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Samantha's Dream: Justicar Streck's Passion Play

March 16, 2007

You wake up this evening from most peculiar dreams. You are alone at a rundown, filthy-looking old theater where there is a long red curtain over the stage and some sort of play is being performed in short inexplicable scenes. There is an ugly little man who opens the curtain and announces each scene that is to take place. He has no legs and propels himself around using a bizarre metal contraption which has the lower half of a merry-go-round horse incorporated into it. He raises the red curtain, and you witness the first scene. It is called WRATH, or, at least, you can gather such from the small placard he holds out.

You see Auberon Xerices on a stage set with seven pillars. His hands are covered in pitch black blood. He is standing over the corpse of an old, injured man who is choking and gasping for breath in wild, spasming, stylized motions. Auberon looks enraged as the old man collapses beneath him. A stern looking woman watches them cautiously from behind the seventh pillar of the stage. She wears a blank mask. The man expires and the scene ends. The curtain closes quickly, and the queer little man raises the next placard. It reads COMPLIANCE.

Curtains are up again. Second act.

This time you see Bojan Petrov blindfolded and wrapped in bindings made of white cloth. He is holding an unwieldy looking sword and bringing it down upon the neck of a prone man. The man is hideously deformed and looks dumbly frightened as Petrov beheads him. Petrov is accompanied by three others: two men and a woman. Among them, you see the man who wears sunglasses and an earpiece and a woman who wears casual business garb and is fairly attractive if a bit pale. Both look on stoically. The third man turns his head away. In the distance you can make out a fifth figure, the same masked woman from act one, watching in the background.

The curtain closes again and the queer little man raises the next placard. It reads FEAR.

Curtains are up again. Third act.

You see the man with the earpiece and the pale woman from the scene before. The woman's hair is down, and she looks tired as she faces away from the man. The man is holding three guns - two guns in his left hand and one in his right. Two guns, meanwhile, have fallen to the ground at his feet. He mimes speaking sympathetically to her for a few moments and then proceeds to shoot her with all three guns. Each bullet he fires becomes a metal stake and pierces through the woman's heart. She falls to the ground.

Once more the other woman stands witness silently in the background.

The curtains close and the play is over. The horrible little legless man rattles a tin cup and asks you to put coins inside of it. As you reach out to drop in some change, the man transforms into an elderly-looking European gentleman with hooked nose. He has legs now and is tall of stature. The woman whom you have seen observing the others throughout the play storms out from behind the curtain and stabs him in the heart, spattering herself in blood. She falls to the floor weeping and casts aside her mask.

The placard, still on the floor, reads HYPOCRISY.

You wake up.

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