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Kaya's Dream: Music Box

September 14, 2007

You are alone in a field at twilight, it's covered in closed moonflowers and bits of shrapnel and barbed wire. A golem made of wood and bones lurches toward you - his face curiously innocent looking. his limbs contort like those a puppet on strings as he awkwardly hands you a present.

It's wrapped in a thin paper made of rolled fig leaves, with deep red images of decorative fish etched into it. You unwrap it to reveal a small ornate jack in the box made of black lacquer and covered in tiny little living eyes.

The golem man says one word, "Erdelae" before he walks away slowly, dropping into his component parts and disintegrating himself as he walks.

You turn the handle of the jack-in-the-box and a bright cheerful tune plays. You sit on a nearby rock as you listen to it and wait for the box to open.

It doesn't.

The song changes and varies for hours on end, never repeating, and never revealing anything to you.

In frustration you try to pry the top open with your fingers - but find that the lid will not give. You tear at it until you hands are bloody and torn, and eventually in frustration hurtle it against the stone you're sitting on.

Shifting through the pieces all you can find are fragments of seashell, shimmering with an iridescent light. Theres a slight scent of sour milk as it begins to rain.

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