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Rumors for November 14, 2003


Public Knowledge

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Sect and Clan

  • Van Cortlandt Park (Clan is equal to Gangrel): Thursday evening when the Gangrel are spending time together, the noisome "Skippy" crashes your party and starts hissing frantically, "Something happened in Van Cortlandt Park! Trees were knocked down and a couple of our wild dogs were killed there!"

    Van Cortlandt Park, located in North Bronx, was given to the independent Gangrel by Calebros during his reign as Camarilla prince. The Gangrel didn't necessarily want it at the time and made quiet complaints, claiming that they could make their own domains wherever the hell they wanted to. While Prospect Park in Brooklyn has tended to make a much better haven for the Gangrel, Van Cortlandt has indisputably belonged to the Gangrel since late 2000.

    Skippy has no time for further explanation. If you wish to investigate what happened at Van Cortlandt, inquire with a Storyteller.


  • Moses the Knife (Personal for Sean O'Keegan): While you're spending time at the "anarch Elysium" on Wednesday night at the Staten Island Garibaldi-Meucci Museum, you overhear a Clanmate by the name of Moses the Knife badmouth you.

    "So that's the sell-out, huh? Cammy came out to Staten Island to remember his roots?

    Rosy, the art-loving anarch with a personal interest in the PS1 Art Gallery of Queens, immediately diffuses the situation.

    "Moses, calm down. Sean DOES remember his roots and he understands that if he is going to talk to the Camarilla about our business that we won't be inviting him back here. At least he's not a diablerist, like that pathetic Joven. Right, Sean?"

    Moses slinks away, but a number of the assembled anarchs have their attention turned to the conversation.

  • Letter from a Clanmate (Personal for Amadeo Giovanni): You receive a letter from Isabella Giovanni, penned in English:

    Dear Amadeo,

    I shall keep this missive brief as I allow little time in my busy schedule for scolding. Nicolette, Kells, and Peter all informed me of your treatment of them. You were quite brash to family, and I find this unacceptable. Business is imporant, we all know this, but you are not to treat family like <Italian>shit</Italian>. Nicolette has been doing good work in New York and she tells me the main reason she has taken this vacation is to work things out regarding how much of a <Italian>asshole</Italian> you are being.

    And Kells and Peter, while not true members of the family, were my associates. They have returned here to Boston because of your ill-treatment of them. You were not openly grateful for the services they could render and thus I recalled them.

    If you are going to drive family away and operate alone in New York City, you are not to consider yourself a don. Take this into account. I am going to hand this issue off to your cousin Arturo who has been keeping an eye on New York City. He will be your main point of contact henceforth. Please do not waste your time with an explanation or an apology. When I am ready to trade paper with you again, you will hear from me.

    Isabella Giovanni

    [Isabella Giovanni has Family Prestige x8. Amadeo Giovanni has been stripped of one of his Giovanni prestige, leaving him with two.]

  • Viet Cong Cobra (Personal for Langston): While you're walking through one of the nicer parts of Manhattan on Wednesday night, along the edge of Central Park, you see something very strange. Figures are moving through the bushes. Your instincts kick in and you dive behind the stone wall bordering the park. As you prepare to kill as many of the enemy as you can before you are killed or taken prisoner and tortured by the Viet Cong, you see something very strange. A huge snake slithers out from behind the wall. It's wearing a green military helmet with a large red star on it. It looks to be a cobra, perhaps 20 feet long. It rears up and you are paralyzed by its gaze. It flashes its forked tongue at you and begins whispering in Vietnamese:

    "Langsssston. You and your crazy friends bessst turn a blind eye when I come to the party. Perhapsss two blind eyes."

    It slithers away and you regain your composure. It's as if it never happened... but you remember it so clearly.


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  • Church x1: St. Patrick's Cathedral will soon be the host of an orchestral concert featuring aspiring local talent.


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High Society

  • High Society x1: St. Patrick's Cathedral will soon be the host of an orchestral concert featuring aspiring local talent.


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  • Transportation x1: The mayor of New York has announced that wages for public transportation workers will rise by $.75 per hour effective December 15.


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  • University x1: Invitations have been sent to every fine arts university in the city to send their best musicians forth, orchestral preferred, to participate in a concert at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan, in the near future.

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