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This Lore represents knowledge of the social structure, traditions and myths of the now extinct Ahrimane Bloodline.

Generally Possessed By: Gangrel antitribu

Sources Consulted for this List: Clanbook: Gangrel (Revised Edition) [WW2352], Players Guide to the Sabbat [WW2055], Storyteller's Handbook (Revised Edition) [WW2304]


Lore: Ahrimanes x1

  • You know that the Ahrimane Bloodline existed once, but that they have since vanished. (CbG [Rev]: 48; PGttS: 21)

  • You know that the primary Ahrimane Disciplines were Animalism, Auspex, and Protean, and that in addition to this, the Bloodline was capable of practicing Spiritus, a rare shamanic form of blood magic. (PGttS: 21; CbG [Rev]: 48; SH [Rev]: 47)

  • You know that the Ahrimanes were somehow artificially created, and that individual members of the Bloodline were incapable of the Embrace or even of engendering blood bonds. You know that all Ahrimanes were initially Embraced as Gangrel, and hence may have had some of the vestiges of their original Clan curse. (PGttS: 21)

  • You know that the founder of the Ahrimanes was a former Gangrel antitribu named Muricia. (PGttS: 21)

  • You know that the Ahrimanes claimed technical membership in the Sabbat, but that they otherwise remained aloof in Cainite affairs. (PGttS: 21; SH [Rev]: 47)

  • You are aware that all members of the Ahrimane Bloodline were female, and that the majority of Ahrimanes were of Native American and/or Hispanic ethnicity. You further know that they seemed to be regional to Apallachia, the Southern United States and Mexico. (CbG [Rev]: 48; PGttS: 21)

Lore: Ahrimanes x2

  • You have heard that Muricia transmuted her own blood through participation in some manner of shamanic ritual, and that she later used this ritual in the creation of further Ahrimanes by performing it on other female Gangrel. (CbG [Rev]: 48; PGttS: 21; SH [Rev]: 47)

  • You know that the Ahirmanes were all mentored by an adoptive "older sister" after their initiation. (PGttS: 21)

  • You know that the Ahrimanes all dropped contact with the Sabbat as of 1998, and that nobody has heard from any of the Ahrimane packs since. You have heard that Sabbat investigation into the primary Ahrimane enclave in West Virgina showed their known havens to be abandoned. (PCbG [Rev]: 48; SH: 47)

  • You know that no men have ever been transmuted into the Ahirmane line, and are aware that there are two theories on this. It is either the case that the ritual does not work on males, or that Murica refused to perform it. To this end, you know that Muricia was actively misandric, and that she believed and taught that men were the primary source of strife in the world. (CbG [Rev]: 48; PGttS: 21)

Lore: Ahrimanes x3

  • You know that Muricia utilized the magics of various Native American shamans in the creation of her ritual, and more importantly, that it's original intent was not transformation. The ritae used to create the Ahirmane line is apparently also able to break the vinculum. The thinning of the blood was a side-effect of this aim, as was the bizarre shift in which the Ahrimanes gained innate knowledge of Auspex. (CbG [Rev]: 48; PGttS: 21; SH [Rev]: 47)

  • You are aware that a great number of the Ahrimane havens had underground complexes that the majority of observers would be unaware of. (PGttS: 21)

  • You are fairly certain that the Ahrimanes have left the public eye of their own volition, although you have no clear idea as to their reasons for doing so. (CbG [Rev]: 49)

Lore: Ahrimanes x4

  • You have heard rumors that there was some connection between the Ahrimane ritae and the beliefs espoused in Mormon doctrine - specifically the idea that there existed an ancient and now extinct Caucasian race native to America known as the Nephites. While this is largely hearsay, you suspect that some of Muricia's insights were a little more esoteric than one might originally guess. (CbG [Rev]: 49)

  • You have gotten an inkling that the Ahrimane exodus is linked to various end of days prophecies, although you cannot be certain as to precisely what. You are fairly certain that the bloodline still exists somewhere, but has retreated into hiding. (CbG [Rev]: 49)

Lore: Ahrimanes x5

  • You know where the Ahrimanes are and why they left.

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