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This Lore represents knowledge of the social structure, traditions and myths of the now extinct Anda Bloodline.

Generally Possessed By: Gangrel, Mongolians Cainites

Sources Consulted for this List: Player's Guide to the Low Clans (WW20006), Wind From the East (WW2828)


Lore: Anda x1

  • You know that the Anda Bloodline existed once in the region of Mongolia, and that it has since been run into extinction. You know that they were of Gangrel descent and that several of them were said to have participated in the campaigns of Genghis Khan and other Mongol invaders. (WftE: 53)

  • You know that the primary Anda Disciplines were Animalism, Fortitude and Protean, like the Gangrel, but have heard that the Anda possessed strange variations on these powers that caused them to differ from their Western counterparts, called Ma. (PGttLC: 123; WftE: 53, 70-72)

  • You know that while the Anda were cursed in a manner similar to the Gangrel, in that they took on animalistic features after succumbing to the Beast, the affliction was less forceful with them and it took them far longer to grow monstrous. You further know that the Anda had a peculiar curse of their own, in which they were compelled never to stay in the same area for more than three nights. (PGttLC: 123; WftE: 53)

  • You know that the legendary founder of the Anda was known as Dorbul the Brave, and that he was highly revered as a warrior of great skill. (PGttLC: 122; WftE: 23-24)

  • You know that Anda is a term roughly meaning "blood brother" and that it was used amongst mortal tribesmen of the region to describe a close relationship (sometimes with homosexual overtones) between two men. (WftE: 26)

Lore: Anda x2

  • You have heard of how Dorbul the Brave acquired the curse of vampirism by fighting a troupe of demons known as the Xia that sought to rape his mother, the goddess Itügen. You have heard tell that Dorbul alone out of all of Itügen's family rose up to defend her, and that the Xia cursed him with unending death as a result of his assault on them. (PGttLC: 122; WftE: 23-24)

  • You are able to make the connection between the Xia and legends of the Wan Kuei or Kuei-Jin of China. You have reason to believe that there was a historical confllict between the Anda and members of Kuei-Jin courts that inhabited the steppes. (PGttLC: 122; WftE: 25)

  • You know of the powers the Anda possessed which we called Ma and have heard stories of how they could never be unseated from their horses (WftE: 33)

  • You know that the Anda Embrace was highly ceremonial, and that it required the approval of a kuriltai (gathering) of other Cainites before it took place. You know that new childer were traditionally dragged out onto the steppes where their screams would not disturb camp and that after reviving into their second life, were ritual bathed in water and then were abandoned for a period of testing. (PGttLC: 122; WftE: 52)

  • You know that the Anda were not considered full members of society until they had mastered the ability to merge with the earth, and that if an Anda could perform this act they were generally admitted into society, even if their Embrace had not been traditional. (WftE: 52-53)

  • You have heard of the concept of nöker, which is a loosely codified relationship of fealty amongst Anda, and know that Anda hierarchy was a fairly fluid construct with ocassional undead warlords holding the title of noyan or khan over their brethren. (PGttLC: 124; WftE: 52-53)

  • You know that the Anda disappeared sometime around the 14th century (WftE: 52-53)

Lore: Anda x3

  • You have heard of the Road of the Yasa (or Via Yassaq), which was a Path of Enlightenment unique to the Anda Bloodline. You know that it is now lost, but that it strongly emphasized familial ties, freedom from civilization and the honoring of bonds and etiquette. (WftE: 69, 75)

  • You know that the Anda bitterly hated the Kuei-Jin of the Black Tortoise Courts and that during the various Mongol raids on their settlements, allegedly took great pains to single out and torture Cathayan prisoners. You also know that the Anda extinction was eventually caused by Kuei-Jin backed genocide, which wiped the Bloodline out almost directly after the end of the Yuan dynasty in China. (WftE: 33, 52-53, 64)

  • You are aware that the Anda have been credited with Embracing such historical figures as Yesükhei Baghatur, the father of Genghis Khan; Jamukha, Genghis Khan's childhood friend and eventual rival; and Jelme, another friend of the Genghis Khan, later made his supreme councilor. You have heard legends that the great Khan was, in fact, offered the blood of Dorbul, but chose to reject it. (WftE: 35, 93)

  • You have heard of Arnulf, the great war chieftain who fought alongside the Mongols and Anda during their attempts to conquer Russia. (CbG [Rev]: 18-19, 22, 93; TbN: 69-70; WftE: 39)

Lore: Anda x4

  • You know that the the Black Tortoise Courts apparently slew the Anda through means of locating and capturing Dorbul and using him as a means to summon and track his progeny. (WftE: 64)

  • You have heard rumors that the Mongolian Kuei-Jin claimed that Genghis Khan had risen as one of their number, but know that none of these claims were ever substantiated. (WftE: 61)

  • You've heard of some of the fairly obscure Anda of note, such as Chinkai and Yesira; who were at one point charged with the guarding of Dorbul's resting place before the Kuei-Jin overran it. (WftE: 94-95)

Lore: Anda x5

  • You are aware that the Kuei-Jin had Cainite allies in their undertakings to destroy the Anda, and have heard whispers that these creatures were related in some fashion to the legendary Saulot. (WftE: 54, 64)

  • You have heard that a now defunct Cainite mystical order known as the Order of Bitter Ashes possessed a relic of a human head that they believed to possess the power of prophecy, and that this head was said to have spontaneously recited the sixth book of Revelations in Hebrew during the season in which Temüjin was first named Genghis Khan. You know that other inauspicious events were linked to the Anda and the Mongol campaigns, and have heard that some Kuei-Jin came to mark their destruction as the end of the Fourth Age. (WftE: 35, 64)

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