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This Lore represents knowledge of the strange powers and mysteries inherant to the Abyss - the mysterious dark source of the Lasombra power of Obtenebration.

To possess this Lore, you must possess a minimum of three levels of the Occult Ability. Even if you, as a character, possess Lore: Abyss, the STs in no way guarantee that you will have access to any Abyssal Rituals whatsoever.

Generally Possessed By: Lasombra, Kiasyd, a precious few initiates from other Clans


Sources Consulted for this List: Clanbook: Lasombra [Rev] (WW2362), Dark Reflections: Spectres (WW6902), Doomslayers: Into the Labyrinth (WW6064) Player's Guide to the High Clans (WW20007)


Lore: Abyss x1

  • You are aware that the Abyss exists and that the Lasombra art of Obtenebration draws its powers from it. You are aware of the Abyss' Children and other Lasombra groups who endeavor to study the mystery behind their powers. (CbL [Rev]: 48, 63, 72-73)

  • You know that the Abyss does not operate along principles of human logic or reasoning and that those who attempt to comprehend the Abyss often suffer ill-effects from extended study. (PGttHC: 175-176)

  • You understand that the intelligences existing within the Abyss are alien and do not hold to human custom or manners, and that attempts to reason with any entities springing from the darkness are generally futile. (CbL [Rev]: 73)

  • You are cognizant of the idea that the Abyss, in obliterating the senses, allows an initiate to divine extra-sensory truths as they comprehend the deeper meanings of the void. You are familiar with the ritual Pierce the Murk. (PGttHC: 176)

  • You have heard rumors of rituals that will allow you to call things from the Abyss into physical reality, although you are uncertain of how this might be accoplished without calamity. (PGttHC: 177-179)

Lore: Abyss x2

  • You know that the Abyss has been interpreted as many different things. Most frequently it has been interpreted as hell, although you also have heard stories that indicate that the Abyss was the raw primal substance which existed before God invoked creation. You know that Abyss connects in some way to the spiritual processes of death. (PGttHC: 175-176)

  • You know that initiates into Abyss mysticism eventually seem "off" to all those not inducted into the mysteries, given the somewhat alien aura that exude as a result of their studies. You also know that the Abyss can have lasting physical effects on its students, and that long-time devotees have had their scelerae darken, their skin grow progressively more ebon and their blood run black. (PGttHC: 177-178)

  • You know that the Lasombra of the Abyss' Children often adhere to a Path of Enlightenment know as the Path of Allied Night, which holds that all followers are unified in a combined collective of darkness. You have also heard of the Road of the Abyss, a now forgotten path which was practiced in the dark ages that preached sublime meditative detachment as one contemplated the nature of the darkness. (CbL [Rev]: 67-68; PGttHC: 176)

  • You understand the theories of communication to the things that lie in darkness and know how to cater to their strange desires. You are familiar with the rituals Calling the Thing in Darkness, The Shadow of Hands that Serve, The Heart that Beats in Silence and Calling the Hungry Shade. (CbL [Rev]: 73; PGttHC: 176-179)

  • You further understand how to meld portions of the Abyss with the frail material form, allowing an acolyte to preserve and augment their body through the substance of oblivion. You have also heard of the ritual Drinking the Blood of Ahriman and Transubstatiation of Essence. (PGttHC: 177-178)

  • You have heard rumors of rituals that allow adepts to subsume their being into the void and unify with it, hence allowing them to seek the wisdom of whatever lies there. (PGttHC: 179-180)

Lore: Abyss x3

Note: At this level of Lore: Abyss and higher, the character must possess the Flaw Nightmares.
  • You know that the Abyss is felt more palpably in the lands of the dead, and you have heard tale of ghosts and demons who venerate it as a source of anti-creation, calling it Oblivion. You know that some circles have it that the Eldest among the Lasombra claimed to be the incarnation of the Abyss itself, harbinging the return of the forces that reigned before creation. (CbL [Rev]: 72-73; DS:ItL: 95)

  • You understand how one can give their being to the void to become imbued with things previously though unknowable. You are familiar with the rituals Reflections of Hollow Revelation, and Whispers in the Dark. You have heard that any question can be posed to the consciousnesses that lie within the Abyss, but that it will take it's time to answer. You've heard uncomfortable tales of Lasombra's first childe who remains forever trapped in darkness after asking how he might slay God. (PGttHC: 179)

  • You know that once enveloped in the Abyss it might be possible to travel from one place to another in the realm of materials through means of the void. You are familiar with the rituals Into the Chasm and Descent into Darkness. (CbL [Rev]: 73)

  • You have heard of rituals that allow their users to fill themselves full of the substance of nothingness and to use it to fling their foes into the cold reality of Abyssal madness. (PGttHC: 181)

Lore: Abyss x4

  • You have begun to comprehend the things born of the Abyss and know that it spawned terriblecreatures that were never born into the created world. You have heard whisperings of entities such as Rabark, the black tree that blossoms inward; and of Zyras, the angel who waits to consume all things. (DS:ItL: 96, 100; DR:S: 25)

  • In your dreams, you can see the twisted and obscene passages in the dead material that overlies the threshold of the Abyss. Your mind can begin to decipher the mysteries of this "labyrinth" and you possess strange insights as to the ties that bind you to the Abyss' more proximate followers. (DR:S: 21)

  • You know how to harness the fury of oblivion and how one might cast down their foes with it's powers. You are familiar with the rituals Evocation of the Oubliette and Ahriman's Beckoning. (PGttHC: 181)

  • You know how to harness the fury of oblivion and how one might cast down their foes with it's powers. You are familiar with the rituals Evocation of the Oubliette and Ahriman's Beckoning. (PGttHC: 181)

  • You have heard of ways to blot out the sun itself with the power of the void. (PGttHC: 181-182)

Lore: Abyss x5

Note: At this level of Lore: Abyss, characters are no longer playable. Period.
  • The ultimate mysteries of the Abyss are unveiled to you! Your mind lies naked before them!

  • You have heard of the Grandmother, and know her sweet caress. (Orph[6]: 18, 31-32

  • You understand the ritual The Cry that Slays Light. (PGttHC: 181-182)

  • This.

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