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Rumors for October 27, 2006


Public Knowledge

  • The Daily Dirge [.doc]: Psychotic Serial Arsonist Nun Captured; Another Stingray Stabs Another Man in the Chest; Serial Killer Harold Rolling Executed; Pigs Responsible for E. Coli

  • Super Amazingly Truthful Awesome News [.jpg]: Invasion! Sting Rays Mobilize Against Humanity; Child Eating Cannibal Nun Attacks

Sect and Clan

  • Sabbat: Palla Grande! (Sect is equal to Sabbat): Happy Palla Grande!


  • Mrs. Cenci (Personal for Darren West): Some of your police contacts have recently reported that a woman claiming to be the wife of the late Ronny Cenci has appeared and has been talking to several of his former cohorts.


  • Bureaucracy x2: The US has recently announced a ban on imports of Vegemite, due to FDA regulations regarding the addition of folate to commercial foods. Australians are unhappy.

    In other news, localized independent fire departments that operate in areas not protected by the larger and more heavily-funded district fire departments continue to get shut down due to financial difficulty.


  • Church x1: Christine Darkwater, a devout Dominican nun and the chief suspect in the recent string of arsons and murders across the Bronx was apprehended by police Monday morning on the 27th.

    The Church is doing its best to disassociate itself from Darkwater, a young woman who clearly suffered from acute mental illness. There is concern that this will have a severe negative impact on public perceptions of the Catholic community.

  • Church x2: Stories regarding the apparition of a pale, blood spattered woman haunting an arson site in the Bronx have ceased.

    While some of the local Catholic community believed that this was a vision of the Virgin Mary, (dubbed "Our Lady of Pain") who is in a state of injury and sorrow due to the fallen state of God's earth, such rumors are being actively suppressed by Church officials.

    Meanwhile, there have been reports of a miraculous "messenger of God" made of glowing light, stalking the high crime areas of the city and defending those who seem helpless and in danger. Officials are skeptical of this, but, in a reaction similar to the one regarding the apparition above, there is a growing belief that a time of judgement is to come upon the world and that God's forces are in play.

  • Church x3: Performance artist, Namir Sobeck, who was criticized heavily for his piece in which he simulated lewd acts in a tentacle monster costume, has apparently found Jesus and is apologizing publicly and profusely for the nature of his previous work.

  • Church x5: The "Society" appears to be making motions to withdraw from New York for the time being, as the "enemy" seems to have quieted in the sectors they were looking into.

  • Church x7: Lies! Filthy lies! The Society of Leopold is still in town, but have been sending rumors as to their departure.


  • Finance x2: Chrysler announces that it has been faced with of nearly 1.5 billion dollars of losses in the third quarter, and that it is desperately attempted to turn this around, cutting production costs per vehicle by as much as $1,000 a unit.

    Meanwhile billionaire Carl C. Icahn took control of ImClone systems, the New York based biotechnology company responsible for the cancer drug Eribtux.

  • Finance x4: Insiders indicate that Magadron Incorporated has been increasingly turning it's eye toward ImClone Systems following Icahn's ascension to Chairman.


  • Health x1: Numerous new research projects are still being opened with regards to xylothanamenic acid (the active hallucinogen in sempreverde) and its effects on the human nervous system.

  • Health x2: Increasing political attention is being paid to Magadron Incorporated, and paranoid detractors are claiming that the company has been purposefully delaying the release of new cancer treatment drugs in the hopes of increasing profitability.

  • Health x3: The psychiatrists who have been called in to make evaluations regarding Christine Darkwater suspect that she has gone into a "flattening stage" of some form of psychotic personality disorder, and are having doubts that she will be able to stand trial.

  • Health x4: Large amounts of blood have been redirected from Silver Pines General Hospital to help with some CDC director's research, although there is no real clue as to what said research may be.

High Society

  • High Society x2: The Soho art gallery Agora is doing an exhibition on work from an up and coming artist's collective, headed by an enigmatic and mysterious figure known only as "M". The installation pieces all seem to be bizarre inventions, perpetual motion devices or vaguely booby-trap-esque looking contraptions. Prominent on display is a piece ominously known as "Mechanical Chicken Separator #13."

    This bizarre art form is getting increasingly popular. Several well to do critics are a fan of this return to "function before form".

  • High Society x3: Performance artist, Namir Sobeck, who was criticized heavily for his piece entitled "Black Flower" in which he simulated oral and anal sex with another man dressed in a costume made out of numerous black tentacle-like appendages, has apparently found Jesus and is apologizing publicly and profusely for the nature of his previous work.


  • Industry x2: Global Chemicals, a company known for its research into alternative energy forms, has recently come into harsh criticism regarding what appears to be the dumping of oil processing byproducts into a local abandoned coal mine.


  • Legal x1: Brooklyn Democratic party leader Marvin Small has been found guilty by prosecutors of selling local judgeships to interested parties.

  • Legal x3: Phil Flowers, the children's television show actor who was arrested for murdering his fellow performer has been taken to trial. He is being defended by attorney Naruhodou Ryuuichi, although the outcome does not look particularly favorable to Flowers, and the case is expected to be a fairly short one.


  • Media x1: Numerous editorials have been appearing regarding the Christine Darkwater case, and she's been getting a lot of (very bad) coverage both immediately prior to and following her arrest.

    The hit children's television show the "Silver Shogun" has been cancelled, following the death of Zack Slammer,famous for portraying the show's villain the "Wicked Bureaucrat." and the subsequent arrest of actor Phil Flowers, who played the "Silver Shogun" on the show, for his murder.

  • Media x4: Uwe Boll, known for such flops as Bloodrayne and Alone in the Dark has indicated that he would be interested in directing a New York by Night movie, although he has made no official movements to do so.


  • Occult x2: A hot party occurred Wednesday night in lower Manhattan, involving a small group of voodoo-influenced new-agers, three goats, and a lot of drugs. Reports indicate that the party was orgiastic in nature, and happened a few blocks away from the infamous Club Sebau.

  • Occult x3: There have been strange reports in various lower-class high-crime neighborhoods regarding an "angel of light" who has been preventing violent crimes from taking place.
    None of the reports seem to be particularly indicative of anything Kindred would be familiar with, and several of them conflict on numerous points. Those involved all reported seeing a being made of pure light on all accounts, but details have varied immensely.

  • Occult x4: The Chosen of the Rainbow Serpent, a religious cult who inhabited the 7th Street squat, recently seem to have all dispersed and relocated elsewhere.

    Meanwhile in the Bronx, construction continues on the temple being erected by the religious group known as Loa's Children. Residents of the neighborhood, which is by all accounts a fairly bad one, seem to be welcoming to the group as it seems dedicated to promoting social well being and community improvements.

  • Occult x5: Santeria practitioners and other pseudo-Christian occult groups are continue to be on the lookout for practitioners of blood-drinking rituals, apparently due to some sort of research being done by a local scholar on Communion as occult ritual.



    Christine Darkwater, a nun, soup kitchen operator and the chief suspect in the recent string of arsons and murders across the Bronx was apprehended by police Monday morning on the 27th.

    An anonymous tip off led officers to find Christine sleeping in a drainage pipe under a bridge. She a put up quite struggle when approached and injured one of the officers (David O'Riley) with a Japanese katana before being shot non-fatally, subdued, placed under arrest, and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

    While still conscious, she has not said a single word since being taken in, in spite of having several questions addressed to her.

  • Police x3: There have been reports of what seems to be a vigilante preventing a number of violent crimes throughout the city. Witnesses report the man to have been somehow "divine" and that he was apparently formed of pure light. Police are naturally skeptical and are thinking that someone with a superhero complex got access to some special FX makeup. Thus far the individual has been linked to stopping two assaults, one rape, and an armed robbery. They have not killed or seriously injured anyone in their "work."

  • Police x4: Apparently, some police clerks having been getting a bunch of data on what seems to be a group of privately owned cars. There is no indication as to whether or not they're connected to any sort of crime.

  • Police x5: Area man Roy Carter, apparently enraged that his wife Rachel was cheating on him, burned down the leather bar (The Titan) which she frequented in the Bronx and put her in intensive care. The fire was contained but the property damage is estimated at $2,000,000.


  • Politics x1: Brooklyn Democratic party leader Marvin Small has been found guilty by prosecutors of selling local judgeships to interested parties.

  • Politics x2: Environmental activists grow increasingly upset over the issue of Global Chemicals recently discovered dumping of oil by-products into an abandoned coal mine. Local famous activist-leader (and noted raw food advocate) Joan Clifford is particularly vehement over the issue.


  • Street x1: Some WEIRD shit is going down in multiple poor high crime neighborhoods throughout the city. Apparently several acts of violence have been abruptly stopped by what onlookers claim to be an "angel of light."

    The most famous case involves a young latina woman named Marie Suarez, who claims to have narrowly avoided a gang rape/assault when the figures made of glowing light walked onto the scene and violently, but non-fatally, threw off the attackers. She claims that her rescue was an act of God himself, and that the "messenger" seemed too brilliant to look upon.

    Meanwhile, the Furies are pretty much unchallenged in their attempts to control the vast majority of gang turf in the Bronx. their one opponent seems to be in a conglomeration of smaller gangs, headed by one large gang known as the Orphans.

  • Street x3: Christine Darkwater, nun, soup kitchen operator and the chief suspect in the recent string of arson/murders across the Bronx was apprehended by police Monday morning on the 27th. This was apparently connected in a large way to increasing word on the street that the woman had been responsible for the death of several local squatters close to some homeless communities.

    It was a man known affectionately as "Slimy Pete" who eventually located her sleeping in a drainage pipe under a bridge in Lower Manhattan, and reported her to the authorities.

  • Street x4: A leather bar called the Titan was apparently targeted by an arsonist and burned to the ground a few weeks ago.


  • n/a


  • Underworld x2: The black market price of several hard-to-find weapons continues to be slightly devalued, due to a large shipment of unregistered and illegal Russian firearms that has made its way down through Canada.

  • Underworld x3: Russian mafia boss Vyacheslav Kirillovich Ivankov has disappeared from public view for a while.


  • University x4: There's been a lot of paperwork changing hands regarding former NYU student Claire Berkowitz, who committed suicide a few weeks ago.

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