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Wu's Dream: The Captain

May 11, 2007

You are on a boat: a boat on which you get to be captain and wear a fine hat. You occasionally say "Ya harr!" even though know you are not a pirate.

Your crew consists of Dragy, who is carrying a sword; Ash Gently, who has the head of a peacock and is making horrible chittering sounds; and Maximillion Crawford, who is the same as ever.

You know instinctively that you are to be sailing to the end of the world.

A storm rocks your boat and it begins to rain fish. They are gilded with gold trappings and seem to come in a rainbow of colors. Peacock Ash pecks at them furiously.

Maximillion informs you gingerly that the edge of the world is coming up. You see it, and the waters fall away into nothing, as you look at the expanse of space lying off the edge of reality. Dragy sets the mast on fire and jumps overboard.

The ship falls off the edge at this point and plummets into darkness.

You don't. You keep flying into the stars.

You wake up.

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