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Rumors for January 23, 2004


Public Knowledge

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Sect and Clan

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  • Church x1: Seems New York's diocese is just doing "okay" as far as conforming with new regulations concerning the child abuse scandals.


  • n/a


  • Health x1: A report is being suppressed by the Surgeon General himself that Alzheimer's is linked to Mad Cow Disease, and may even be the same thing.

High Society

  • n/a


  • n/a


  • Legal x2: In the wake of increasing security concerns, some interesting laws have been passed in the interest of "public safety."

  • Legal x4: Perhaps the new curfew is breaking a state law or two.


  • Media x1: Psst... I heard that Rush Limbaugh choked on his own hypocrisy in rehab and died.


  • Occult x1: Activity of your normal occult contacts has dropped a bit of late.

  • Occult x3: Several of your contacts seem legitimately frightened of some being, and its ability to "punish their meddling."


  • Police x2: A record number of new recruits are being hired by the NYPD.

  • Police x2: ... and Lines are buzzing that the G-Killer may very well be impossible to catch, excepting some sort of divine intervention, or improvement on the part of the police.


  • Politics x1: Howard Dean drops in the polls... and he's being bitchy about it.

  • Politics x2: Perhaps its time for a Kindred to step in and take some REAL political power.


  • Street x2: The gang rivalry in Brooklyn seems to be calming down a good deal.


  • Transportation x1: After 10:00 PM, the traffic problem in the city is very much improved.

  • Transportation x2: ...probably due to the curfew.

  • Transportation x3: And you know that subway security is being improved. Perhaps this is not the best time to use the subway system.


  • Underworld x3: Russian syndicates are showing revived interest in Manhattan


  • University x1: Record numbers of people are taking the LSATs.

  • University x2: ...and law school's will raise tuition, because the market will bear it.

  • University x3: But unrest among the future lawyers of America may lead to some problems, and weakness in a law university offers aspiring Kindred a good chance to seize more influence clout.

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