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The upstart Giovanni Clan maintains a genteel exterior, dealing in matters of finance and internal business. Of course, as with all vampires, their outward facade merely hides much worse. Rumored to have wrested their position from some Clan now lost to antiquity, the Giovanni keep their small and secretive ties within their own family. Where there's money to be made, it's said, there's probably a Giovanni. However, the business dealings of the Necromancers hide their debauched dealings in the magics of the dead. The Giovanni traffic in mortal crime and politics more as a way to fulfill expected stereotypes. Underneath, they study hideous Necromancy, engage in debauched rituals and wallow in the excessive wealth of an incestuous immortal family.


Disciplines: Dominate, Necromancy, Potence

Clan Advantage: One free dot of the Finance or Health influences, plus either a second dot in either of these or a single dot of Retainer in the form of a wraith.

Clan Disadvantage: Painful Bite. Whenever a Giovanni bites to feed from a mortal they are rendered insensible with pain and take an additional level of damage for every Blood Point drained.

Inactive Giovanni PCs


Player: Brendan

Appearance: Amadeo was a smooth speaker with a richly musical voice. A fairly handsome man, the Giovanni's personality remained the primary force behind his seductive demeanor, and he had a knack for worming his way into the good graces of others.

Nature: Sadist

Demeanor: Director

Sire: Nunzio Giovanni (no relation to the PC)

In Play: 2003 - 2004

Background: As a mortal, Amadeo was a respected Unico Sanguee who found favor in the family, and was proxy kissed to his uncle Nunzio as a young man. Often acting as an enforcer, the aggressive ghoul unexpectedly met his end one night when roughing up a family who had failed to pay protection money, catching a stary bullet in the back in the midst of the melee. His uncle, eager to not lose such a promising youth, Embraced him on the spot, feeding him with the bodies of those who had been slain. Tragically, however, the newly undead Amadeo was not yet saited when he was returned home to his sister Carlotta, and after witnessing her prick her finger in the midst of working her embroidery he fell into a frenzy, devouring both her and their incest-born daughter Valentina.

Following the exsanguination of his family, Amadeo fell into a deep depression, causing many of the anziani to chide Nunzio for his Embrace. Eventually, after years of watching his childe's despondency, the elder intervened - forcing Amadeo to commit to the arts of Necromancy and to unburden his soul from such petty human attachments. Beaten and abused when he lingered in sentimentality or refused to kill, the neonate soon learned to exult in violence, and shed what remained of his humane nature that he might walk the Path of Bones. As he realized his potential as one of the immortals of family Giovanni, the young Cainite eventually turned his attentions to New York, hoping in the volatile city that he might carve out a niche for himself and begin to work toward the Clan's goal of achieving the Endless Night.

As a PC: When Amadeo Giovanni arrived in New York City in the fall of 2003, he found a hostile Camarilla, a Sabbat still recovering from its recent defeat, and a city full of neonates. He assumed the position of 'Don' upon arrival.

The Camarilla's hostility toward Clan Giovanni had been engendered by the actions of Vincenzo Giovanni, the previous 'Don', who had assassinated Marcus Landrit, the Sheriff at the time, shortly before fleeing the city. Amadeo regained the Camarilla's good graces quickly by pulling some of the many strings he held in NYC's hospitals to cover up a Masquerade breach.

He quickly became known as a blood merchant within the city, willing and able to sell substantial quantities of precious vitae to any buyer. He occasionally entered negotiations with the leadership of the Camarilla and Sabbat for regular shipments, but those negotiations never came to fruition.

Amadeo's notable Kindred associates included Adameus Fleghorn, who he employed for a substantial period of time as a bodyguard, and, briefly, La Condesa Sofia Castañuelas de la Plata. At the time Amadeo and La Condesa became acquainted, baiting the lady with anti-Catholic rhetoric was a fashionable and common activity in Elysium. As a fellow Old World Kindred of multiple centuries in age, Amadeo was able to talk Sofia down from a frenzy and gain her friendship. Unfortunately for Amadeo, Triphaenea witnessed their growing bond and, meddling bitch that she was, staked Sofia and shipped the lady out of the city in a box.

New York's Sabbat cut short Amadeo's time in the city. Over the course of eight months, they racked up so substantial a debt that Bishops Donny Cenci and Fjodor Gregori found it easier to send their packs howling after Amadeo's elder vitae than to come up with payment. Amadeo left the city ahead of the fangs and guns of the Sabbat, and he has not been seen in the city since.


Player: Camille

Appearance: Edda was a coldly gorgeous woman, her form forever frozen on the cusp of adulthood. She was reserved and professional in her dealings with others, her feelings forever distant from the affairs before her.

Nature: Praise-Seeker

Demeanor: Architect

Sire: Cleto Giovanni

Birthdate: May 3, 1910

In Play: 2007 - 2008

Quote: "But I must confess deep in my heart there is a tiny sliver of selfishness - when the shroud falls, and the living stand finally amongst the dead, my uncle and I will finally be together again - free to truly touch each other as lovers should and perhaps even to get married in some blasphemous chapel where I can finally take the family name - the least among the new gods of the underworld, and servants to my exalted Family."

Description: Edda was born in Livorno Italy in 1910, to a first generation member of the Ghiberti bloodline, and grew up a spoiled only child residing at a vineyard near Florence. At the age of ten, her cruel and perverse father insisted that the girl and her immediate family move to Cape May, New Jersey in light of a newly obtained job - and Edda found herself alone in a strange land where she did not speak the language. As her mother spiraled into alcoholism, the growing young woman found solace in her doting Uncle Raul, whose welcome affections would quickly blossom into something plainly less than platonic. At the age of twelve, Edda would suffer a traumatic rape at the hands of her father, and would move in with Raul - consummating her relationship with him as something more than familial.

Two years later, however, Raul would be killed by the machinations of a Ventrue seeking to bolster his influence within the city, and Edda's dreams of eventually marrying her benefactor and attaining the Giovanni family name were dashed. While a distant relative, Cleto, would eventually come to serve as the young girl's caretaker, the bereft teenager now had little to look forward to save being pawn off in a political marriage.

Edda, however, would take it upon herself to serve the family in the midst of her grief, and would manage to bed and bring scandal upon the police chief of the district much to the Giovanni's benefit. In the days before she was to be a witness at the official's trial, however, the young woman was shot to death to prevent her from testifying. The family, impressed with her tenacity, would thereafter force Cleto to grant her the Embrace.

Edda was shortly thereafter sent to Cape Town, South Africa to begin her training, where she would learn the arts of her Clan and witness the seep of her own humanity. Upon returning to America, she would come to learn of the Endless Night, and would come to ardently wish for its completion as she realized that it would allow her and Raul (now a wraith in her service) to at last unite as husband and wife.

As a PC: Edda, in her zeal to work towards the Endless Night, would go on to establish a charity foundation known as Art for Life - which would specialize in art therapy for terminally ill children, thereby creating fetters through which the eventual wraiths produced by the dying youngsters could be tracked and captured. Ordered to foster such a program in New York, Edda would travel to the city in 2007 - finding the state of the Clan to be somewhat different than she had been informed.

Disgusted with the lecherous Messala and frustrated by her excessively humane Clanmates, Edda would nevertheless carve a niche out for both herself and her family in the Domain. While her machinations would eventually alienate both Marcus and Lazzaro, neither man would possess the tenacity to put him in check, and despite her impure lineage, the woman would eventually seem to dominate the Clan of Death in the city, and would manage to firmly cement her fetter-manufacturing non-profit in the domain before her leave-taking in 2008.


  • Edda would go out of her way to befriend the normally aloof Alexandra Koenig, overlooking her obscure bloodline and place as a pariah amongst the Unico Sanguee.

  • Edda would be one of the necromancers who would work to cleanse Dylan Morgan of the haunting influence of her family - seizing numerous spirits that had once been members of the girl's family in a great battle involving numerous wraiths.

Documents of Import:

  • Art For Life: [PDF] A pamphlet from Edda's charitable foundation [September 28, 2007]


Player: Kevin

Appearance: Lazzaro was a stout man with a clean and meticulous presentation. Genial and friendly, the man seemed remarkably empathetic for his Clan, and still bore the blush of humanity.

Nature: Penitent

Demeanor: Conformist

Sire: Alda Giovanni

In Play: 2007 - 2008

Background: If Lazzaro's life as a Cainite was any reflection of his past as a mortal, it seems likely that the compassionate Catholic had been either naïve about his Clan's dealings, or somehow stalwartly and uncharacteristically humane in spite of them. While his Sire was reputed to be a cold woman, long dedicated to the the Path of Death and the Soul, Lazzaro appeared to have weathered the Embrace without succumbing to his progenitor's cruelty.

At some point, in spite of his gentle nature, Lazzaro rendered service to the Clan such as that he was granted a ghoul known as Alyssa in marriage - although a tragic frenzy on the normally calm Giovanni's part had left his spouse with deep scars across her face.

As a PC: Lazzaro would come to New York in 2007, around the same time as his far less conscientious clanmate Edda Ghiberti. Gifted with a natural ability to hear the voices of the departed, the good-natured Cainite would be witness to the spectral outburst of a childlike ghost known as Elle Herriot, and would quickly befriend the wraith after making her acquaintance, often learning from the apparition of various events happening about the city. While Lazzaro and his clanmate Marcus would endeavor as best they could to solve the mystery of the little girl's murder - the ghost would eventually withdraw from sight - being inextricably bound to the actions of Brujah Sheriff Bojan Petrov.

Eventually, after several tense disagreements with Edda regarding her methodology, Lazzaro himself would be forced to take his leave of the Domain, after his wife, Alyssa, disappeared without explanation. Suspecting that his Sire was behind the kidnapping, the broken-hearted man would flee New York, intent on discovering what had become of his beloved.


  • Lazzaro would routinely attend confession, and would pray for the souls of the various Cainites he encountered in the city who seemed to be in need of spiritual guidance.

Marcus Fratello GiovanniMARCUS GIOVANNI

Player: Michelle

Appearance: Wiry and long-limbed, Marcus was on the tall side for someone of such obvious Italian descent. Embraced in his late twenties, he had a clean-cut appearance, and often wore his short dark hair slicked back with a quantity of gel. There was something in the style of his hair that hearkens back to his greaser days. Neither ugly nor attractive, Marcus had a face that can just blend in with a crowd, and he liked it that way.

Nature: Perfectionist

Demeanor: Bravo

Sire: Nathan Bertelli Giovanni

Birthdate: May 12th, 1949

In Play: 2007-2009

Description: Two things are immediately obvious upon first meeting Marcus. One, he's from Brooklyn, and not even thirty years of relocation in the deep South could expunge his accent. Two, Marcus is a cop, even when he's not working for any particular force. He has the instincts of a cop and one suspects that he just might have "To Protect and Serve" emblazoned in a tattoo somewhere upon his body. Marcus is also a Giovanni, although that part is sometimes a little less obvious, as this hard-headed and down-to-earth dego has very little interest in the occult -- readily admitting that most of his knowledge about spirits comes from watching episodes of SciFi's "Ghost Hunters." Marcus's practical attitudes served him well in the police force, however, and he distinguished himself early on as an outstanding officer. He made detective before he turned thirty, even though his career was tragically cut short. Marcus has been very forthcoming about the near-fatal shooting that ultimately led to his embrace. Despite thirty years as a vampire and even more as a Giovanni, Marcus has retained a strong connection with humanity. He's compassionate and always interested in helping those too weak to help themselves. A Brooklyn boy through and through, Marcus has returned to New York now that most of the notoriety of his shooting in the 70s has died down.


Player: Tim

Appearance: Michael was an awkward and gangly Caintie with a very frail temperment. Whilst he had something of a quirky magnetism to his person, he often came across as harmless at best and incompetant at worst.

Nature: Architect

Demeanor: Architect

Sire: Harry Milliner

In Play: 2007

Description: Oops.


Player: Matt

Appearance: Nunzio was a well-groomed man who exudes an aura of personal magnetism and opulence. He favored expensive (and naturally Italian) suits with the occasional accessory from the Orient.

Nature: Capitalist

Demeanor: Bon Vivant

In Play: 2003 - 2004

Description: One of the former 'Dons' of New York, Nunzio was seldom to be found in the actual city himself, often instead traveling out west due to deal with money issues. Nunzio was a veritable prodigy in the Clan when it came to finances, and apparently boasted that he managed to maintain, and even expand his assets through the market crash of '29.

As an individual Nunzio was known to have a penchant for the finer things in un-life, and was often seen clubbing, dancing, and enjoying the more expensive luxuries that New York night life had to offer. While not a particular fan of his underlings, he apparently had warm relations with at least a few Camarilla officers, and was seen in the company of Sheriff Greer on more than one evening.

Giovanni NPCs


Player: LG

Appearance: Alexandra possesses a disconcerting and pale appearance, looking for all the world like a walking corpse. She wears dark conservative clothing, always with some sort of Christian religious symbol. She has an elaborate tattoo on her left hand of some sort of stylized cross. She tends to be socially ill-adapted and aloof.

Description: Growing up in post-war Germany, Alexandra has seldom been unfamiliar with the closeness of death, nor unfamiliar with the harshness of the world. A member of one of the most newly introduced and Embraced Giovanni families, she was considered something of a failed experiment when she was taken into the ranks of the Clan and family, shortly after the murder of her husband Luka. Not only did the curse of the Lamia fail to manifest within her, leaving instead the strange and abberant condition of her corpse-like visage (a topic few Anziani like to talk about), but her Sire went mad soon after her Embrace and was destroyed by the family itself, leaving Alexandra alone and in precarious straights. She has ever since wandered from city to city on various elder's errands, meriting only a notch more status than a well-favored ghoul, and occasionally not even that.

While she is happy (if happy is a word to describe her) to have survived this long, she has grown understandably bitter with her lot, and has immersed herself in study and contemplation of her Clan's dark arts rather than concern herself much with the affairs of her Clanmates.


A.K.A.: Vintage Don Juan served with a Patterned Fleece on a Chair of Wheels

Player: John

Appearance: Embraced in his eighties or later, Messala retains an impressive amount of hair and teeth for his age. His wizened features vaguely hint at the handsome devil he used to be in his heyday.

Description: Messala Giovanni, perhaps, of all creatures to have walked this earth, can be said to have won at life. In life, he wasn't particularly skilled or driven, but he was certainly an expert at making friends, love, and bills. He charmed everyone, especially his own family, and died comfortably cushioned in the lap of luxury. Or, would have if not for the fact that he was, thanks to philandering ways, a fetter of immense magnitude, surrounded by many of the women he had loved (and now can love again). Thus, he was wheeled, drowsy and forgetful, into a world of predators and leeches.

Messala's evenings are spent being entertained by all of the beautiful dead women he isn't sending out to do his bidding. He sleeps most of the time and has little reason to restrain his crankiness since he just points and the chairs throw themselves. Once limited to merely one lifetime of completely undeserved privilege, Messala Giovanni can now look forward to an eternity of decadence, flirtatious advances, and naps.



Player: John

Appearance: Vojislav's appearance will be summed up as the following list of words, so as to leave their precise location in descriptive sentences up to the reader's imagination: mullet, grease, unsavory, matted, coating, excretion, toothful, hairy, happy, cracked, giblets.


Description: Vojislav Giovanni never seemed destined for much as a mortal. While he certainly was capable as an enforcer, his relative lack of conviction and drive meant he was rarely asked to do more than engage in the routine beatings and occasional torture that he had become quite accustomed to. However, Vojislav's life of mediocrity was turned around by a chance meeting with one of the clan's pawns. For, in serving as a vessel for this soul, who was needed on clan business, Vojislav's eyes were opened to the possibilities of the universe.

Soon, the Giovanni found Vojislav, while still not terribly interested in conventional measures of success, quite driven towards his goal of expanding his understanding of "the malleable perfection". Aesthetics, meme theory, and all manner of intuitive disciplines became the man's playground, though he was rarely tapped for these knowledges. Rather, his interests gave him an acute understanding of how to torture not only mortals and, to a certain degree, vampires; he was one of the gifted few able to bring agony to the restless dead.

Today, Vojislav continues his studies and engages in his own personal pursuits when not occupied with pressing clan business. A few hopefuls have caught his eye, others who might be able to understand the true make-up of the world and become ecstatic with its possibilities, but as yet, he has few successful converts....

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Clan description from Laws of the Night.


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