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From the frozen northlands, the thick forests and icy mountains, the lands of vicious beasts and monsters come the Gangrel. By turns animalistic and insightful, they embody the most fearsome predators among vampires. From their kind come the tales of such horrors as Grendel and the Norse berserkers. The undisputed masters of the wild ways, the Gangrel are feared and respected for their unmatched prowess in survival. Some, it is whispered, even hunt or deal with the dread Lycanthropes; certainly, their Clan's shape-shifting powers and animal features bring to mind legends of dire wolves.


Disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Protean (Country Gangrel), Celerity, Obfuscate, Protean (City Gangrel)

Clan Advantage: One free dot of the Animal Ken and Survival abilities.

Clan Disadvantage: Animalistic Features. For every instance of Frenzy a Gangrel undergoes, they gain one animalistic feature and a negative social trait (Bestial, Feral or Repugnant). No more than five negative traits may be gained in such a fashion.

Inactive Gangrel PCs


Player: Naomi

Appearance: Alex was a short woman with a cutely attractive face and a friendly Southern demeanor. The curse of her Clan had left her with pointed, fox-like ears and feral slitted eyes.

Nature: Visionary

Demeanor: Child

Sire: Unknown (Embraced from the vaulderie cup of a Gangrel antitribu Pack)

In Play: 2006-2007

Background: Alex, born Alexandra Green, was an empathetic and caring southern girl who was Embraced at the hands of a rural Gangrel antitribu pack. This unusually humane Sabbat cell saw the fight against elders as something that could be accomplished without descending into monstrousness, and during her years among them, the neonate Alex was relatively sheltered from the horrors that many in the Sword of Caine encountered in their nightly unlives. She came to New York in the Fall of 2006, and was readily accepted into Ductus Layla Reese's company.

As a PC: Alex spent her first several months in New York amidst the disorganized and unnamed pack which remained in the city - a group who had much to fear in the nights after the death of the Sabbat's last Bishop. Given the growing size and warlike attitudes of the Camarilla under Prince Darren West, Ductus Reese was adamant that her packmates not be compromised by agressors from the Ivory Tower, and when Alex and her companion Dylan ventured into Club Sebau and were subsequently subjected to Seneschal Richardson's telepathic ministrations, the strong-willed Layla exiled them both from the Sabbat's numbers.

Outsted from their home and rejected by the closest thing they had to family, the two woman eventually found refuge with the nominally indepedent Lucas Brighton, who offered them sanctuary at a former Tremere chantry on Staten Island known as the "Batcave." Here, Alex and Dylan lived alongside the wish-mongering Ravnos, Pisces, and the shy Brujah Liz Grant, forming an awkward but tight knit familial unit in the midst of the war-wracked city. Eventually, however, Brighton (in reality a rogue Tremere) was taken into custody by the Astors of his Clan, and tensions between Pisces and Dylan drove the child-like Malkavian into a murderous fit - in which she grotesquely slaughtered her ghouled puppy and dramatically left the communal haven. Angered by her friend's disappearance, Alex and Pisces parted ways, and the neonate Gangrel reestablished contact with those who had once been her parent sect - reporting to Diego of his packmate Kaya's abduction by House and Clan Tremere.

In the months following her friend TJ Phillip's illusionary spectacle over the Hudson Bay, Alex left New York, having run short on reliable allies and wanting desperately to find a place in which she could belong. While she initially hoped to journey to Mexico City and to there steel herself for the horrors of preparing for Gehenna, the young Gangrel eventually turned to the West Coast, finding a home in the remnants of the Anarch Free State.

As an NPC: Learning later that TJ's evocation of a Lucastian savior had precipitated events that would eventually end in Lucas Brighton's execution, the increasingly embittered Alex made a brief agreement with clan Tremere to lure the overreaching Setite to his death, and willingly arranged a meeting with him that would end in Phillip's assassination.


  • Alex was technically a Caitiff, having been Embraced from a mixture of Gangrel blood. Although she exhibited the Clan's curse, her innate disciplines were a mix of those exhibit by various Gangrel bloodlines, with Animalism, Celerity and Protean coming naturally to her.

  • Alex had a ghouled bloodhound named Rutherford, who had an unhealthy appetite for processed cheese products.


Player: Seth

Appearance: Duff was a friendly, sandy-haired man with a subdued disposition and a pronounced Scottish accent.

Nature: Survivor

Demeanor: Competitor

Sire: Stanley McDaniel

In Play: 2009-2010

Birthdate: June 13, 1275

Background: Duff was a simple Scottish peasant who would grow up to fight alongside his family in the first War for Scottish independence. In the midst of a heated battle that saw the death of his father, Duff would find himself mortally wounded, and would received the Embrace at the hands of Stanley McDaniel - a Gangrel warrior who admired his tenacity in battle. After telling his newly made childe his name and taking his father's sword, the older Cainite would depart, leaving his progeny to discover the realities of vampiric existence by himself.

As a PC: Duff was a pleasant and personable Cainite, who gladly lent his sword arm to the Camarilla as he looked into leads as to where his Sire might be. A calm and slow to anger Kindred, Duff sought companionship amongst his clanmates, and would become close to "Green Wolf" in the course of his stay in the city.

Documents of Import

  • Stanley McDaniel and the Wulver: This was a story written for a Gangrel NPC to give Duff a lead as to the origins of his Sire. Sadly, it never was told in game. [September 9, 2010]


Player: Sam

Appearance: James McGregor had a boisterously charismatic presence, speaking loudly and frequently in his characteristic Irish accent. While bereft of the use of one of his eyes, the man maintained an engaging gaze, and was adept at getting people's attention.

Nature: Celebrant

Demeanor: Bon Vivant

In Play: 2005-2006

Theme Song: Flogging Molly - Seven Deadly Sins

Background: James McGregor was a former IRA member who would find himself falling under the influence of a powerful Gangrel who he referred to only as "Mum." Despite enduring a Brujah Embrace, the confused young Anarch would remain convinced that he number amongst the Gangrel, and would remain steadfast in his loyalty to the enigmatic woman who had him in bondage.

As a PC: James McGregor would be the first major Baron to arise amongst the Anarchs after the seeming death of Boss Callahan, and he would make himself known to the court of Hadrian Evans in the Fall of 2005, blustering his way about Elysium in the company of Assamites Devin Farrel and "H". While his company would face censure from the Ivory Tower after two rogue members attempted to assassinate Evans, McGregor would nevertheless remain on civil terms with Kindred society - citing that his "brothers" mistakes were their own and that it was just should the Camarilla seek their deaths.

In time, however, McGregor would find himself increasingly alone, as Devin and H would go on to betray his trust and murder his paramour for the sake of her diablerie. Left wtih few friends or sectmates, the kind-hearted Cainite would eventually discover that his comrades had not been slain, but had rather been left to torturously rot while staked in an obscure obliette - and would sorrowfully confront Malkavian Sheriff, Lillian Greer about Evans' deception before taking his leave from the city.


Player: David K.

Appearance: Ojawashkozi Mahigan was a tall man of Algonquinian descent, although the years of life as a Cainite had left him looking much paler than would be typical of his people.

Nature: Architect

Demeanor: Gallant

In Play: 2007 - 2010

Description: Ojawashkozi Mahigan recently woke up in a lair underneath some of the more hilly areas of what is now Brooklyn. Since then, he has rapidly been learning about his new environment, including the new tools, machines, and social norms of modern life.

Before going into hibernation, he was a healer and priest of the Carnasee people who lived in the western area of what is now called Long Island. He has been known to speak about the colonization of the area first by the "Nederlanders" (the Dutch) and later the English. It is through his contact with the English that he learned their language, albeit in a form that seems archaic today.

Ojawashkozi Mahigan traveled to many areas of what is now New England in his role as healer, participating in many of the exchanges of goods and knowledge throughout the Algonquian culture. He is quite familiar with the native flora and fauna of the area, and has what were considered to be excellent medical skills when he went into hibernation.

Papa Bear"PAPA BEAR"

Appearance: A typical scruffy-looking Gangrel, Papa Bear's appearance was unmarred by the Gangrel curse for much of his stay in the city - until an inopportune frenzy developed rings of dark fur around his eyes, giving him the appearance of a raccoon. This was appropriate, considering that the two animal forms he was notable for assuming were raccoons and those of his namesake.

Nature: Caregiver

Demeanor: Survivor

In Play: 2006-2007

Description: "But, Papa Bear said it was true!"

Those words haunt the collective consciousness of Kindred throughout the city. An exceptionally well-traveled, good-natured, and likable fellow, Papa Bear has established his legacy with New York as an ability to spout a continuous and non-ending stream of utter and complete bullshit about things he has allegedly seen, done or heard of. One of New York's most eccentric Kindred outside of Clan Tremere, he claimed to have survived alien abduction, to have met a werewolf porn star, to have been Embraced by vampiric mountain lions, and to have endured and/or witnessed all other manner of other strange and unbelievable things.

Some things he spoke of are a little more believable than others, however, and there is no doubt that Papa Bear has led a varied life (to say the least). Confirmed witnesses once saw him duel in bear form with Harpy Xerices to avenge the killing of the New York Aquarium's beloved giant sting-ray, Mr. McPancake - only to have his movements stopped by automated spiritually possessed golems. Granted, said witnesses were severely intoxicated at the time, but it cannot be said that an evening with Papa Bear ever proves boring.

Papa Bear hasn't been seen for some time now, and nobody (outside of Papa Bear himself) can tell precisely how this bodes.


Player: Ian

Appearance: Sid was by no means an attractive Cainite, and still bore scars from his days in Vietnam. A cool and dignified man, the unaging veteran could often give the impression of callousness to the plight of others.

Nature: Rogue

Demeanor: Survivor

Sire: Velunious Roy

In Play: 2007




Appearance: Zack appeared to have been Embraced as a young teenager, and still maintained many of the mannerisms of humanity.

Nature: Judge

Demeanor: Gallant


In Play: 2009-2010


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