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The Prince

Description: The Prince is he or she who holds praxis over a region and declares it their domain. In that domain, they are the ultimate authority. Justicars aside, they have the final say in their realm.

The position of Prince is not hereditary. Any Kindred can technically declare praxis over a domain. However, in the event of their claim being contested, they can and will come to blows, and often fatal ones at that, with whatever other parties are vying for control. The end result is that the vast majority of Princes are the eldest and most powerful Kindred in the city.

Princes may appoint officers, create laws and even call a Blood Hunt, the decree that all Camarilla-loyal Kindred in the domain are to seek out the destruction of an individual.

Mechanics: Upon taking the position, the Prince gains the additional status traits Exalted, Well-Known and Famous. While he/she maintains the position, that status may not be removed permanently.

The Prince can remove or bestow permanent status from anyone in his/her domain for any reason by expending a temporary status. He/She is also the only Kindred who can bestow or remove the trait Acknowledged. No status need be expended in awarding it to someone, however.

Princes in UnMasqued:

The Seneschal

Description: The Seneschal acts as second-in-command to the Prince and is next in line to be Prince of the domain should the current Prince fall.

They are always appointed by the Prince alone and are oftentimes either the childe or chosen successor of the Prince. In this way the Prince can assure that someone similar to them will rule in the event of their Final Death. As not all Princes wish to dwell on such a succession, not all appoint Seneschals.

Mechanics: Upon appointment, the Seneschal gains the additional status traits Cherished and Esteemed. While he/she maintains the position, that status may not be removed permanently.

The Seneschal possesses all the powers of Prince, and may act in the Prince's stead, should he/she leave the city. However, all actions taken by a Seneschal may be revoked by the Prince.

Seneschals in UnMasqued:

The Harpy

Description:The Harpy is responsible for arbitrating status within the city and keeping track of boons and scandals.

After a Harpy is either appointed, or more often simply rises to power, he/she traditionally receives one temporary status from each Primogen, as a show of support.

Mechanics: Upon appointment, the Harpy gains the additional status trait Influential, and while he/she maintains the position, that status may not be removed permanently.

The Harpy may remove a permanent status trait from any individual who has failed to uphold a boon or provoked a major scandal. Just what qualifies as a major scandal is often left up to the Harpy, although they must present evidence of its occurrence before a gathering of Kindred before removing status.

Minor Harpies may be created by the Harpy by the lending of a single status trait. These Minor Harpies may remove temporary status just as the chief harpy removes permanent.

Grand Harpies in UnMasqued:

The Sheriff

Description: The Sheriff is responsible for the enforcement of the Prince's law, the punishment of those who break said laws, the execution of the Blood Hunt and, in contested cities, military leadership of the Camarilla's forces against the Sabbat.

The Prince's law differs from city to city. In some domains, the laws may be limited to only the six traditions. In others, the various specific edicts of the Prince could fill entire tomes and cover material ranging from court etiquette to the individual designation of feeding grounds. The Sheriff is expected to enforce the entirety of the domain's law, however far it might extend.

Sheriff is an office which is solely the appointed by the Prince and solely responsible to the Prince, and the Sheriff is often understandably perceived as the officer most loyal to the Prince. It is, in fact, commonplace in some regions for the Sheriff to be the Prince's thrall.

Mechanics: Upon appointment, the Sheriff gains the additional status trait Feared, and while he/she maintains the position, that status may not be removed permanently. The Sheriff may also lend temporary status to others to appoint them deputies, a minor position which carries the same powers as Sheriff, but may be revoked at anytime by the Sheriff proper.

The Sheriff may insist that any Kindred within the city accompany him/her for questioning. If the Kindred resists, they do so at the cost of one permanent status trait.

The Sheriff is also immune to the powers of the Keeper of Elysium.

Sheriffs in UnMasqued:

The Keeper of Elysium Description: The Keeper of Elysium is responsible for maintaining Elysium and enforcing it's rules.

The absolute rule common to all Elysia is that violence is prohibited. If a fight breaks out, it is the responsibility of the Keeper to stop the altercation and punish the offender.

Other rules for various Elysia have arisen around this central axiom. In some cases all weaponry is banned, as possession of a weapon in Elysium seems to declare one's willingness to commit violence. Sometimes the use of disciplines which have a potential to be used for aggressive purposes, such as Potence or Dominate, are banned as well. In extreme cases, all weaponry and use of disciplines may be forbidden.

It is expected that other Kindred will aid the Keeper in defending Elysium and help to subdue the aggressor, should a fight break out.

Mechanics: Upon appointment, the Keeper of Elysium gains the additional status trait Honorable, and while he/she maintains the position, that status may not be removed permanently.

The Keeper may also remove one permanent status from any Kindred he/she finds guilty of breaching the Masquerade.

Keepers in UnMasqued:

The Scourge

Description: The Scourge is responsible for the rather unpleasant task of destroying those Kindred who have been created with the permission of the Prince and those who have failed to announce their presence in the city. They may additionally be called upon to purge those who sire unauthorized childer.

Not all cities have a Scourge, and their position is generally not held to be a glamorous one but one born out of necessity in the final nights.

Mechanics: Upon appointment, the Scourge gains the additional status trait Feared, and while he/she maintains the position, that status may not be removed permanently.

The Scourge may remove one permanent status from any Kindred they find harboring or abetting vampires created without the Prince's permission or who have not formally presented themselves in the city.

Scourges in UnMasqued:

The Primogen Council

Description: The Primogen of a clan acts as that clan's representative and is responsible for voicing that clan's concerns to the Prince. The Primogen Council is composed of all Primogen within a city and is supposed to advise the Prince in his rule and provide a check to his power.

A Primogen might be appointed by the Prince, elected through the consensus of their clan, or simply declare themselves to be Primogen. Much like the position of Prince there is no formal process for becoming a Primogen. The only requirement is that they be able to hold the position without being toppled by other contenders.

Mechanics: Upon appointment, a Primogen gains the additional status trait Revered, and while he/she maintains the position, that status may not be removed permanently.

They may remove or bestow a permanent status trait upon any in their clan by expending a temporary one. They may also, without the expenditure of status, appoint a Whip, who will also possess this power over the clan. A Whip's powers may be revoked or reversed at any time by the Primogen.

Primogen of of Clan Brujah:

Primogen of of Clan Malkavian:

Previous Primogen of of Clan Nosferatu:

Previous Primogen of of Clan Toreador:

Previous Primogen of of Clan Tremere:

Previous Primogen of of Clan Ventrue:

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Material adapted from Laws of the Night [Revised].


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