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Gorski's Dream: Bad Chinese

Ferbruary 16, 2007

There's a man sitting alone in a dark room with an open window. There is a pile of dust on the floor, and he is sitting on a loveseat eating Chinese food. He is wearing dark glasses and has an earpiece.

Then from out of the window comes a big tangly vine covered in thorns.

It grows and starts to wrap itself around his arm. He keeps eating.

It grows and starts to wrap itself around his body. He keeps eating.

It grows even thick and starts to wrap itself around his neck strangling him. He cannot move his hand to eat anymore and stays silent.

Then from the vine springs a pure white lily and he nods and says "Yes." He bursts into flame and collapses into ash.

Two men open the door to the room with the one window (which is funny because there wasn't a door before). One is a tall thin man with long dark hair tied back in a pony tail. He has a curious necklace that looks like a dagger or a cross. The other is a sad looking man who is carrying a crowbar.

The walk through the room cautiously until they come upon the little piles of ash and dust. They find that when they look at it they can see an image of a bird in mid flight.

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