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Samantha's Dream: The Church of Serpents

March 2, 2007

You are in a church. You see a woman there sitting on the alter wearing a white veil and suckling to her breast a small eyeless serpent wrapped in swaddling. She has a matching tattoo of a snake over her chest.

You approach cautiously and see that the light from the stained glass window over the area. You realize that the pattern is that of an ascendant eagle or hawk, and decide that this is important. The woman looks at you and you see that the serpent she was suckling has transformed itself into a tiny shriveled corpse of a fetus, barely bigger than a shrimp. She smirks in a strange and sad way and tries to hand the dead child to you.

You resist, and look to see that the window has broken and that a lone and dazzlingly white figure is standing before the woman.

"I bring you light," he says.

She turns her head away and dashes the bundle with the child in it to the ground. It turns into a pile of snakes and small disembodied baby hands and crawls away in opposite directions.

You look up from the mess again to see that Auberon is now standing next to the woman in the white veil. He looks angry but he is also crying. She turns and strikes him.

You wake up.

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