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There are those who would not pick up the blood-stained Sword of Caine nor engage in the petty politics of the Camarilla. These few dread beasts of the night are known as the Independents. Worshipping deep within their temples to dead Gods, or perhaps summoning the souls of the dead, few know the secrets these exotic and mysterious clans hold. Often times they are whispered of by their more politically involved brethren, but the heart of each clan is known only to a select few: those of the chosen blood. Tread carefully amongst these raptors under the moonlight, for they have survived only through treachery and cunning.

Independent Clans

The following are the major Clans that claim no Sectarian alliances.

Independent Bloodlines

The following are Bloodlines that claim no Sectarian alliances.


Sect description provided by John.


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