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Once a great clan like the other twelve, the Ravnos have, in modem nights, been reduced to a shell of their former selves. The treacherous tricksters once walked randomly among the other Cainites, untrusted and beholden to no one. In a recent storm of madness and death, though, they have been slain and lost until they are but a shadow of their former ranks. No more than a few hundred now claim Ravnos lineage and the strange illusions and philosophies that come with it.


Disciplines: Animalism, Chimerstry, Fortitude

Clan Advantage: One free dot of the Streetwise ability. One free level of either Street or Transportation influence.

Clan Disadvantage: Each Ravnos has a "signature crime" which they must attempt to commit once per game session unless they win a three Trait Self-Control/Instinct Test.

Ravnos NPCs


Player: Abigail

Appearance: Piscina Nadya, known as Pisces for ease of pronunciation, is soft in appearance and manner. She speaks quietly and moves as if she might break something. She has her mother's beauty: the dark hair and dark eyes that mark her as one of the Rroma. But she wraps herself in scarves so that her face is gentled and obscured, like the moon hiding behind clouds.

Nature: Dreamer

Demeanor: Provider

Sire: Magdala Nadya

Birthdate: November 14, 1872 (Scorpio)

In Play: 2007 - 2009

Sin: Voyeurism

Theme Song(s): Evanescence - My Imaginary

Quote: "Freedom seems to have reawakened my suicidal tendencies. Or at least my awareness that there’s more to life than staying alive."

Background: Piscina Nadya was born in 1872 in the spice cart of a gypsy kumpania moving through Romania. Her family, which followed a caravan which meandered from India to Germany and back again, consisted of her mother, Magdala, a flirtatious woman who enjoyed passion and pleasure; her brother, Cosmin, a rakish boy with a penchant for performance; and her grandmother, Madre Nika, who stood as the firm but understanding matriarch of the small family. Pisces father remained something of an unknown, as she was conceived through one of her mother's numerous affairs, although Magdala was fairly certain he was a soldier she had met in Spain.

As she grew into a young woman of exceptional beauty, Piscina's family came to fear for her safety, and were eager to keep her close to camp or under escort. This protectiveness left the girl with a deep=seated feeling that something was wrong with her, and as she aged she grew less and less comfortable with her own person. The Rroma company in which Pisces traveled, however frequently made their living as entertainers, and it was through the art of acting that the young Picsina would attempt to navigate the insecurities which often plagued her. Hiding behind a number of elaborate personae she created for herself, the self-conscious young woman would eventually adopt an identity known as "Syka" when she became anxious, slipping into an identity in which she was as beautiful as her mother, as brave as her brother and as wise as her grandmother.

Piscina would be Embraced at the age of twenty-three, along with the rest of her family. After witnessing Madre Nika collapse in the midst of a heart attack, a passing Ravnos who had come to the Nadya kumpania would take it upon himself to Embrace the old woman, having become impressed with her tenacity and determination. After realizing the reality of her condition, the pragmatic elder would go on to bestow the Embrace upon her daughter, instructing her in turn to Embrace her two children.

For many years, the family of Cainites would travel the world, with Madre Nika slowly accumulating an extensive web of Cainite contacts across Europe. Piscina, having found herself skilled in the arts of Chimestry would eventually come to make her livelihood by giving life to the desires of the undead, creating fantastic illusions to catering to the yearnings of her clients. In this manner, the little Ravnos was able to not only provide for her now quite well-off family, but also to sate her newly discovered thirst for learning the secrets of others.

Tragically, in the nights of the Week of Nightmares, this gift which Piscina possessed turned deadly, and as the madness which engulfed her Clan overtook her, her great skill with chimera allowed her to subdue and devour Magdala, Cosmin and Nika as the thirst of the ancients overtook her. Overwhelmed with grief and guilt, the maddened Ravnos' illusionary creating swept the Romanian countryside as the death of Ravenna imbued her powers with monstrous strength, causing havoc and pandemonium wherever they encountered mankind. Eventually, as the death throes of the Antediluvian subsided, the broken Cainite was found by the followers of the Ventrue Loa, who gave her shelter until such time as she was again able to walk amongst the undead.

Unable to face the heinous acts she had committed, the frightened ancillae sought to blame her family's diablerie on Syka, further segmenting her creation as a seperate portion of her personality. In the years after the event, Pisces would go on to resume her previous trade as a wish-monger - preying upon the passions of others as she strove to bury memories of her own misdeeds.

As a PC: Pisces arrived in New York in the fall of 2007, offering her services to the Kindred of the city whilst she reveled quietly in the often absurd goings on of the Domain. Living on the periphery of Cainite society by virtue of her Clan, the quiet Ravnos would come to haven with the Independent known as Lucas Brighton, and would eventually befriend two exiles from the Sabbat who came into his company: the Gangrel Alex and the Malkavian Dylan. The small group of misfits would exist apart from the two major sects for several months, living in the remnants of an abandoned chantry on Staten Island, until such a time that Lucas (in reality a rogue Tremere) would be forcibly removed from the city by the hierarchy of his Clan. In the nights which followed his departure, the remains of the coterie would befriend the meditative Setite known as TJ Phillips and would be privy to his grandiose plans to "enlighten" the mortal populace of the city, before watching him embark on an unprecedented Masquerade-breaching act of sorcery over the Hudson Bay.

Following this debacle, Pisces (while acting in the guise of Syka) accidentally triggered Dylan's own issues of self-loathing, causing the child-like Malkavian to flee from the communal house and permanently estranging the Ravnos from her and Alex. Once more alone in the world, Piscina attempted to cope with her inner turmoil by attempting to uplift the poor and downtrodden of the city, spending time attempting to mentor young street kids whose situations evoked memories of her life as a persecuted outsider in Europe. As she became more and more entangled in the happenings of the mortal world, the haunted ancillae would briefly make the acquaintance of Willie Boyd, a Tennessee born folk singer with a dark past of his own - although Pisces would be driven to part ways from him when the musicians own demons proved all too real.

Eventually, in an unexpected turn, the diminutive Ravnos would befriend a gruff Brujah journalist known as Eugene Wright, and over the course of several months within the war torn city, this friendship would blossom into a romance. As Wright found himself unexpectedly pushed into the volatile Domain's Princeship, however, the affair was long kept a secret - as the protective man feared what would befall his paramour should her identity be discovered. As the encroaching Sabbat increasingly threatened the stability of Camarilla rule, Pisces would eventually come to reveal the truth of her past to the battle-weary Prince, only to suddenly disappear a few weeks later - terrified that another knew of her crimes.

As an NPC: After Pisces left the city, Wright would linger for a scant few months - driven by an overwhelming feeling of duty to his Domain. Eventually, however, after the mad elder Rasa made his unexpected claim to the throne, the smitten Brujah would take the opportunity to at last flee New York himself - determined to find the woman he had grown to love.

The pair would meet again, by comic happenstance, in Disneyland - a place which Wright had long ago recommended Pisces visit, as it would be one of the few places on Earth where none would doubt the chimera she created.


  • Pisces would come to befriend several of the Anarchs, and would end up playing in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign with Daria, Cassandra, and Pangloss. (leading to an somewhat silly in character/out of character game played by their respective players) In it, she portrayed a half-orc barbarian known as Thok.

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Clan description from Laws of the Night.


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