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This Lore represents outsider or incomplete knowledge regarding Vampires, such as might be had by a mortal hunter or paranormal researcher. It is notably less complete than Lore: Kindred, and is mixed with certain misconceptions and vagueries.

Generally Possessed By: ghouls not quite in the know, hunters, over-enthused LARPers, paranormal/supernatural researchers, really ill-informed Caitiff

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Vampire x1

  • Holy *#%$! Vampires exist! They drink blood. They are very flammable. They don't do well in sunlight.

  • You know that vampires seem to display a wide range of different supernatural abilities (super strength, super speed, hypnotism, heightened senses)

  • You know that vampires seem to congregate on occasion in large social gatherings.

Vampire x2

  • Vampires have some traditional weaknesses. In addition to getting burninated in direct sunlight, they are very sluggish and underpowered during the day. They seem to be vulnerable to the stake-through-the-heart thing and beheading works wonders.

  • Some vampires tend to have Renfield-esque hangers-on who do their evil vampiric bidding. You have no clue, however, how they exert influence over them, or whether or not they eat bugs.

  • Vampires, in addition to being very social, seem to be very factional, and have defined sub-divisions to their society which occasionally come to blows.

Vampire x3

  • Vampires can occasionally be damaged by crosses and holy relics, but this doesn't always seem to work. Staking a vampire only paralyzes it instead of killing it.

  • Vampires all seem to have an inherant bestial component to their personalities, which occasionally causes them to fly off the handle and rampage.

  • The aversion to garlic and wolfsbane, the inability to cross running water, the requirement that a vampire be invited into home before entering: All wrong.

  • Those previously mentioned hangers-on are called ghouls. They don't eat bugs. They also seem to pick up some side benefits from serving their host vampire, such as prolonged life and occasional manifestation of vampiric powers.

  • Vampires are divided into multiple families of vampire called "Clans". These groups each seem to have specific aspects of what became the vampiric myth associated with them. For example, one Clan casts no reflection in mirrors and one Clan can turn into animals such as bats or wolves.

Vampire x4

  • You know the essentials of what can and cannot kill a vampire at this point, and are aware that a holy symbol only deals damage depending on the faith of the weilder.

  • You know that all vampires have what is called a "Beast" and that this causes them to irrationally fall into either a fit of anger or fear when it gains control.

  • You know that drinking a vampires blood causes an individual to become emotionally attached to that vampire, eventually to the point of obsessive love. It is through the ingestion of vampire blood that ghouls are made, which explains their fanatical loyalty to their masters.

  • You realize that the Clans of vampires are further divided into at least two warring Sects. You also know the names and rough stereotypical descriptions of some of the more prominent or numerous of these Clans, such as the Toreador or the Brujah.

Vampire x5

  • You know that the vampiric Beast causes them to instinctually and mystically fear the sun and fire and that it can places them into two states of panic, known as "Frenzy" and "Rotshrek".

  • You are familar with the effects of the eight basic Disciplines (Auspex, Animalism, Dominate, Celerity, Fortitude, Obfuscate, Potence, Presence)

  • You are familiar with the thirteen Clans by name and are generally aware of which belong to which Sect.

  • You are aware of the existence of the Camarilla and that it attempts to conceal vampires from mankind through something known as the Masquerade.

  • You are aware of the existence of the Sabbat and are under the impression that is is far more violent and inhumane than the Camarilla.

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