Gorski): Birdman

  • Dream Before Waking (Personal for Rain Dylan Morgan): Man From Leeds

  • Dream Before Waking (Personal for Robert McFee): Rusalki

  • Nightmares (Personal for Kaya Miakoda): Void


  • Bureaucracy x1: Homeland security is filling everything with red tape because of the alert on the subway. The usual bullshit ensues.

    The Lawrence-Kross will appears to be genuine. Who'd a thunk it? So much for that lead, back to the rest of the sempre mess. At least with the new anti-sempre measure we can stop drumming up 'restricted chemical' charges for people caught with sempre.

  • Bureaucracy x2: Nobody's really sure where the subway alert came from. A lot of people think it's just a propaganda move.


  • Church x1: This entire Pritchard High School thing is rather embarrassing. Hopefully, we can contain the damage. I can't believe they let this happen.

    There is ongoing, heavy support for the Neighborhood Watch coming from the New York Diocese of the Catholic Church.

  • Church x2: I can understand why a poor, lonely teacher at an all girls prep school might get a bit tempted, we all do from time to time, but why did they have to succumb to it?

  • Church x3: More importantly, why did they get caught? That's just stupid.

  • Church x4: I heard that this Pritchard thing has been going on a while. I hope this doesn’t blow up too badly.

  • Church x5: The Pritchard things has the possibility of being fucking huge. This is bad, bad, bad.


  • Finance x1: The DOW has been more or less stable despite the terror alert; it seems that the market's not really scared at all.

    Everybody loves Wu Industries again! The sempre scandal has faded, and the stockholders are rejoicing.

  • Finance x2: There's been a small surge of foreign investors looking to take advantage of the low dollar. They've generally been talking to the tech sector.

    Wu Industries' stock is actually surging back above where it closed the day before the scandal - somebody upstairs is really looking out for Wu.

  • Finance x3: Wu Industries is looking quite sweet to a lot of buyers on Wall Street. That stock's probably going to continue to rise for a while.

  • Finance x4: There's something really weird about the numbers involved with the rise of Wu Industries, as though a ton of money came almost out of nowhere.


  • Health x1: There's a new charity on the scene for terminally ill children called "Art for Life." It's pretty cool; it involves getting sick kids to do paintings and such.

    An old Vietnam vet died from a really rare kind of heart attack in the subway when he heard about the terrorist threat - apparently he kept screaming "Damn you Osama!" while he was still conscious.

  • Health x2: Turns out the old man's heart attack was actually a bizarre anomaly - his coronary artery collapsed inexplicably.

  • Health x3: Apparently the old man kept clenching his fist after he died, long after the rest of his rigor mortis faded. All the doctors involved were genuinely creeped out until he was taken to the morgue.

  • Health x4: There's a cop with a broken humerus, femur, tibia, and coccyx, plus a ruptured spleen. His surgery is going to be observed by a bunch of med students.

    Somebody or some organization with a lot of sway is trying to find a drug that can counteract sempreverde. There's a ton of grant money heading in that direction. [?]

  • Health x5: There's a pretty good amount of support growing for Art for Life - lots of dinner parties, that sort of thing. People feel pretty good about it.

High Society

  • High Society x1: Donald Trump made a statement about how New York is far too grand and proud in spirit to be troubled by the terror alert. He then threw a party that was an immediate success. His company's stock rose two points in the morning.

  • High Society x2: Everybody generally thinks that the terror alert is nonsense - there are a few pessimists who insist upon being ready for anything and promptly retreat to ranches in Tennessee, but they are in the minority. Their loss - Cyrano de Bergerac is adding some new shows on Broadway.

  • High Society x3: There was a massive party thrown by the Spanish artist, Marco de Valle. Apparently it was a good show of talent and class, and lots of people were happy about it.

  • High Society x4: A glowing review of Anastasia Rothe's dance was written for the Manhattan Arts Newsletter by a woman named Mallory Grant. Ms. Grant extolled the virtues of "Anastasia's technically perfect and remarkably expressive dance."

  • High Society x5: Marco de Valle's party had the best wine selection seen in years. He's one to watch out for at any engagement.

  • High Society x6: These days, the trendiest things are donating to AIDS awareness charities, helping the Neighborhood Watch, and helping out this nice new program called Art for Life in the hospitals. It's all about helping terminally ill children embrace their souls and express them in art. It's so tragic, it's so beautiful, it's so ... donation-worthy!


  • Industry x1: Hopefully, the Lawrence-Kross will should clear Wu Industries over this whole mess. It really was an unfortunate turn of events.

  • Industry x2: Wu Industries was apparently honest about not messing with sempreverde. The scientist who committed suicide when his sempre lab was discovered released his will, effectively exonerating Wu Industries with his tale of longtime drug abuse.

  • Industry x4: There was a massive party thrown by the new Spanish artist in the stage artist's guild. Apparently it was a good show of support for the guild, lots of people are happy about it.


  • Legal x1: A group was arrested in the Madison Square Garden subway station for disturbing the peace when the terror alert was announced, and they're trying to cite their 1st amendment rights to avoid incarceration.

  • Legal x3: Apparently this group called themselves "The Children of Atlas" and ran themselves headfirst into support columns as some kind of twisted protest. They're more likely to get committed than imprisoned.


  • Media x1: The coverage on the terrorist threat on the subway system was somewhat cynical, with a touch of anti-Bush/War on Terror sentiment. No one is surprised.

    Everyone loves Wu Industries again! The scientist who committed suicide when his sempreverde lab was discovered released his will, effectively exonerating Wu Industries with his tale of longtime drug abuse. The networks ate that shit up.

  • Media x3: There was a pretty solid spin campaign to keep Wu Industries out of the doghouse, but apparently it kind of fizzled when Dr Lawrence-Kross' will came out. The guys who were involved in the spin were very relieved.

  • Media x5: Somebody had this whole fucking campaign to save Wu's ass, using some pretty shady near-truth, basically-false propaganda about licensed production of recreational drugs for "research." It was indeed completely retooled when the will dropped.


  • Occult x1: Within hours of the terror alert being announced, a brand new doomsday cult calling themselves "The Children of Atlas" tried to bring down a support pillar in the Madison Square Garden station by running into it at full strength repeatedly. They apparently disbanded after twenty minutes of failure.

  • Occult x2: There are some quiet murmurings about Fae - where to find them, how to talk to them, etc. Most are completely misguided on the subject, and many conflicting ideas are floating around.

  • Occult x3: The Scions of the Mystic Sigil had a celebration involving a massive pit of sand. Completely unsurprisingly, given The Scions, there was a huge orgy.

  • Occult x4: There's a cop who might have had a vision of a demon marauding somebody in an alleyway. Some of his cop friends seem to think it might be drugs, but what do they know? [?]

  • Occult x5: Somebody was looking into demonology, specifically relating to an old Luciferian cult known as Children of the Black Rose. [?]

    Somebody else was looking into The Children of Atlas, apparently confusing them with a nightclub known as Broken Atlas. [?]

  • Occult x6: There may or may not be an infernalist group moving into the city ... all that anyone really knows is that the word "Infernalist" has been coming up quite frequently. [?]


  • Police x1: A few extra cops were placed in the subways, but there wasn't any trouble.

    A Brooklyn beat cop named Jeffries was hit by a car and is in the hospital - lots of guys are sending him cards and the like. Word is he's gonna be fine.

    Heavy pressure to crack down on sempreverde. At least now they've gone and made the drug illegal. It was getting tiresome explaining that no, the drug was not, in fact, illegal, and that, yes, these stupid workarounds had to be used that made the entire process more difficult. Damn politicians and "concerned citizens groups." If they were so concerned, where the hell where they when the issue of healthcare for injured policemen last came up?

    Fucking vigilantes.

  • Police x2: Brian Wu totally bought doughnuts for a bunch of guys! Everybody's very grateful.

    I'd sure love to be on one of those anti-sempre raid teams. Sempre prices are going through the roof. Not to suggest that they are slipping some of the contraband for resale. Or that I’d ever think of doing something like that. But man, a few dozen tabs, and *bam* there's the college bill paid for.

    Speaking of sempre raids, that whole Lawrence-Kross will thing was bizarre. I mean, yeah, it makes it clear the guy didn't blame Wu and the copy sent to the cops included some pretty elaborate information on how the company's anti-drug and security measures were evaded stuff that wasn’t with the copies sent to the press. But seriously, its just a will. It could have been forged, but whenever anyone here mentions the possibility, higher-ups get all nervous and the poor sucker who mentioned it gets stuck doing late night Watch response in yuppy-ville chasing down black people.

    Oh, and this Pritchard High thing? Really interesting story, from what I hear.

    But serious, why the hell are so many people getting stabbed with sharpened broom handles? Mostly its not fatal, and mostly its clear self-defense. But seriously, why not just use a bat? Or a knife? Damned Street Devil knock-offs.

  • Police x3: Jeffries was apparently distracted by some strange sights in an alley when he was hit by the car. He insists that there was a huge floating eye staring down at a guy in a top hat, but all the guys who've visited think it's just the drugs he's getting for the pain.

    Its almost like the higher-ups just want the Lawrence-Kross thing to go away. Whatever. Its one of the more normal things around here, can’t we at least have some normalacy?

    I hear that there is some sort of poor street person self-defense class method making the rounds. Great, now we have to worry about the bastards going all ninja on us whenever we pick them up for pissing on tourists.

    This Pritchard High thing seems much bigger than has gotten out so far.

  • Police x4: There's some concern among the beat cops about the legitimacy of Watch members - apparently sometimes they see some wearing gang insignia.

    Where the hell did the anti-sempre pressure come from anyway? It's not like there was a scandal, or anything. Funny thing. Probably someone just trying to score political points.

    Okay ... that smoke grenade incident that was in the fucking Dirge? What the hell? How did they get a smoke grenade?

  • Police x5: There's this creepy girl who hangs around a few different stations, claiming to be connected to the Watch. Apparently she's legit, though. [?]

    Somebody or some organization with a lot of sway is trying to find a drug that can counteract sempreverde. [?]

    Except no one really is scoring political points off the anti-sempre issue. Oh, sure, they’ll all put it on their "law and order" resumes come election time, but everyone pushing this thing at a high level is acting very scared. Like there are skeletons involved.

  • Police x6: In fact, there are skeletons involved. Seriously. In at least one instance, high-up police officers are being black-mailed into making damn sure this sempre thing is brought under control.

    And the yahoo with the smoke grenades is somehow always where we aren't. Its like they’re tracking our patrols. Bastard.

    Did I say Priest? I meant priests, politicians, damn. The big question here isn't how far it went, its how good the cover-up will be.


  • Politics x1: The terror alert quickly became a talking point - all sorts of low-level town hall officers tried to jump on it to get airtime.

  • Politics x3: Nobody's really sure where the subway alert came from. A lot of people think it's just a propaganda move.

    The statehouse was under very heavy pressure from lobbyists and the federal government to Do Something about the sempreverde problem.

  • Politics x4: Although it was made clear that the feds were "unhappy" with the sempreverde situation, those warnings were only made through informal channels. It is not entirely clear who hired the anti-sempreverde lobbyists.

  • Politics x5: Somebody or some organization with a lot of sway is trying to find a drug that can counteract sempreverde.

    The usual national civil libertarian groups that might normally react against draconian anti-drug laws, like the new anti-sempre measure, have been strangely quiet on this issue. No-one really wants to press too deeply to find out why. Some of the FBI pressure seems to have originated out of Chicago, of all places.

    There is a lot of interest in the Pritchard High School investigation.

  • Politics x6: Actually, it seems many of the lobbyists also were given their marching orders by someone working out of Chicago.

    Shit. The Pritchard case is getting broken. Shit shit shit. There are a lot of skeletons in that closet...


  • Street x1: The subways are totally safe. Screw whoever says they're under threat.

  • Street x2: The Furies totally fucked up some wiseguys who were talking to the Watch. Of course, their buddies are pissed, but everyone else kind of agrees with the idea.

  • Street x3: Seems like almost no Furies get in trouble anymore - the Unkillable dude is totally pushing to make the Furies' turf invisible to the Watch.

    There's some new pimp named after Jack the Ripper or some shit - apparently he's a complete badass, and talented with convincing hos to "switch to the winning team."

  • Street x4:The prostitution business is having trouble dealing with the Watch. One pimp who goes by "The Kind Man" is apparently having better success, though. Lots of new girls are asking about him.

  • Street x5: The Unkillable has put some of his loyal Furies in Watch positions - they're as high up as block Watch leaders, telling cops that everything's cool.


  • Transportation x1: Despite the terror alert, the subways continue to run perfectly on time.

  • Transportation x2: There's been a shipping activity spike in the past few days - no one's really got a clear lead on where it's coming from.

  • Transportation x5: The shipping spike is apparently a huge amount of building materials heading for a new skyscraper project by Donald Trump.


  • Underworld x1: The shady masses of New York continue to bristle under the eyes of the Watch. Shady people in high and low places are generally being more cautious these days.

  • Underworld x2: There's a badass new pimp in town who's stealing girls from other pimps. Apparently this dude is not to be fucked with - he can crush bricks in his bare hands!

  • Underworld x3: Throat Cutter Hernandez has generally succeeded in consolidating his drug holdings - the cops have apparently begun to lose track of him.

  • Underworld x4: There's some new girl who keeps asking about the pimps in NYC - some think she might be a cop. Seems to be into the BDSM shit.

  • Underworld x5: The new pimp's name is Johhny "The Kind Man" Ripper. Probably some kind of bad joke, but you never know.


  • University x1: Halloween parties are starting to take shape - some of them might actually be pretty sweet, particularly the "Lucasta v Jesus!" deathmatch that's supposed to go down at NYU.

  • University x2: There's a crazy surgery that's open to ten medical students from any college in New York state. Some cop apparently broke like fifteen bones in a car accident.

  • University x3: There's a psychology professor at Queens College who recently got a $50k grant from a no-name donor, but what's really exciting is that this professor is doing worthwhile research into children's mental retardation while his colleagues all waste their time on Lucasta cults.

  • University x5: Some dude is totally offering cash for simple favors at Queens College! Apparently some CS nerd is spreading the word around.

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