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Pisces' Dream: Young Hunting

April 13, 2007 [Nightmares Flaw

You are standing on hazy washed out looking version of a New York street, It is streaked with a sepia rainbow color. All around you the people move mechanically. They look like rusty automatons as they seem to move through the thick - almost oily night air. You hear fiddle music in the distance.

You follow it as it lingers - slightly warped and out of joint. You can hear Willie's voice accompanying it.

"Get down, get down Lord Henry Lee
Stay with me this night,
Cuz' I have candle and I have coal
And my fire is burnin' bright!"

As you approach the source of the music you see that Willie and Syka are standing over a storm drain, with Syka dancing to the song. Of all the things in the entire world they seem the only two who have color or substance. Syka's eyes flash as she dances and Willie seems entranced as she whorls around him. Toward the end of the upcoming verse, she takes out a butterfly knife and points it toward her breast.

"When he was in her arms laid,
And givin' her kisses sweet,
Then out she takes a little penknife,
And wounded him full deep."

As the song recommends she lunges toward Willie and stabs him in the chest. Willie smiles and slumps over - his blood pouring down into the storm drain. Syka smirks, walks over and hands you the knife. The buildings around you start to crumple away into the skyline, as if they were made of dust or talcum powder.

You look down at Willie and see that all that's left in the puddle of blood is a spatter white carnation.

The world seems very flat now without anything left in it, and you hear the sound of dogs baying in the distance.

You wake up.

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