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Are you new to the game and baffled by the preponderance of cryptic sounding pseudo-Latin terminology? Confused by the endless acronyms? Don't understand why there are a bunch of goths crouched in a corner with their arms crossed?

If so, you've come to the right place. Below, for your reading enjoyment, is a basic glossary of some of the terms and gestures thrown about in UnMasqued, a handy resource for somebody freshly entering the quagmire of White Wolf LARPing..

Vampire: The Masquerade

Ancilla: (plural: ancillae) A vampire not young enough to be considered a neonate yet not old enough to be considered an elder. Usually around 100-200 years old and of the 10th to 9th generation.

Amaranth: An archaic term for diablerie.

Antediluvian: One of the thirteen vampires of the third generation, from whom each individual clan is descended.

Beast: A term used to refer to the irrational predatory element of a vampire's psyche whose primary desires are to feed and kill. When "the Beast" takes control the result is either frenzy or rotschrek.

Blood Bond: A mystical emotional bond created by drinking a vampire's blood on three separate occasions. It creates a strong feeling of love and devotion in the drinker (referred to as the thrall) for the one whose blood he/she drank (referred to as the regnant).

Caine: According to legend, the first vampire, cursed by God for the murder of his brother Abel.

Cainite: Another name for vampire kind. Preferred by the Sabbat to the term Kindred.

Camarilla: An organization for vampires dedicated to keeping vampire-kind hidden from mortals. For more information see the Camarilla Sect Page.

Cathayan: Another name for the Kuei-jin.

Childe: (plural: childer) The offspring of a vampire created through the Embrace.

Ex: Vanessa, by turning Cassandra into a vampire, has made her into her Childe.

Clan: A group of vampires all descended from the same antediluvian, who generally share similar characteristics and powers. For more information, please see the Clan Page.

Diablerie: The act of killing another vampire by drinking out their soul along with their blood, and subsuming it into oneself. It is considered a heinous and loathsome act by most, although it does have the potential to lower one's generation.

Elder: One of the oldest vampires, generally possessing great status and power. Usually over 300 years old and of the 8th generation or lower.

Embrace: The act of turning a mortal into a vampire. This is accomplished by draining all blood from the mortal host and then forcing them to swallow a few drops of your own vitae.

Frenzy: What occurs when the beast takes over in anger and a vampire flies into a fit of unreasoned violence.

Generation: A term describing how far removed from Caine a vampire is. It totals the number of embraces between Caine and the vampire in question, plus one.

Ex: Caine's Childe would be of the 2nd generation (1 embrace + 1). That Childe's Childe would be of the 3rd (2 embraces +1).

Ghoul: A semi-mortal servant created by regularly feeding a human vampiric blood. In this condition, the mortal stops aging and might gain limited supernatural powers.

Haven: A safe place where a vampire regularly sleeps during the day.

Jyhad: A term for the general machinations of the elders and (at the highest level) antediluvians which involve the elaborate manipulation of their youngers. It also may refer to the war between the sects.

Kindred: Another name for vampire kind. Generally used by the Camarilla.

Kuei-jin: The mysterious Kindred of the East, or hungry dead. They operate differently from the Western Kindred, and do not claim lineage from Caine.

Neonate: One of the younger members of vampire society, who generally have little political sway or power. Usually less than 100 years old and of the 13th to 11th generation.

Regnant: The dominant half of a blood bond who has had another imbibe their blood.

Rotschrek: What occurs when the beast takes over in fear and a vampire flies into a fit of unreasoned panic, trying to escape their surroundings at all costs.

Sabbat: A group of vampires dedicated to fighting machinations of the elders and Antediluvians. For more information see the Sabbat Page.

Sire: A relational term, referring to a vampire that has embraced somebody.

Ex: Mortenda, by turning Lacrimosa into a vampire, has become her Sire.

Sword of Caine: Another name for the Sabbat.

Thrall: The submissive half of a blood bond who has imbibed a vampire's blood.

Vaulderie: A Sabbat ritual in which everybody present places some amount of blood (which may vary depending on their status) into a chalice and later sips from it. It creates the vinculum.

Vinculum: The result of the Vaulderie which acts similarly to a blood bond, except that it is unbreakable and has many varying degrees of affection which it produces.

Vitae: Blood.

General Gaming Terms

Ag: Short for Aggravated damage, the nasty hard-to-heal damage that is the result of sunlight, fire and twinky things.

Broken: Something that has managed to override that which should be the expected in-game limit of power. Twinky.

Cam: Short for Camarilla.

Chops: A term for the rounds of rock/paper/scissors used to determine the outcome of challenges.

FAP: A derisive term for the combination of the physical disciplines Fleetness, Aegis and Puissance. Discouraged in UnMasqued.

Fluffy Malk: Sometimes also referred to as a "fluffy bunny Malk." A member of clan Malkavian who is excessively or distastefully "kooky" and childlike.

Gack: To kill another PC.

Gen: Short for generation.

GPC: A guided player character. Such characters are essentially PCs but must answer to and take direction from the STs with regards to how they affect the overarching game plot.

IC: Short for In Character. This refers to anything you say, do or know while acting out the persona of your character. The opposite of being OOC.

IC/OOC: The division between IC and OOC interaction and knowledge. Failing to keep them separate results in metagaming.

KOE: Short for Kindred of the East, the official term for the Kuei-jin.

LARP: Short for Live Action Role Play; any type of role-playing game which is played by actually dressing up and acting as your character.

Larptalking: Incessantly discussing the mechanics, politics and on-going story of a LARP with others, much to the chagrin of those not actually in a LARP, who have no clue what you're talking about.

LotN: Short for Laws of the Night, the core book necessary to understand the rules used in a Vampire: The Masquerade LARP.

Malk: A abbreviated and somewhat derogatory term for somebody of Clan Malkavian.

Mass Combat: An unpleasant event in which a large number of players are tied up in a combat situation and left unable to roleplay for about an hour. It is not fun. The last game of the year traditionally ends with one of these.

Meat Shield: A general roleplaying term referring to a physically-oriented combat character who keeps the puny mentally-oriented characters from getting killed.

Metagame: Broadly: to fail to maintain the appropriate separation between the in-game world (i.e. "fantasy") and the out-of-game world (i.e."reality.") This is bad.

Conversationally, this usually refers to one specific type of metagaming: the use of OOC information in an IC setting or situation. Almost always frowned upon.

Ex: If Debbie has causally heard around the lunch table that Stan, the guy that plays her character's arch-nemesis, is planning to have his character assassinate the Prince, Debbie's character cannot, once in game, accuse Stan's character of the plot and attempt to halt the assassination, as she only knows OOC what he is planning, and her character (IC) does not.
Other examples of types of "bad" metagaming include:
  • Becoming angry or otherwise unfavorably changing one's behavior towards or opinion of a player outside of the game because of something his or her character said or did in the game.
  • Prioritizing in-game or in-character commitments above commitments in real life.
  • Bringing real-life disputes into the game.

Min/Max: To drastically attempt to maximize a characters positive traits to the point of being broken by causing them to have weaknesses in categories that don't really matter. A tactic used in powergaming.

MMN: Short for Malkavian Madness Network.

Mundane: During gameplay, the term mundane refers to anyone who is not involve in the LARP. This term is often employed by pretentious dorks, and is generally discouraged.

Narrator: Some who has been granted permission to run simple scenes, punch character sheets for will and generally help out. Unlike STs, however, they still may play PCs.

NPC: Short for Non-Player Character. A character controlled by the STs who may be used to add plot and flavor to the game. NPCs do not have to abide by the same rules of character creation and XP growth as PCs.

OOC: Short for Out Of Character. This refers to anything you say, do or know while not roleplaying. The opposite of being IC.

PC: Short for Player Character. Any character controlled by an individual player.

Powergamer: Somebody who attempts to make their character as efficient and powerful as possible through min/maxing or use of obscure merits and powers. Sometimes considered to be less focused on roleplaying, and hence a worse player.

RPG: - Short for Role Playing Game. Any type of game in which players assume the roles of fictional characters by acting out their motivations, backgrounds and personalities. LARP and tabletop are two sub-genres of this type of game.

Rules Lawyer: Somebody overly well-versed in the rules of a particular game, who is better able to find obscure rules and techniques and exploit them to their advantage. Can also be used in a derisive way to describe an irritating player who delays the game by arguing with STs about trivial points in rulings.

ST: Short for Storyteller. The friendly and wonderful people who organize the game, run important challenges and play NPCs. See the Storyteller's page for details.

Tabletop: An RPG which is played around a table, in which players pretend to be their characters without use of costume. Tabletop games are often far smaller than LARPs and make use of dice to determine random chance rather than chops.

Thaum: Short for Thaumaturgy.

Torie: A abbreviated and somewhat derogatory term for somebody of Clan Toreador.

Twink: Twinked; Twinky; Something overpowed or overspecial.

Ex: "Whoa man, look at my twinked out sword of explosive nuclear Armaggedon time-traveling fire!"

Warriador: A member of clan Toreador who is generally combat focused, often possessing high Celerity.

Wonk: Bizarre, unrealistic, off the wall plot or items that are often a result of crossing over various games, or a lot of using obscure things in conjunction.

Ex: "It's a little wonky to have that Kinfolk Kithain Baali raised by mummies and tutored by all those ninja wraiths."

XP: Short for Experience Points, the basic currency of many RPGs with which you may buy skills and abilities. Some RPGs call it by other names.

In-Jokes and Such

Angstburger: An actual example of vampire slang introduced by White Wolf. It refers to a big chuck of angsty plot that a character must "chew" on.

Ex: "Wow, after his entire mortal family was tortured to death by a Tzmisce and his puppy got lung cancer, Draconius has been munching on quite the angstburger."

Assbee: Level 6 Daimonion. Yes, it allows you to shoot bees out of your ass. No, it will never ever appear in UnMasqued.

Helsing: The best manga about vampires ever.

Jamalconda: The enlightened state of Zen-like happiness that Jamal Assara seems to have acheived.

Lore (Cheese): What the STs will buy for your character should you bank more than 10 XP

Loves Darren West: A slang phrase meaning literally "is a bitch." Because all the bitches apparently love Darren West. Applicable on multiple levels to Bojan Petrov.

Ex: "Man you got pWned! You're totally loving Darren West right now."

Pleb Pit: A term for the main room of Elysium, in which most non-officer Camarilla characters spend the majority of the game. The pleb pit is generally filled with smalltalk, a few bored PCs sitting in a corner, and very little over-arching game plot. It can be very very fun or very very not fun depending on who provides the smalltalk

Rasputin: Infamously cited as one of the best examples of White Wolf inconsistency, Rasputin, according to canonical White Wolf books, is said to be a mage, a werewolf, at least three types of vampire and a wraith.

Rasputin of the East: Don't ask.

Sebau: A demon from the Egyptian underworld of Du-at, who takes the form of a winged serpent. They are capable of such things as harassing Assamites and fetching beer, and have become a bit of an unofficial mascot in some UnMasqued groups.

Sea Bishops: The Sea Bishop (previously called the Popefish) is often held up as an example of the absurdity which White Wolf canon can reach. Featured in the book Bygone Beastiary, the popefish are a race of sentient fish with a head shaped like the pope's mitre. The Vatican supposedly gave them rare indecipherable Catholic apocrypha at one point which they all study in their underwater city. They all have True Faith x2.

Setite Mind Sorcery: Something employed by the Setites to blur and obscure the memories of others without resorting to uses of the out-of-clan discipline, Dominate. Prince Evans is entirely unfamilar with this. Known more conventionally as alcohol.

Thrallmaturgy: The discipline to be possessed by the malformed and hideous double-embraced childe of Adam Jones and Lillian Greer.

Whiner Diner: Where you go to eat your angstburger.

Astral Projection

Astral: If you have the discipline Auspex - Psychic Projection, and you activate it, bring your fingers together to make an "A" to indicate that you are on the astral plane. If you see someone making this sign, assume you do not see them IC, unless you have some sort of power that would let you.

Heightened Senses

Heightened Senses: If you have the discipline Auspex - Heightened Senses or the correct form of the merit Acute Sense, you can indicate that you are making use of your exceptional sensory powers by pointing to the correct organ. Point to your eye to indicate enhanced sight or your ear to indicate enhanced hearing. If you see a player making the sign for Heightened Senses: Hearing and they seem to be listening into your conversation, assume that you do not notice. Heightened Senses: Touch, Taste and Smell may also be activated by pointing to ones hand, nose or mouth, however, they seldom come into play.

Foreign Language

Foreign Language: If your character speaks a language that is not English, make an "L" with your thumb and index figure to indicate this. If you see somebody making this gesture, assume that you do not understand what they are saying, unless your character speaks the same non-English language.


Out of Character: By putting one hand over your other hand's wrist, you declare yourself out of character. Things you say will not be taken as things your character is saying. If you wander in a room while making this symbol people should not see you IC and you should not see them IC. Crossing ones fingers also qualifies as the OOC sign.


Obfuscated: If you have the discipline Obfuscate, and you activate it, cross your arms against your chest to indicate you are using it to not be seen. If you see someone making this sign, assume you do not see them IC, unless you have some sort of power that would let you.


Scry: If your character has the appropriate ritual or artifact which would allow them to scry, make a circle with one hand and place it over your eye to indicate that you are observing from a remote location. If you see someone making this sign, assume you do not see them IC.


Spirit: If you are playing an NPC who is a spirit, cross your arms against your chest an wriggle your fingers. If you see someone making this sign, assume you do not see them IC, unless you have some sort of power that would let you.


Wraith: If you are playing an NPC who is a wraith, cross your arms against your chest, hook your thumbs, and wriggle your fingers. If you see someone making this sign, assume you do not see them IC, unless you have some sort of power that would let you.


Vampire: The Masquerade, the names of the Clans, Sects, the Clan and Sect symbols and logos and the name White Wolf are all copyrighted by White Wolf, Inc.