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This Lore represents knowledge of the principles and practices of Western Necromancy, as primarilly practiced by Clan and family Giovanni. It allows one to determine how much you know about extent Necromantic paths and rituals and how well you understand the basic theory of Necromancy.

Generally Possessed By: Giovanni, Harbingers of Skulls, Nagaraja, Necromancers

Potential Specializations: Ghiberti Necromancy, Greek Necromancy, Pisanob Necromancy, Voodoun Necromancy

Sources Consulted for this List: Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy


Lore: Necromancy x1

  • You know that western Necromancy is an old practice with it's roots in classical Greece and has been practiced by Cainite and mortal alike for centuries. You know that originally Necromancy had no inherant sin associated with it, and that it's dark connotations have come with the Christianization of Rome and the retreat of death magic into the realm of the profane.

  • You are familiar with the basic mythology and geography surrounding the Greco-Roman underworld and it's inhabitants, even if you know it to have no link to the actual Shadowlands save a purely symbolic one. You know about the three rivers of the underworld (Acheron, Lethe and Styx), of the differences between the Elysian Fields, the Asphodel Meadows and Tartarus, and of the mythologies surrounding Hades (Pluto), his wife Persephone (Proserpine), Cerberus, Sisyphus, Ixion, Tantalus, Orpheus, Aeneas, and all other manner of Underworld-important characters from Greek myth.

  • You know that the two primary principles of Western Necromancy are that of Taboo (the defilement of common moral laws of conduct - often through the abuse of corpses) and Authority (the appeal to mystical systems of categorization and order to produce desired results).

  • You know that there are two different classifications of Wraith that that Necromancers generally deal with (Spectres and Ghosts or spiriti and spettri), and that there is an immutable barrier between the material world and their realm called the Shroud, or the sundario.

  • You are fully aware of all of the capabilities of the Sepulchre Path.

  • You know of the existence of common paths, which include the Ash Path (Necromancy related to the barriers betwen this world and the next), and the Bone Path (Necromancy related to the physical aspects of death and the manipulation of dead flesh).

  • You know the the existence of most of the common Necromantic rituals, including Cadaver's Touch, Call of the Hungry Dead, Call on the Shadow's Grace, Circle of Cerberus, Eyes of the Grave, Grasp the Ghostly, the Ritual of the Unearthed Fetter, and Spirit Beacon.

  • You have heard rumors of rituals that will allow you to fashion weapons to beat ghosts from across the Shroud, that could give you the permanent ability to see the Restless Dead, or that could even allow you to open your body up to the forces of the Abyss and catch the dead within you. (i.e. You may reasonably have heard a rumor of any Uncommon Ritual, although it will not necessarilly be accurate. You also will have heard of things that are really non-existent.)

Lore: Necromancy x2

  • You are fully aware of all of the capabilities of the Ash Path and the Bone Path.

  • You know the the existence of most of the uncommon Necromantic rituals, including Bastone Diabolico, Drink of Lethe's Waters, Drink of Styx's Waters, Esilio, Judgment of Rhadamanthus, Minestradi Morte, Occhio D'Uomo Morte, Part the Veil, Tempesta Scudo.

  • You have heard rumors of ways to afflict victims with the vision of ghosts, to render yourself immune to flame with underworldly coldness, or to possess the bodies of the dead with your own spirit. (i.e. You may reasonably have heard a rumor of any Rare Ritual, although it will not necessarilly be accurate. You also will have heard of things that are really non-existent.)

  • You are aware of the differences in Ghiberti and Pisanob Necromantic traditions, and know that they both focus much more on elaborate ceremony, possibly due to their conenctions to the cultures of Africa and South America. You have heard of the Ritual of Pochtli, which was developed by them in joint some time ago.

  • You are aware of the exitence of Necromancy practiced according to the principles of Voodoun cosmology, rather the standard Western Greco-Roman style.

Lore: Necromancy x3

  • You know the the existence of most of the rare Necromantic rituals, including Chill of Oblivion, Eldritch Beacon, Eyes of the Dead, Garb of Hades, Din of the Damned, Peek Past the Shroud, Puppet.

  • You know a little about the differences in African tradition the Ghiberti have incorporated into their magic. You also are aware that they have developed something known as the Cenotaph Path, which allows them to sense ghosts and their connection to the material world.

  • You know how the Pisanob's roots in Mesoamerican cultures - particularly the Nahua - reflects in their magic. You have heard rumors of some Pisanob specific rituals that give practitioners the ability to divine the future, or even to change their appearance to that of a sacrificial victim.

  • You know some of the basics of how Voodoun Ncromancy works, and you have heard that it's practitioners generally pay homage to the Baron Samedi as their patron loa. You have heard of several active cabals in Haiti, and find little surprise that the Samedi bloodline numbers among the more active practitioners of this art.

Lore: Necromancy x4

  • You are fully aware of all of the capabilities of the Cenotaph Path.

  • You have heard of strange and bizarre paths of Necromancy practiced by a very very select few. You have heard of the Mortuus Path (which deals with the properties of death's physical reality) and of the Vitreous Path (which gives one the ability to drain power off of the spiritual energy of ghosts an their world). You know that the practioners of these paths are allegedly the Harbingers of Skulls and the Nagaraja, respectively.

  • You know the the existence of most of the Necromantic rituals of the Pisanob, including Divine Sign, theRitual of the Smoking Mirror, and the Ritual of Xipe Totec.

  • You know some of the different varations within Vodoun Necromancy, and might be able to recognize some of it's rituals and practices.

Lore: Necromancy x5

  • You are fully aware of all of the capabilities of the Mortuus Path and Vitreous Path.

  • You are aware of the similarities between the Mortuus Path and the archaic Discipline of Mortis as used by the Cappadocian Clan. You can begin to imagine what this portends about the Harbingers.

  • You are familiar with all rituals practiced within Western and Voodoun Necromancy.

  • (Pisanob Necromancers Only!) You have heard dark rumors regarding a rite known as the Ritual of Teyolia.

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