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Kaya's Dream: Assisted Suicide

May 25, 2007

You are sitting alone in your childhood bedroom, overwhelmed with the scent of the warm Venice summer. As you look over your things with nostalgic familiarity, you find that a small and curious race of tiny rabbit-like people seem to be climbing over your scattered clothing and toys. They are translucent and seemingly ghostly and slip through your fingers whenever you try to grab one.

You notice that the vanity mirror over your dresser is askew and you go to correct it. You hear a low melodic chanting as you do. Tilting it back, you are surprised to see that carved into the woodwork surrounding the mirror frame are the figures of Jerrin and Ja, positioned to seem as though they are holding the glass.

Looking at your reflection you see behind you two figures. You turn around to see McCoy and Lillian, both much younger - seemingly in their teenage years. They are holding hands coldly and are look at you with blank expressions.

The chanting stops, the rabbit creatures hide, and the clock somewhere in your house begins to chime sixteen times.

As it does, Lillian releases McCoy's hand and sits on the floor. McCoy hands her a razor blade, and he sits down beginning to braid her hair. As her does so, she opens the razor and with silent determination begins to cut open the veins on both of her wrists. The blood drains into the floor and seems black and rotted.

As she lowers herself to the floor, you notice that McCoy has finished shaping her hair into a noose. He looks horrified as she bleeds out, but takes no action to assist her.

Somewhere below you, you hear a wild din of loud brass music and a cacophony of screams and shouts.

The house is burning down.

You wake up.

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