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Sabbat members are always walking on the edge of humanity due to their embrace of the Beast and their willingness to band together in defiance of the Camarilla to further their aims. However, Malkavians within the sect are in immortal danger of falling off the edge into the pit of razor-sharp glass shards below.

Malkavian antitribu may be considered either the bane or the glory of Sabbat existence. Their madness often allows them insights into the Cainites' situation and can make them brilliant tacticians against the Camarilla. However, they are also prone to falling further, more quickly into uncontrollable depravity than their brothers and sisters, not only endangering themselves, but the entire sect.

These antitribu come from a variety of backgrounds, but are usually very carefully selected for the Embrace. Serial killers and long-term inmates of insane asylums only join their ranks when cannon fodder is needed and they can be counted on to damage the Camarilla. Otherwise, the Freaks tend to embrace those who are just ripe for usefulness to the sect, but not yet slipping over the precipice.


Disciplines: Auspex, Dementation, Obfuscate

Clan Advantage: One free dot of the Awareness ability. Connection to the Malkavian Madness Network.

Clan Disadvantage: Each Malkavian suffers from at least one derangements. This derangements is permanent and can never be bought off with any amount of XP.

Inactive Malkavian Antitribu PCs


A.K.A.: Kandy, Tinkerbell

Player: Faith

Appearance: Kandy was a sugary sweet teen girl with an infectious laugh and a childlike aura of innocence. A fan of all form of Disney movies, she could often be found wearing several branded pieces of clothing at any point in time - in particular favoring pieces which featured Peter Pan's Tinkerbell.

Nature: Eye of the Storm

Demeanor: Child

Sire: Erik Karamazov

Birthdate: April 21, 1978 (Taurus)

In Play: 2004

Derangment: Bulimia, Regression

Background: The daughter of well-to-do Philadelphia attorneys, Kassandra Lancaster was a child often starved for the attention of her parents, who raised the girl through the proxies of nannies and boarding schools. During her teen years at the Samuel School for Girls, the troubled girl grew increasingly delinquent and violent - bullying her fellow students and showing little respect for the authorities of the institution. Eventually developing a severe eating disorder at the age of seventeen, Kandy found herself transferred to a children's psychiatric unit by the headmistress of the school. Here, she proved oppositional to the doctors who endeavored to treat her, and eventually lapsed into a severe psychotic break after hearing news of her parents sudden deaths in a plane crash outside of Las Vegas. Despite the best efforts of six specialists to address her illnesses, the young woman remained obstinant in the face of her doctors, even as her condition deteriorated into maddened fits of psychological regression. After several months without progress, her parent's lawyer sought to manuever her into a permanent in-patient facility.

Kandy, however, was "saved" from this eventually by the intervening Dr. Karamazov, a prominent member of the Philadelphia Sabbat who Embraced her into the Sword of Caine. Growing increasingly detached from her human capacity for compassion, the troubled young woman took to unlife with enthusiasm, studying in the arts of torture and eventually coming to find meaning in her condition through the path of Death and the Soul. After four years of such tutelage, she met a young schizophrenic with disassociative identity disorder named John Pierce at the local rave scene, and after accompanying him through numerous misadventures, ended up Embracing him herself following his near death at the hands of riot police.

The pair eventually left Philadelphia, harried by the spirits that seemed to continuously harass them. In early 2004, they made their way to the then contested Domain of New York, joining in the effort to at last reclaim the city from the hands of the Camarilla.

Documents of Import:


A.K.A.: Bane, Rage, Fruit Salad

Player: Kipp

Appearance: Bane/Rage was strange individual with a feral demeanor. His eyes both presented with entirely black scelerae and fur grew from his hand, where a Tzimisce had grafted long spurs of talon-like bone.

Nature: Caregiver

Demeanor: Dark Poet (Bane) / Judge (Rage)

Sire: Kassandra Lancaster

In Play: 2004

Quote: "My soul is the rose. The rose is dead. Leave a message after the beep."

Background: John Pierce's origins are forever shrouded in mystery, as the various personae which inhabited his body seemed to have little memory of his past. Whatever his life before metting Kassandra, he had suffered from profound mental illness for some time before his brush with vampirekind - being haunted by voices continuously pleading with him to perform irational actions. In addition to this his mind was riven between two primary personalities: the subdued Bane and the violent Rage - both of whom had long overshadowed the man originally bearing the name John Pierce.

He met the childlike Malkavian antitribu Kassandra Lancaster in the late nineties, after she encountered Bane in the midst of the goth-centric club Nocturne. Observing his erratic behavior as the troubled man used drugs to alternate between personalities, Kandy found herself drawn into a murderous escapade at the behest of Bane's voices, leading her to abandon the young man at a house belonging to a man they ended up pushing out of a hotel room window. After several more encounters at various raves throughout the city, the intrigued young Cainite watched him suicidally run headlong into a group of police trying to shut down an illegal party, and after discovering that he had been shot in the ensuing fray, she made the decision to grant him the Embrace.

Eventually proving himself a worthy addition to the Sword of Caine, Bane would leave Philadelphia in Kassandra's company, eventually coming to the war torn territories of New York in the early spring of 2004.

Malkavian Antitribu NPCs


A.K.A.: Phillip Kane

Player: Peter

Appearance: Zapelphillip was a quiet but attractive young man of Asian descent, often dressed in a sweatervest and bow tie. He continuously carried some form of music playing device with him, often blaring the soundtrack of his life for the world to hear

Nature: Visionary

Demeanor: Deviant

In Play: 2007 - 2009

Theme Song(s): Vienna Teng - Eric's Song

Background: Zappelphillip revealed little about his past. All that is known of his days as a mortal are that he was diagnosed with ADHD as a young child and that he eventually completed a degree in Library Science.

As an NPC: Phillip Kane, better known as Zappelphillip, was possessed of a maddening obsession with music of all kinds - seeing a discordant yet palpable pattern in every song which mankind had wrought. He came to the Domain of New York in the company of his pack, Polyclef, in late 2007 - seeking to undermine the Camarilla that later invading forces might again bring the city under the Sword of Caine. After several initial victories which netted the small band the death of Sheriff Sam McCoy and the near death of elder Bromme Frederich III, Zappelphillip would be forced into a position of relative leadership when Ductus Lúsha Gjikokji undertook a mission to impersonate Toreador Primogen Anastasia Rothe. Zappelphillip, as Pack Priest, would watch as the sadistic Saint tortured the real Primogen Rothe, which the group had captured, filming the entire ordeal to serve as leverage should Lúsha be discovered.

The disguised Ductus would eventually be discovered and taken prisoner, and Zappelphillip would be able to negotiate a hostage exchange - although the incident would leave Lúsha deeply shaken, and months later she would be slain in a botched attempt on the life of Malkavian autarkis Langston, whom the pack had believed to be a Camarilla elder. Grieved by his loss, and having his new leadership compounded by Saint's descent into wassail, Zappelphillip would lead Polyclef on several violent missions against the Ivory tower in the year that followed, leading to numerous civilian bombings and the eventual kidnapping of a Tremere Archon.

Zappelphillip would make the acquaintance of a Malkavian Anarch known as Cassandra in the midst of these operations, and as a result several members of Anarch movement would find themselves enmeshed in many of the Camarilla's attempts to halt the antitribu's campaign of destruction. As he found himself rapidly running out of options, Zappelphillip's behavior came to border on the suicidal, and he would eventually be captured when a meeting with Cassandra was intercepted by Sheriff Vinny DaPaglia.

The Anarchs, however, did not wish in their pacifist philosophy for Zappelphillip's execution, despite his past misdeeds, and would eventually convince Prince Wright to surrender him to the custody fo Malkavian elder Rasa. With the help of the telepath Pangloss, Rasa would endeavor to bring Zappelphillip to such a point that he would willingly surrender physical existence, hoping to bring his consciousness to rest within the reality of the Madness Network. Pangloss, however, found himself frustrated with Zappelphillip's nihilistic urge towards self-destruction, and would try to convince him to live as he was - as the rogue Tremere had in his past faced destruction only to survive and reinvent himself.

In the end, Zappelphillip would commit suicide - setting himself ablaze before a crowd of onlookers, despite Pangloss' protestations. Rasa, delighted with what he saw as a Zappelphillip's apotheosis, would applaud the ritualistic immolation, and remnants of what remained of the antitribu's psyche would eventually worm their way through the cobweb.


  • Pangloss, despite his disapproval, agreed to film Zappelphillip's death at his request, and would later upload video footage of it to YouTube - mislabeling it as the death of Bojan Petrov, a Brujah who had died the year prior by similar means. The acerbic Tremere would also chide Prince Wright for joining Rasa in his celebration of the antitribu's death, pointedly asking the Camarilla leader if he had "clapped last year?"

Documents of Import:

  • The Rusalka: Cassandra and Rasa attempt to contact Zappelphillip. [April 5, 2009]

  • The Aesthetics of Faith: Rasa attempts to commune with the unconscious Zappelphillip. [April 24, 2009]
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Clan description from Laws of the Night: Sabbat Guide.


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