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Rumors for April 13, 2007


Public Knowledge

  • The Daily Dirge [.doc]: Vontaug Reopens Queens Plant; Suspected Coney Island Drug Dealer Found Murdered; New York Housing Authority Faces Shortfall; 11 Brooklyn Jail Guards Indicted

  • Super Amazingly Truthful Awesome News [.jpg]: Invisible Psychic Robot to Battle Lucasta?; Zombies Overrun Staten Island!, EJR's Lovers Rise From Their Graves!

Sect and Clan

  • Camarilla: Adam Jones (Sect is equal to Camarilla): To clarify what is known about the attack...

    As Jones left Elysium four weeks ago, his car was attacked by something. It is known that whatever it was crashed his car about a block and a half from Elysium. Sometime in this progression, a brilliant white flash went off from the area of the wreck.

    Neither Jones nor his driver were in the car when it was found. The car had obviously been ransacked.

    If anyone has heard from Jones since then, they're keeping quiet. His main phone is still in service and just goes to voice mail. His secondary phone is out of service.

  • Sabbat: Polonia's New Templar (Sect is equal to Sabbat and Status ≥ 3): Isaac Templar has been appointed Templar to Cardinal Fransisco de Polonia. Apparently Polonia is quite pleased with his new Paladin and plans to have Isaac lead a ritualistic Sun Dance with his inner circle for the Festivo del Estinto.

  • Brujah: Unstoppable (Clan is equal to Brujah): After the now famous events of the Conclave sometime back, Chicago Brujah have been going apeshit over the incident involving NYC Brujah Bojan Petrov - who totally jumped onto center stage in front of half the Justicariate and tackled former Malkavian Prince Hadrian Evans in front of the assembly.

    As Petrov has since become know in the Clan as "Unstoppable" over the incident, neonate Chicago Brujah have made a show of their support by stealing numerous stop signs all throughout the city to express anti-Evans sentiment.

    Traffic related accidents and deaths have gone up. Critias is allegedly not amused.

  • Tremere: Adam Jones (Clan is equal to Tremere): To clarify the Jones situation...

    Jones is alive and staying with Auberon and McCoy. You were all instructed to not let it known he was alive. The only other Kindred in the city who knows for sure Jones is alive is Helen Rogerson. If possible, you are to encourage uncertainty about his current state of being, preferably giving the impression he exists as a sort of disembodied consciousness even less material than a wraith or ghost, but emphasizing that you are not entirely certain where or what he is.


  • Butterfly (Personal for Bojan Petrov): On the way to Elysium, you will notice a rather persistent butterfly seems to follow you for at least two blocks as you walk from whatever means of transportation you use to get to the site.

    As you turn to observe it, it lands on your can and then flutters briefly and dies.

  • Prank Calls (Personal for Layla Reese): You check your "General Cainite Use" cellphone and find you have over 537 messages, Checking them you find that most of them are either A) Pathetic sounding guys calling to inquire about some sort of dominatrix service B) gravelly voiced hobos making dirty suggestions.

  • Re: Your Kitten (Personal for Victor Roske): You awaken this evening from pleasant well-earned post fight-for-your-life slumber to find your kitten is mewing happily to see you awake. She has brought you a present.

    In the kitten's blood stained adorable little kitten jaws is a dead and much eviscerated sparrow. It purrs happily and pushes a delectable sparrow organ of unknown variety in your direction.

    It's sharing.

  • Scandal in Seattle (Personal for Auberon Xerices): The Grand Harpy of Seattle has been ousted from his position and stripped of Status for allegedly taking bribes in falsifying letters of Acknowledgement and standing regarding a young female Brujah who passed through the city for a few evenings.

    The Brujah in question apparently was being backed by an older Clanmate from Romania, who had some manner of blackmail over the Harpy.

  • Dream Before Waking (Personal for Kaya Miakoda): A New Mother

  • Dream Before Waking (Personal for Leon Gorski): Steam-Powered Tiger

  • Dream Before Waking (Personal for Rain Dylan Morgan): No Hands to Hug With

  • Nightmares (Personal for Morryn): Glass Lillies

  • Nightmares (Personal for Piscina Nadya): Young Hunting


  • Bureaucracy x1: The New York City Health Department is breathing a sigh of relief after successfully containing the St. Barnabas incident. They continue to work on the rogue dentistry case. Comp time is being given due to the number of late nights that were required.

    The City plans on raising water rates 11.5%, the largest hike in over fifteen years. The price hike would go into effect in July.

  • Bureaucracy x2: The Council on American-Islamic Relations has secured the necessary permits to hold their May 11 rally. There is grumbling about how them, as CAIR basically made it clear that they would run a public smear campaign against the city and specific employees thereof if the permit was delayed/denied.

    The water hike has been a long time coming, but had previously been delayed for political reasons. Thus, the size of the current hike.


  • Church x1: The Council on American-Islamic Relations has announced that they will be holding a large rally the evening of May 11.

  • Church x2: Dogwood tree's still blooming suckers!

    Churches and synagogues are seeing the usual post Easter/Passover slight surge in funerals (from people who held on through the holiday through force of will alone,

  • Church x3: The study of the dogwood tree is becoming somewhat more rigorous. Definite schools of thought are spring up around the more popular theories.

  • Church x4: The Diocese just does not know what to do with the dogwood tree. Miracles happen in the Bible, not in real life...


  • Finance x1: The security craze continues at several small- and mid-sized firms in New York.

    The atypical layoffs at financial firms are tapering off.

    Vontaug's Queens plant reopens (see the Dirge)

  • Finance x2: The employers and laid off workers are aggressively keeping the reasons for these layoffs under wraps. In fact, most of the people recently laid off have either retired, joined/founded start-ups or moved out of town.

  • Finance x3: Four weeks left to comply with Vontaug's new guidelines. Firms are scrambling to meet them... The recent layoffs are related to these new guidelines.

  • Finance x4: Part of the new Vontaug guidelines is a 'do not employ' list.

  • Finance x5: A handful of those recently fired had a reputation for questionable ethical practices.


  • Health x1: Furor over the "illegal, non-consensual dentistry" is (finally) beginning to taper off as the public gets distracted by other things.

  • Health x3: The lawyers are just about done with the TB victims. The lawyers won...

  • Health x5: A rather polite young woman has been chatting up employees at several blood centers and free clinics.

High Society

  • High Society x1: Imus' show canceled! Massive public shitstorm occurring over political correctness and racist comments!

  • High Society x2: Pressure is already mounting for the 2008 presidential race, particularly since Rudy, Hillary and Obama have thrown their hats in. Yesterday night, Princeton's Berlind Theater debuted a production of Pushkin's Boris Godunoy written and choreographed in 1936 by renowned Russian artists Sergei Prokofiev and Vsevolod Meyerhold. The work had been lost until the recent discovery of Meyerhold's notes on the production.

  • High Society x3: Efforts to date to bring Natalie Hemming back to Cabaret, even briefly, have been unsuccessful and it does not look like the underwrites will put up more money.

  • High Society x4: Get this - at the opening for Legally Blonde: The Musical, Director Jerry Mitchell threw a punch at Michael Riedel, a theater critic known for being a bastard. However, some jackass from the Dirge intervened and yelled at Mitchell about freedom of speech. Fucking prick. People like Riedel are why the world is so messed up.

  • High Society x5: Mitchell is still fuming... He won't let the issue go... This is his directorial debut and all people want to talk about is the incident with Riedel...

  • High Society x6: Rumor has it that Darren West - that disappeared media mogul - might have been involved with the mob and is being investigated by the NYPD for it! He faked his own death and ran for it!


  • Industry x1: Security and monitoring equipment for large-scale facilities has been getting scarce in the greater New York area, which is driving up prices. Someone's buying up a lot of it.

    Vontaug's new plant expansion just opened (see the Dirge)!

  • Industry x2: Layoff rounds are concluded.

    Vontaug's new guidelines have gone into effect. Most companies choose to play ball. The rest were told that their business was no longer wanted.

  • Industry x3: It is expected that a suit will be brought against Vontaug by some of its former suppliers early next week.

  • Industry x5: The recent burst of new security measures and supplier guidelines are due to a paranoid rampage by Vontaug CEO Bromme Friedrich.


  • Legal x1: The best and brightest wrongful termination lawyers are all busy working on some big, well-funded case. So is the second tier. Scuttlebutt is that someone wanted to drop a legal nuke on someone else, but the target wised up first and retained the first team. The attacker is now stuck with the second string.

    The DA's office is not happy with the illegal dentistry case.

  • Legal x2: There continue to be trickle of people interested in filing wrongful termination suits. In most cases, they're being turned away by respectable/competent lawyers because they don't have much of a case. The less intelligent shysters are jumping all over it, hoping to make a quick buck.

  • Legal x3: Big things are coming out of the white-collar and organized crime task forces at the prosecutor's office, but its being kept under wraps.

  • Legal x4: Someone got a really good source inside the mob and has been passing information to the prosecutors.


  • Media x1: The Darren West case is getting stranger. Rumor has it he was involved in some seriously shady shit that was somehow connected to the NYPD. Maybe they 'disappeared' him to keep it under wraps...

    Vontaug's new plant expansion opened with much fanfare this week (see the Dirge)!

    The Daily Dirge is revamping its puzzle section! Now with many new and improved puzzles, including several types that have not yet become widespread in the US.

  • Media x2: There is an ongoing NYPD probe into possible crimes commuted by Darren West in the fall of 2006. Some sort of corruption thing.

    Someone is making inroads into the area newspaper, focusing on the Dirge and SATAN over more traditional papers.

  • Media x3: There is speculation that there may have been deliberate efforts by Darren West and unnamed people in the NYPD to perform and coverup illegal NYPD activities.

    There have been several meetings over the past few weeks discussing how local print and television news organizations can better cooperate. There is resistance on both sides to the idea, but it looks like the plans will go through.

    There's a new copy editor at the Dirge.

  • Media x4: There are some seriously scared guys at CNN right now who used to work with Darren West. They don't know what the hell he did to get the cops on him, but they don't want to go down for it.

    Rumor has it Darren West was somehow involved with a jail beating.

    The outreach efforts between television and print news started at the Dirge.

  • Media x5: Look - I know that West occasionally did some questionable things, but Christ, I know he wasn't involved with any hardcore corruption...


  • Occult x1: Lucasta hasn't shown himself visibly for a while, yet people professing to be Lucasta's disciplines are everywhere. The vigilante street hero is said to be the prophet of mankind's last days and to bring about an age of peace and goodwill. He's become a major subculture icon, and minor cults are forming in his name.

    The idea that Lucasta is capable of walking on water has become firmly entrenched in public perceptions of the figure.

    "The Age of the Lightbringer" is said to be at hand.

    Its Friday the 13th!

  • Occult x2: Someone is looking for someone known only as D&D Melvin...

  • Occult x3: Dogwood tree! Still going strong!

  • Occult x4: D&D Melvin is totally Melvin the horoscopist from the Dirge.

  • Occult x6: Someone has been quietly setting up something with several of the more influential members of the local scene. It's not something that anyone has talked about - its just that when several well-placed people simultaneously start spending less time in public and more time meeting with each other, you know something is in the works.


  • Police x1: There has recently been a considerable upheaval at the NYPD. Several dozen people have been promoted, demoted or reassigned, some of them quite prominent or influential officers. Its not really clear what led to this shuffle, but the general consensus around the department is that it is due to the weird stuff happening of late.

    Known drug dealer Vinnie "Thumbs" Prodi was found killed in his Staten Island apartment after an anonymous tip. The police are worried that this might further destabilize drug situation and result in an increase in drug-related violence.

  • Police x2: There have definitely been some serious shuffles in the unofficial power structure of the NYPD.

    The name Darren West has been coming up increasingly often in the NYPD. A probe has been started into possible crimes committed by West in the fall of 2006.

    Schedules are being reworked to get more boots on the ground in Coney Island once again (Vinnie was centered there).

  • Police x3: The "Thumbs" Crime scene is still roped off, the forensics guys are still working it over. Lots of drugs found. Fucker kept the THUMBS (!!!) of people he killed! Finding the chain of thumbs linked him to a lot of deaths.

    Hey, didja hear? the auction went really well. Managed to get pull some $$ out of the accountants asses due to the good times - Krispy Kremes in the break room, grab 'em while they last!

    FINALLY! The anti-material rifle has been found. Somewhere. Much rejoicing for one less mysterious piece of bullshit in the world. Almost makes you forget about the ROGUE DENTAL STUDENTS!?!? *sigh* I hear that the UN wants NYPD guys for peacekeeping... I could totally go for Iraq right now. At least things there would make some fucking sense.

  • Police x4: Something was seriously messed up with the whole Thumbs incident. Forensics is scratching their head.

  • Police x5: Looks like Thumbs might actually have been killed elsewhere and brought back to the apartment and tried to stage the killing. The bullet holes found do not match up at all with the body.


  • Politics x1: Political correctness shitstorm over Imus' inappropriate comments!


  • Street x1: Vinnie "Thumbs" Prodi is dead! Low-scale war over his territory is totally on!

  • Street x2: Someone is asking around about someone who calls himself the devil. Weird shit...

    There is not clear successor to Vinnie. Most of the independent operators who could move in don't have the reach and no big organization is going to let another move into the area. Interesting times ahead...

  • Street x3: No one will really miss Thumbs. He was a jackass.

  • Street x4: That faggot met with Throat Cutter and a body was taken out after. Figures. That's what you get for fucking around with TCH!

    Vinnie was seriously pissing off a lot of higher-ups as well. Stingy bastard too, according to the hobos.

  • Street x5: Someone handed out a bunch of quarters and asked people to prank call someone named Layla Reese. He said she was one of the crazy dentists or knew them or something... Fuck that bitch!

    Some nice punk rock guy's been hanging around, helping out doods who are bad on their luck. He's been handing out coats. And god, he's got great booze!

    Strangely enough, the faggot wasn't the one taken out - it was Smooth-Hand Carlos.

    Word is that Throat Cutter is in a giving mood after the death of Vinnie...

    Freak show of the week:

    • Bubbles the Hooker: Somehow got almost shot without remembering a goddamned thing.
    • Meth-Head Carl: Got 'attacked' by an evil vampire alien from Pluto who commands hordes of ants. Of course, given the first part of Carl's name and his habit of stabbing himself...
    • Jake the Snake: Guy is convinced he is a shapeshifting python sent to scout for the invasion.
    • Ace the Zombie: Don't actually know the name, but there was what appeared to be a zombie wandering around Staten Island earlier this week

  • Street x6: Great 80 proof Mash Liquor! Fuck yeah!


  • Transportation x1: Several shipping and trucking companies are unhappy with Vontaug's recent demands. Some are threatening legal action.

  • Transportation x2: Vontaug has issued new guidelines for those doing business with it. They include additional background checks, data-protection measures, etc. There are also heavy penalties if the wrong sorts slip through the cracks. The truckers, in particular, are not happy. They usually do not worry this much about screening their workers.

    Someone outside is bankrolling the legal efforts against Vontaug's guidelines.

  • Transportation x3: The new The new guidelines include a 'do not employ' list. There is some resistence among some of the shadier firms about this point - they don't want to let some of these people go.

  • Transportation x4: The strongest resistance to Vontaug's new guidelines is coming from the shippers and truckers you know to be dirty.


  • Underworld x1: The entirely sequence of affairs involving Vontaug serious has higherups scared. Its like they were fighting, well, another mob and not an entity that has to follow legal channels. This is not good.

    Vinnie "Thumbs" Prodi is dead! This will undoubtedly lead to a burst of violence until a successor establishes himself.

    Some weird shit is happening that has the bigwigs spooked in a major way, although its not immediately clear what.

  • Underworld x2: That faggot met with Throat Cutter and a body was taken out after. Figures. That's what you get for fucking around with TCH!

    Vinnie was found dead in his apartment. Definitely signs of a struggle.

  • Underworld x3: Strangely enough, the faggot wasn't the one taken out - it was Smooth-Hand Carlos.

    No one really misses Vinnie... although some higher-ups are unhappy at the loss of the drug network he managed for them. Of course, the way he pissed people off, any number of mob bosses/figures could have had him killed. Might even have been the Furies.

  • Underworld x4: Carlos used to be a male prostitute before getting a 'promotion' to 'thug.'

  • Underworld x5: Unfortunately, it seems that Carlos had a case of divided loyalties and was being paid off by Thumbs, of all people, and Throat Cutter had both killed for it.


  • University x1: The Council on American-Islamic Relations has announced that they will be holding a large rally the evening of May 11. The usual campus groups are sounding off for/against it.

  • University x2: Medical students are still being heavily scrutinized for possible connections to the incident involving the people subjected to illegal dental work.

  • University x4: A rather friendly guy has been hanging out with the College Dems. He's also talked to other groups, but mostly them. He's playing getting to know you and helping out where he can.

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