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McCoy's Dream: Fireflies

May 11, 2007

You are riding Star Fox over a brick wall of an apartment building. Gravity seems to be working differently here, and you are half-way upsidedown as you watch graffiti and flyers crumple beneath your feet. You have a strange feleing of deja vu, and you are recall a very happy Thanksgiving you had as a child.

The wall doesn't seem to end as you travel along it. And the sky and people walking on the street blur away into streaks of color. You get the impression that you're flying for a moment.You see Rogerson fall past you. Her hair is down and she's wearing a light summer dress. She is catching fireflies in a long necked jar.

You try to wave but she falls away, as you look back at her, Star Fox crashes into a brick wall haphazzardly and falls stunned - possibly dead. As you look around you see that the wall extends in all directions.

You see Darren West standing on a bench. He is shoeless and looking through a spyglass. As you approach him, you see that his eyes are full of tears.

"Was I somebody, Sam? Was I somebody?"

He speaks like a lost boy. Somewhere in the distance you can hear the sound of the ocean.

You nod to him and he bursts into a wave of fireflies. You think you can see them smiling.

You wake up.

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