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Pisces' Dream: Penitents' Procession

May 11, 2007 [Nightmares Flaw]

You are standing in a junkyard. You can see in front of you, a cracked mirror in which you are reflected. There is a moment of confusion as you try to ascertain whether or not Pisces or Syka is actively in control. You feel as though you could be either self as if some strange and numbing amnesia has overtaken you.

The mirror is cracking more and more as you look at it and small lines of frost run along its surface like so many spiderwebs. Reaching out to touch it, you feel your hand stiffen and become immobile. The reflection in the mirror doesn't seem to change.

Suddenly the mirror shatters - sending shards of glass burning into your skin. As you fall to the ground you can see a long and freakish procession behind you. Cosmin is riding a large white horse and leading Alex, Dylan, TJ, and Willie behind him. Each one carries a palm leaf and does not turn to look back at you. They refuse no matter what you say to them, to acknowledge your existence.

Beyond them you see other vaguely familiar faces - Prince Rogerson, Sam McCoy, Auberon Xerices, Layla Reese... all of them are blindly following Cosmin on his white horse. Some carry chains, stones or small bundles.

The procession doesn't halt no matter how much you try to stop it. You get an increasing panicked sense that something terrible is going to happen to everyone.

As they march on through the junk yard, you see your mother riding a gigantic boar. She is holding a cross made out of thorns and small blinking eyes. She alone looks right at you as she passes... recognizing your presence.

Without thinking, you laugh at her cruelly, and a mess of dust issues from you throat. You collapse to the ground convulsing, and as you writhe you can see the procession collapse into flame, blood and ruination from the corners of your eyes.

The sky dims to a perfect starless black and you feel a cold wind.

You are utterly alone.

You wake up.

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