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Samantha's Dream: The Invitation

September 14, 2007

The world is dark around you. There is only a little bit of light and that only serves to illuminate you and a few inches in front of you. You can feel yourself moving forward and the surface beneath you is clearly wood. You must be on a boat of some sort. As you glide along eventually more light flickers through. You see people standing silently. There eyes are turned away from you and locked onto the others as if they don't even notice you. You can see yourself but even then you don't seem to notice your existence. There are others too that bear familiarity; those that also claim the gift of madness and the crux of second sight. Not one of them glances in your direction and you get this overwhelming feeling of being entirely alone. The lights wink out.

Eventually the boat docks and you can see a large city in front of you. You disembark and look behind you. Although you feel like there was meant to be something there you see nothing but that same darkness. Tentatively you move forward into this city that is devoid of lights, people, noises, and anything that bears any striking resemblance to familiarity. Even the sky is a void with no moon or stars gazing down. It's a wonder you can see at all. You walk down city streets that twist and turn leading you through a maze of confusion. Beyond each corner you have the feeling that you are meant to be seeing something and yet you don't ft.

When madness almost overwhelms you from the silence of it all you turn into a very narrow, yet very straight alleyway. You get the feeling that this place is meant to be a place of sin. It is meant to be filled with people and yet as you walk, you find no one. Eventually the rough stone of the alleyway turns to doorways with empty quiet curtains hung over them. Perhaps there might have been someone lingering behind each of them but there is no way to get in. The doors are all locked, all but one.

You enter that unlocked door and draw the curtain aside. The scent of sex fills your senses and you feel it begin to excite your undead body as if it still lived. There is a very voyeuristic pleasure about standing in this room. You see no one at all; there is only an empty bed with a message written on it. You walk forward and once more you have that feeling like there should be something here, something recognizable. You reach down to take that paper and you get a flash of image. Two men, one is spry and slender with dark black hair and pale skin, the other is black as night. One eye lacks a pupil and instead there is a butterfly that flickers and beats its wings.

Between the two of them sits a woman. Her body is unclothed and like in all dreams she bears blue and indigo butterfly wings. Both men seem to be paying attention to her in the way that suggests their ownership over her. Her body seems less pale then it generally appears and you can see for a moment rainbow sparks surging off of her. Then the vision ends and you are simply standing in this abandoned world with the paper in your hand.

You read the words that are scrawled there as you muse to yourself that you shouldn't be able to read in dreams. "I call you to me. On this Friday next, find your way to me." It is signed with a butterfly.

The message received you move to sit down on the bed and wait, all alone for someone to come. It takes a very long time for this vision to fade to black and for you to wake up to reality.

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