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Below are some of the more memorable influence write ups and responses that appeared in UnMasqued during its run, organized chronologically.

Spelling/grammar has been corrected and references to real world persons have been obfuscated where appropriate. Should you be the author of any of these documents and wish them removed, contact theominouslg AT unmasqued DOT com.



  • The Horoscopist (Spring 2007): [Multiple influences] The Daily Dirge's horoscopist deals with some rather unpleasant Leos. [January - February, 2007]

  • Adventures with Isabella (Spring 2007): [Multiple influences] Ash Gently teaches basic reading skills to his giant albino alligator with the heart of an elven princess [January - February, 2007]

  • A Legacy Reclaimed: [Multiple influences] Jamal finally finds the means to repurchase his ancestral home. [January - March, 2007]

  • Jones Goes to Vienna: Adam Jones hits the Tremere capital and exchanges some wonk. [January 9, 2007]

  • One Last Birthday: Darren West's thoughts shortly before his recall to Chicago and eventual demise. [January 20, 2007]

  • The Lives of the Bound (Spring 2007): [Multiple influences] Helen Rogerson navigates the emotionally fraught world of ghouls and their neuroses. [February - April, 2007]

  • I'm Saying I'll Quit: Helen Rogerson reviews the circumstances of Lillian Greer's demise. [March 5, 2007]

  • Sed Libera Nos a Malo: Kaya receives a strange vision while abroad in Amsterdam [March 7, 2007]


  • Omerescu's Nightly Life: [Multiple influences] Victor Roske plans some revenge, bribes some cops, reads poetry, contemplates roomba-powered gun-turrents and plays with his kitten [May - August, 2007]

  • Your Place in the Basement is Ready: Diego visits his family over the summer months. [August 8, 2007]

  • The Wand of Gamiginellus: Auberon makes a pact with a spirit to gain a powerful magical artifact. [August 20, 2007]

  • The Lives of the Bound (Summer and Fall 2007): [Multiple influences] Helen continues to deal with Rachel Clemens, Brian Vale, and Wes Jackson. [August - September, 2007]

  • Ruderford: Alex ghouls her canine companion [September 11, 2007]

  • Adventures with Isabella (Summer 2007): Ash continues tutoring his giant albino alligator in literary pursuits. [September 12, 2007]

  • Beware the Master's Thwart'd Desire: McCoy discovers a strange being at his haven and asks Kaya to investigate his spirit-magic-proficient Sire. [October 7-22, 2007]

  • You Hate to Travel: Robert McAfee tries to track the thoughts of a mysterious shades wearing man from his dreams. [October 15, 2007]

  • Do Not Open!: [Multiple influences] Helen Rogerson looks over the materials Sam McCoy left for her following his death and uncovers a magical puzzle box which once contained a spirit of some significance. [November 12-17, 2007]

FALL 2007

  • The Chronicles of Dragonrax (Fall 2007): [Multiple influences] Brian Wu's path toward becoming a masked crime-fighter during the fall of 2007; features an anonymous singing hookergram [September - December, 2007]

  • Down with Doughnuts: [Multiple influences] Ash Gently tries to encourage the NYPD to break with stereotypes and prevent tooth decay. [September - October, 2007]

  • Power Play: St. Louis: Auberon responds to Richardson's attempts to push for scandal in the aftermath of Kaya and Jay's network experimentation. [September 24, 2007]

  • Ill Met in Chicago: Sam McCoy goes to Chicago to investigate the circumstances of Darren West's demise. His abrasive nature offends the Brujah Whip, which creates an opening for Ash Gently to barter for a boon that will later prove useful [October - November, 2007]

  • You Asked About the Spirits: Lazzaro Giovanni looks into some of the details surrounding the untimely death of his Clanmate Vojislav. [September 30, 2007]

  • Cleaning House: Sam McCoy finally does something abut the collection of bodies in Elysium [November 9, 2007] (Graphic Imagery! Trigger Warning: Torture, Mention of Rape)

  • A Professional: Roske bids his Sire farewell. [December 8, 2007]

  • A Place Without Snowmen: Helen Rogerson takes a much needed vacation from her city [December 9, 2008]

  • Breaking Free: Maria Fletcher leaves the city [December 20, 2007]

  • An Ill-Fated Farewell: Anastasia Rothe finds the parting note from her childe too late, and in turn is found by Lúsha Gjikokaj [December 21, 2008]

  • Christmas 2007: What various PCs did for this holiday season (Ash | Brody | Pisces) [December 25, 2007]



  • Brush with the Devil: Brody has an encounter with his nemesis [September 9, 2008]

  • Pisces' European Summer the longest influence action in UnMasqued history; a detailed description of Pisces' various adventures in Europe [September 9, 2008]

  • Halifax Conspiracy: Pisces hears an interesting tale from a few German Nosferatu [September 10, 2008]

FALL 2008

  • Pisces' Companions (Fall 2008): [Multiple influences] Pisces interactions with Javê, Lydia, Sophie, and Hector over the fall of 2008 [February - March, 2008]

  • Re: Your Setite Badge: An ST snarks at Theris' lack of villainy. [October 5, 2008]

  • Objects of Import: Pisces explores a world of found objects with her new powers of Spirit's Touch [October 10, 2008] (Trigger Warning: Drug Use, Eating Disorders)

  • Ash Gently's Office: Pisces breaks into Ash Gently's office [October 4 - 18, 2008]

  • Cirque de la Lune: 2008: Pisces prepares for her annual Halloween street festival [October 18, 2008]

  • The Hunt for Jonathan Roman: The Camarilla and others strive to unmask the mortal man supporting Polyclef. (Arthur Clarke | Eugene "Brody" Wright | Eric "Theris" Alegheney | Marcus Fratello Giovanni | Seth Samuel) [October 19 - December 1, 2008]

  • One Last Shot: A not-so-anonymous source provides Brody with a copy of what remains of Aaron Bryce's last film. [October 19, 2008]

  • Pyramid Scheme: How Pangloss' Occult Influence works, and how Pangloss demands cash monies from them, tries to hook himself up with a SPECIAL MAGIC CONTACT, and sits around naked for a while. [October 20 - November 17, 2008]

  • Brody Doolittle: [Multiple influences] Eugene Wright learns Animalism and thereafter gets to speak to his pet chinchilla and meet a princess. [October 2008 - March 2009]

  • We ♥ Seth Samuel Day: [Multiple influences] Cassandra asks for sundry gossip about all manner of people and prepares to establish a new holiday. [November 9-15, 2008]

  • Profile: Marcus tries to puzzle out the psychology of Polyclef. [November 17, 2008]

  • The Anarch Masterplan: [Multiple influences] Having found themselves with one Archon concealed amongst their ranks and another Archon in the hands of the Sabbat, Daria, Cassandra, and Pangloss try to slap together a rescue plan in the hopes of navigating their incredibly precarious political situation. It involves meth, cultists, and magic, and it doesn't go at all according to plan. [November 22 - December 1, 2008]

  • UnMasqued: Go For the Eyelids: [Multiple influences] Seth Samuel and Vincent Cosrik react to the interrogation of Jonathan Roman. [November 15-16, 2008]

  • Church Ladies: [Multiple influences] Seth Samuel tries to scope out some information and potentially bangable hotties at a local charity. [December 12, 2008]

  • Christmas 2008: What various PCs did for this holiday season (Danny J. Simons | Love Cassandra Goodchild | Piscina "Pisces" Nadya | Molly Rosalind Elizabeth Auldington) [December 25, 2008]


  • The Rise and Fall of a Harpy: [Multiple influences] Molly Auldington's investigations during her brief reign as Harpy and Prince Wright's various misgivings about her. [January 26 - April 12, 2009]

  • Skeletons in Our Closest: Prince Wright disposes of his cache of staked bodies with considerably more mercy than his predecessors. [January 26, 2009]

  • Ice Skating: [Multiple influences] Pisces readies herself to go ice skating with Gene. [January 26, 2009]

  • Pisces' Companions (Spring 2009): [Multiple influences] Pisces interactions with Javê, Lydia, Sophie, Sandy, Hector, Zahid and Raina over the spring of 2009 [February 9 - March 18, 2009]

  • Bands That Brody May Have Been In and Other Adventures: Pisces visits Cleveland and looks into Eugene Wright's past [February 9, 2009]

  • Captain and Rear Admiral Horatio Viscount Archibald The Glitter-Encrusted: Cassandra attempts to get information from her contacts. [February 11, 2009]

  • Jenny was a Friend of Mine: [Multiple influences] Quintin, Danny, and Cassandra react to the sudden death of Seth Samuel's ghoul, Jennifer Preston. [February 14-24, 2009]

  • Malkavian Quest: Cassandra and Pangloss steal Seth Samuel's stop sign. [February 17, 2009]

  • You Must Think Me a Monster: Cassandra delves into the past of Brody's troubled childe, Fiona. [March 8, 2009] (Trigger Warning: Sexual Abuse, Rape)

  • You Know He Smiles Now?: Wright takes off for Cleveland, and Pisces contrives to steal his coat. [March 9-22, 2009]

  • Brute Squad Is Not a Good Thing: Cassandra creates some artwork that will eventually result in Pangloss strip-teasing the Sheriff out of her job. [March 14, 2009]

  • Breaking the Ghost Masquerade: Cassandra doesn't find anything out in this influence, but she does outline plans to avoid Masquerade breaches by pretending to be a ghost. [March 15, 2009]

  • Lost: One Marble: An influence about Cassandra trying to find a marble to which she is personally attached [March 16, 2009]

  • The Dance Commander: Brody buys the Anarchs a present. [March 22, 2009]

  • Pangloss' "Back Story": [Multiple influences] Pangloss and Cassandra spread word about the professor's very true and totally real back story. [March 23, 2009]

  • Rasa Licks a Battery: What it says on the tin. Rasa licks a battery. [March 24, 2009]

  • Auldingtons for Anarchy: Cassandra checks into the Anarch ties Molly alleges that the Auldington coterie has. [March 31, 2009]

  • The Rusalka: [Multiple influences] Cassandra and Rasa attempt to contact Zappelphillip. [April 5-6, 2009]

  • The Thoughts of Strangers: Pisces indulges her sin through random Telepathy. [April 6, 2009] (Trigger Warning: Eating Disorders, Pedophillia)

  • We Are Well Aware of Mr. Samuel's Failings: Molly oversteps her bounds with regards to Clan Ventrue. [April 17, 2009]

  • Goodbyes: [Multiple influences] Zack Arkell attempts to visit his mortal sister. Brody is rather pointedly displeased and tries to preempt any further attempts by the young teen to embark on similar Masquerade-breaching adventures. [April 6-20, 2009]

  • Rasa Calls Upon His Masters: Rasa asks those which move within him to lend him their strength. [April 21, 2009]

  • The Aesthetics of Faith: [Multiple influences] Danny, Cassandra, Pangloss, and Rasa all try to unravel the puzzles of the torpid Zappelphillip's Mind [April 7 - May 4, 2009]

  • Eskola (Spring 2009): [Multiple influences] Sempreverde II: Electric Boogaloo! A new fictional drug hits the streets of fictional New York! Pisces investigates. [May 5, 2009]


  • 5TFLAX Pirate Radio: [Multiple influences] Cassandra starts a pirate radio station and throws a Bojan Petrov memorial hour for somebody on fire who wasn't actually Bojan Petrov. [April - July, 2009]

  • Pisces' Companions (Summer 2009): Pisces interactions with Javê, Lydia, Sophie, and Hector over the summer of 2009 [August 4, 2009] (Graphic Imagery! Trigger Warning: Rape, Domestic Violence, Drug Use)

  • Eskola (Summer 2009): [Multiple influences] Pisces continues to investigate the street drug known as eskola and learns that it has some curious connections to the increasingly aloof Brian Wu. [August 4, 2009]

  • The Danger Bullets: [Multiple influences] Cassandra and Daria spend their summer developing a trans-American drug smuggling ring. [August 5, 2009]

  • The Monthly Quarterly (Summer 2009): [Multiple influences] Ander prepares to open a bar. [August 7-12, 2009]

  • Sage Advice: Theris learns the ways of the Camarilla from the Malkavian elder, Rasa. [August 17, 2009]

  • The Brain-Computer That Runs Neo-Las-Vegas III: Cassandra gets her new Sweeper a flipping sweet art car. [August 18, 2009]

  • Meatburginator: Cassandra fails in her attempts to bring more hummus to hard rock cafes. [August 19, 2009]

  • Rasa's Lineage: Rasa traces his origins back to their source [September 7, 2009]

  • Become a Corporate Slave and All That Rubbish: Whit discovers one of her mortal friends has left the city. [September 7, 2009]

  • Summer at the Dirge: Whit tries to navigate a new mortal boss at her mortal job. [September 7, 2009]

FALL 2009

  • S.I.N. Goes Shopping: Haldor sends his friends to go get some replacements for the books lost in the most recent Chantry-related disaster. [September 9, 2009]

  • This Isn't the Revolution We Ordered!: Cassandra tries to tell the Anarch community at large that New York would appreciate it if fewer brick throwing lunkheads showed up. [September 19, 2009]

  • The Kindred War on Drugs: What various PCs did as part of the massive response to Prince Rasa's command to eliminate the street drug known as eskola. (Ander Woraug | Bill Boxley | Daria Xela Matthewson | Eric "Theris" Alegheney | Love Cassandra Goodchild | Niklaus Von Metternich | Ojawashkozi Mahigan (Green Wolf) | Piscina "Pisces" Nadya | Reino Haldor | Samuel Johnson) [September - October, 2009]

  • The Monthly Quarterly (Fall 2009): [Multiple influences] Ander does his best to attract business with a little help from Danny and a San Fransisco squat-core band. [September - October, 2009]

  • Danny's Gambit: [Multiple influences] Danny preplans for vengeance should the Camarilla turn against hir. [September - October 2009]

  • Culture Jam: [Multiple influences] Cassandra has her muppet-esque friends do insanely suspicious things for the purposes of WATCHing for others who might try to investigate. [September - October, 2009]

  • Have a Reporter in Your Pocket... that Reporter Being Whit Brokehouse: [Multiple influences] Cassandra looks at the disappointing results of her culture jamming, gets some blackmail material on Haldor, and technically becomes Whit Brokehouse's boss. [September - October 2009]

  • Pangloss Has Left the Building: [Multiple influences] Cassandra does her best to keep the powers that be from tracking down her best friend. [October 2-5, 2009]

  • Missing Tomes: Haldor takes a brief inventory of books now in the possession of the rouge Tremere formerly known as Atticus Maximus Petronius Pangloss [October 20, 2009]

  • Discontent with the New Regime: [Multiple influences] Not everybody was happy to see Rasa (briefly) ascend the throne. [September 21-22, 2009]

  • Catch a Star: [Multiple influences] Daria Xela Matthewson talks to Cassandra's mortal friends about her supposed suicide and takes over the Danger Bullets. [November 8-29, 2009]

  • Theris Hunts in Vain for a Clue: [Multiple influences] Theris investigates the Wyckoff House and finds that the accounting and legal teams of the Sabbat aren't making many waves. [November 16, 2009]

  • The Barbie is You: [Multiple influences] Samuel Johnson attempts to invoke the butt-length hair rule. [November 28-29, 2009]

  • The Penalty Shall Lie With You: [Multiple influences] Samuel Johnson is made acting Regent of the city. His first act after his appointment is to burn down a Chantry. [November 29, 2009]

  • Mystery Girl: Vinny gets a lead on one of the members of the Edenville FBI unit [December 2, 2009]

  • Fifty Pounds of Cake: [Multiple influences] Altair covers some models in confectionery treats. [November 30 - December 2, 2009]


  • The Great Exodus: What various PCs did in response to the FBI presence in New York and Prince Niklaus von Metternich's eventual command to evacuate the city. (Ander Worang | An-nasr Altair Hasani | Daria Xela Matthewson | Ian Rockwell | Molly Auldington | Ojawashkozi Mahigan [Green Wolf]) [January 2010]

  • Tremeregasm: What Samuel Johnson does in his spare time. [January 26, 2010]

  • NYU: View From The Ground Up: [Multiple influences] Malachi Blackwell delves into the sordid history of NYU and prepares to write a book about his findings. [February - April 2010] (Trigger Warning: Pedophilia, Rape)

  • The Majestic Greater Spotted Snickering Owl: [Multiple influences] Green Wolf is stalked by the Audubon Society. [February - April 2010]

  • Avian Acquisitions: [Multiple influences] Samuel Johnson's continuing attempts to procure owl blood lead him on a variety of adventures. [March - April 2010]

  • There's Still a Lot to Forgive: [Multiple influences] Samuel Johnson uses Scry to spy on Constantine Smith. [March - April, 2010]

  • I'm Sorry, Hannah: [Multiple influences] Sam goes on an indulgent angst spree while his Regent gets drunk. It all ends with him rocking out on an i-pod and pretending to tell off Molly Auldington and/or his Sire. [March 14, 2010]

  • The Warlocks' Holdings: [Multiple influences] A definitive list of what the Tremere chantries are like and what they contain. Retcons a number of locations and neutralizes a vast body of accumulated wonky spellwork. [March 14-15, 2010]

  • The Unbound: [Multiple influences] Daria looks into the enigmatic "Stoneman" and the "Unbound," who appear to have something to do with the attempted burning of the former Elysium. [March 22, 2010]

  • The Contents of the Tremere Chantry Library: [Multiple influences] Allen Roberts peruses what remains on the shelves of the Tremere's Bronx Chantry, forcing the STs to finally list what is there (or rather what remains after three other chantries have been burnt down or decommissioned). [April - May, 2010]

  • Not That You're Not Fun, Daria: Isabella meets her last caretaker before the closure of the game. [April, 2010]

  • Man Was a Regular Saint: [Multiple influences] PCs investigate the mysterious death of Ash Gently. [April 6-7, 2010]

  • Bank Job: [Multiple influences] PCs investigate the fallout of Tristan Crenshaw and Adonai Kov's ill-fated heist. [April 6-21, 2010]

  • A Gift Fit for a Bamboo King: Daria makes an unintentionally fitting gift for the Thrice-Plowed Court. [April 11, 2010]

  • Bad Romance: [Multiple influences] Johnson and Raff kill a man in order to help facilitate Constantine Smith's escape. [April 13, 2010]

  • I am not Unimpressed: Samuel Johnson contacts his Sire to boast about his achievements and inquire about Molly Auldington. [April 24, 2010]

  • Rowan Tree Cemetery: Another chapter in the very long story of Samuel Johnson's problems getting ritual components. [April 24, 2010]

  • En Route to Egypt: Samuel Johnson attempts to Scry the supposedly deceased Danny J. Simons and meets with an unexpected surprise. [April 25, 2010]

  • Blitzed on Various Morally Hygienic Substances: Malachi Blackwell encounters the former homies of Professor Pangloss. [May 5, 2010]

FALL 2010

  • Some Grand Theft Auto Shit: Connor Valentine, his baseball bat and some top shelf vodka go on an adventure with some friends. [September 14, 2010]

  • Hands Outstretched Towards the Absent Sun: [Multiple influences] The results of various characters' investigations into Rasa's disappearance and recovery [February - October, 2010]

  • Éirinn go Brách: Connor Valentine makes some pals at the expense of the Italian mafia. [November 10, 2010]


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