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Elders of the sect suspect that the Nosferatu antitribu joined the Sabbat less out of hatred for their sires than out of something lurking beneath the Clan's own veil of secrecy. Nosferatu of the Sabbat seem to be on the best terms with their Camarilla counterparts of all the clans of the Sword of Caine, but why? As expected, the Nosferatu and their antitribu close ranks when asked about it - the problem is theirs alone.

NOTE: The Nosferatu antitribu are no longer a playable Clan in UnMasqued.


Disciplines: Animalism, Obfuscate, Potence

Clan Advantage: One free dot of the Stealth and Streetwise abilities. One free dot of the Contacts background (UnMasqued House Rule).

Clan Disadvantage: All Nosferatu Antitribu are hideously deformed or ugly. Nosferatu antitribu must take the Negative Social Traits Repugnant x3, which may never be bought off with XP. They are also forbidden from taking the Appearance-related Social Traits Alluring, Gorgeous or Seductive.

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Clan description from Laws of the Night: Sabbat Guide.


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