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Kaya's Dream: There's a Dog

August 2, 2007

You are standing on the parapet of a great white castle tower, overlooking a village below. The tower is so immense that after a while you realize that every house you see in the village is actually a full sized castle, complete with its own towers and parapets and such. You know you must be very high up. The sky is clear and every star is visible. You find that they occasionally shift and move, like skittish insects when you look at them for too long. You think some of them are hiding behind the full moon.

You sit on the wall, dangerously close to the edge, and swing your legs over the side. In back of you you can hear approaching footsteps.

A man, dressed in a full armor and wearing a blue tabard comes forth. He has the head of a crow and holds a tissue flower in one hand. Whenever you try to look at his tabard's pattern, the shapes seem to fly or melt away. He croaks menacingly at you and pushes you over to one side, nearly upseting your balance. He holds out a gauntleted fist to the wall and taps it.

A tiny hovering creature with the body of a seagull and the face of a man flies down to him. It looks frightened and its face has an odd familiarity to it. The crow man takes the flower and pulls a petal off of it. You can see now that it is made of a series of letters, and that each petal is covered in writing

The crow man-croaks, "She loves me," and crumples off a page, casting it to the ground.

The seagull-man replies in a stoic measured tone "She loves you not." and tears off a second page with its talons.

This continues until the seagull-man grasps the last page victoriously, squawking "She loves you not! She loves you not! She loves you not!"

As this happens, the crow-man draws his sword and tilts his head back - before any violence can ensure, however, a forth figure approaches from the staircase. You see Mulligan, drenched in sweat. His face is unburnt and he has a sort of boyish attractiveness to him as he shuffles toward you. A golden cross is draped around his neck. He looks guilty as he holds the final flower petal out to the crow man.

"I'm s-s-s-sory. There was... a d-d-d-dog."

The seagull-man flies away and the crow-man holds his sword up triumphant. Mulligan shrinks back.

As you turn round you see that a very stealthy miniature dirigible or hot air balloon of some sort has ascended the tower while you weren't looking. Nigel and Jerrin are sitting in the basket, each of them holding a shotglass with an amber-green colored liquid within. Jerrin regards you with a predatory smile.

"Best watch out, chere. There is a dog."

He downs the liquor and mimes a chomping motion with his hands.

"...and he has sharp sharp teeth."

He growls playfully and laughs, catching the fleeing seagull man in one hand and biting it in the neck.

Mulligan shudders and comes forward again. His hands are red with blood. "H-h-h-he's f-f-f-frightened."

He looks around for a bit, realizing that everyone is staring at him.

"Dogs g-g-get mean when they're f-f-f-frightened."

Nigel salutes him and adjusts the controls on the balloon. As he and Jerrin rocket up into the sky, he snatches the moon between his fingers and throws it down to you, like a shiny silver coin.

The stars hiding underneath scatter.

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