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This Lore represents knowledge of the social structure, traditions and myths of the now extinct Lhiannan Bloodline.

Generally Possessed By: Gangrel

Sources Consulted for this List: The Book of Nod [WW2251], Clanbook: Gangrel (Revised Edition) [WW2352], Dark Ages: Companion [WW2804], Dark Ages: British Isles [WW20021], Dark Ages: Storyteller's Companion (Revised Edition) [WW20004], Libellus Sanguinis III: Wolves at the Door [WW2823], Player's Guide to the Low Clans [WW20006]


Lore: Lhiannan x1

  • You know that the Lhiannan Bloodline existed once, and that it has since been run into extinction. (DA-C: 68-69; PGttLC: 129-130)

  • You know that the primary Lhiannan Disciplines were Animalism, Ogham and Presence, and that Ogham was unique to their Bloodline. (DA-C: 69; PGttLC: 129)

  • You know that the Lhiannan seemed inherently and inexplicably strange to normal men, and that they were very easily marked as being supernatural. You suspect that this helped to fuel their eventual decline. You also are aware that they were intensely territorial and could not bear to be away from their chosen havens for very long. (PGttLC: 129)

  • You know that the Lhiannan were heavilly tied to old world Paganistic traditions, particularly in Wales and Ireland, and that they forcefully rejected the onslaught of Christianity. (DA-C: 68; PGttLC: 129)

  • You know that the Lhiannan claimed lineage from an enigmatic figure known as "The Crone." (DA-C: 68; PGttLC: 129)

Lore: Lhiannan x2

  • You understand that the Lhiannan would commonly cow small rural groups of mortals into worshiping them as eldritch deities, and that such practices eventually came to feed into the mythos of Christian witches. You are aware that the primary cause of the Lhiannan's downfall was likely mortal inquisitors. (DA-C: 68-69)

  • You know that the Lhiannan seemed to suffer from a weakening of their bloodline's potency over time that differed from the normal generational decline of the vampiric curse. (PGttLC: 129)

  • You have heard that the Lhiannan believed that "The Crone" willed them into existance from drops of her spilled blood. You have further heard that the figure of "The Crone" was said to be a foil to Caine in some chapters ascribed to the legendary Book of Nod. (DA-C: 68; PGttLC: 129)

  • You know that some Gangrel believed that the progenitor of the Lhiannan betrayed their parent Clan in the battle against Churka, the Ravnos Antediluvian, and that relations between Gangrel and Lhiannan were never close. (LS3: 12)

  • You have heard of "neo-Lhannian," a small group of Gangrel Embraced around the time of the Irish Revolt at the beginning of the 20th century. You know that while these Gangrel seem to reenact rites relating to the now extinct Bloodline, they do not actually have access to any of the mystical powers of the Lhiannan, and are incapable of simulating Ogham. (CbG [Rev]: 51)

Lore: Lhiannan x3

  • You have heard that some form of elemental spirit was bound to members of the Lhiannan bloodline at the time of their creation, and have been made to understand that this power was inherently finite, causing Sires to weaken as they passed their gift onto their childer. (PGttLC: 129)

  • You know that "The Crone" does in fact figure in Noddist mythology, and that she is regarded as the creator of the blood bond. You have heard that she tricked Caine into partaking of her blood in exchange for the means to woo the mortal woman Zillah. You know that he eventually struck her down with a sharpened piece of gopher wood to end his slavery. (Nod: 42-45, 61)

  • You have heard of Magda, a great sorceress and witch descended from the Lhiannan and possibly the most infamous member of the Bloodline. You know that she once held the province of Mayo, Ireland as her Domain, and that she waged a rather bloody personal war against any supernaturals who tried to intrude upon it. (DA-BI: 118)

Lore: Lhiannan x4

  • You have heard scholarly theories that the spirit that bound together the Lhiannan bloodline was a familiar or consort of the "The Crone," which enabled her to mimic the powers of Cainites. You further have heard that this spirit required some form of sacrifice and bloodshed to keep it sated, which provides explanation for some of the darker practices of Lhiannan cults. (DA-C [Rev]: 16-17; Nod: 61)

  • You have heard that there are possibly alternate explanations for "The Crone" and have heard that she was also mentioned as one of the potential progenitors of the Baali. Although you do not necessarilly know much about this bloodline, you are aware that they shared some similarities to the Lhiannan in their aversion to Christian holy symbols. (CbBaali: 18)

Lore: Lhiannan x5

  • You know tha Magda was likely the first Lhiannan to receive the Embrace, sometime around 500 B.C. at the hands of the "Crone" herself. (DA-BI: 118)

  • You have some insights as to precisely who "The Crone" and her spirit are.

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