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UnMasqued is a Vampire: The Masquerade LARP that ran on the campus of Oberlin College from 2002 through 2011. The game, set in modern day New York, featured Camarilla, Independents and Anarchs alike, and provided years of drama, excitement and fun for thsoe who participated in it. Although it eventually ceased to be, this website remains as a repository of information about its world, characters and history - as well as providing resources for those interested in White Wolf's Old world of Darkness setting.


UnMasqued is dead. Long live UnMasqued.

LG has decided to ocassionally update this site for a now defunct game with updated oWoD Lore, detailed biographies of characters past and formerly secret IC documents. The goal of such ministrations is to open the opportunity for ex-players of UnMasqued to see all of the unknown fun that existed behind the scenes of the game world.

Note Should any former players for any reason wish any documents, images or writing regarding their characters to *not* be made open to the public, LG will honor such wishes and take down content immediately. Currently, LG is not posting player rp scenes or personal backstories without express permission from former players, but will be glad to post such material at the request of its authors.



If you find ANY inconsistencies, misspellings, incorrect rules or other such detritus, feel free to report them at theominouslg AT unmasqued DOT com.


Vampire: The Masquerade, the names of the Clans, Sects, the Clan and Sect symbols and logos and the name White Wolf are all copyrighted by White Wolf, Inc.