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Lores. You probably have at least three dots of them on your character sheet. They're obviously good for something. However, there is often some confusion as to precisely what each level of a Lore represents in game knowledge.

Be confused no longer! Below is a full listing of every conceivable Lore you might ever encounter during your days in UnMasqued (and several that you had best not encounter).

As hinted before some of these Lores are and should be extremely rare, and as such have been marked to indicate precisely how unlikely you are to receive them:

* You will most definitely need to talk with an ST and give us a good reason if you want this on your sheet.
** You will need to provide something along the lines of an immaculately perfect 30 page back story (double spaced), sufficient bribe money and sexual favors to the ST crew to get this.
*** If you have this on your sheet and are not an NPC, we will destroy you
**** If you have this on your sheet and are not an NPC, we will not only destroy you, but will surgically remove you from the space/time continuum, so as to take your fetid blight off the face of the earth. We might also do this is you are, in fact, an NPC.

It should be known that UnMasqued does not make use of White Wolf canon material for some of it's crossover components. Werewolves and fae (should they appear) are heavily based on a rough conglomeration of actual folklore and mythology with only the occasional use of published material for stats. Reading Changeling or Werewolf, will probably give you little insight as to how such creatures actually function. Other creatures may function to varying degrees of written canon - or may well not exist at all.

For a comprehensive list of the books used in creating this page. Click here

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