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Kaya's Dream: Void

October 12, 2007 [Nightmares Flaw]

You are moving through a thick, opaque, viscous dough that clings to your body as your struggle through it. Within this womb of unknowable void-material you are completely deprived of sensory input, and can only vaguely make out the feeling that somewhere, all around you, are warm pulsing points of hot somethingness in the distance, whose reverberations occasionally shake your frame. There is a sticky-sounding, deep, buzzing music all about you that reminds you of the calls of whales or the sound of a heartbeat's pulse. There's something sinister to it, however, and you feel as if it is anticipatory of something unknown and perhaps ill-fated.

You push to wade through this morass until, in the distance, and without explanation, your closed eyes can make out a single point of red light, fluttering for but a moment before fading out into nothing. At that instant, the music vaults into a crescendo of high-pitched shrieks, as the world turns to brightness around you - as you feel like a thousand tiny needles shoot into every portion of your enveloped skin. As you open your mouth to scream, the mess of noise and brightness and pain pours itself down your throat, filling your insides with the same shock as your skin, until you feel like a hollow container for the angry world around you, and in agony you lie suspended and transfixed. As your eyes fall open in shock, you feel briefly detached from your body and can see all around you a wall of thousands of eyes glaring back, straining and pressing against your skin with their white hot pupils burning you all over. Each one is different and has an inexpressible and accusatory gaze to it.

As the eyes press your form from within and without, you feel their gaze leaving a thousand pin-hole cigarette burns throughout the substance of your flesh - eating you away to nothing. As you fade away, you scream, with a voice not born of your body (for you have no body), but of something that lies there detached and separate.

It is a loud scream.

With a slow and confused extra bodily awareness you realize somehow that you are still here, even as your form has been eaten by it's surroundings. As you wait for whatever inevitable fate will proceed, flashes of dissonant vision and sense fill the world around you as the wall of eyes crumbles from your sight. There's a charred coil of black ash twisted like a dying snake, a mist of cinnamon and blood, the face of a little girl standing stock stone still as she reaches for the moon thinking it's a silver piece... reaches reaches and fails as her limbs give way to rigor mortis, a woman hanging broken like a puppet from a spiderweb of hemp and ceiling fans, the sound of fragile bone-like hands pressing out "chopsticks" on an out of tune piano, a man and woman disengaging from their first last and only kiss as the sun goes down on execution day, the chime of bells as a thousand little glass churches are crushed under the feet of giants, the scent of gunpowder and shot as fruit-flies hover round one two threefourfive... thirteen bodies, looking for soft flesh in which to lay their eggs, and bring forth their young to, rearing them to earth and sunlight...

Your thoughts seem small and impertinent as the fade out and you lie dreamless and dead in the void. When you wake,you are paralyzed for fifteen minutes, and cannot move.

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