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Kaya's Dream: Childkillers Kill Killer Children

May 11, 2007

You are walking down a stone street in a city where every building is made entirely out of a series of clocks in which each hand is a razor blade. There is a grinding whir as the streets tick with mechanical energy. You notice that all of the clocks move int he wrong direction. For the first time in a while, you feel very calm.

You see a little girl, whom you identify as Lillian walking in the distance, holding hands with a little boy you can now identify as Evans. They refuse to notice you as you approach them, and every attempt to make to catch their attention meets with failure. They march on, never stopping, until they get to the center of the city. In this plaza, there grows a single dogwood tree.

Evans lies down staring bewildered underneath the shade of the tree, and Lily plucks two flowers from the tree and places them over his eyes. She then kisses both of his hands. Where her lips meet his skin, the skin shatters and begins to tear, leaving weeping web-like wounds of stigmata traveling up his arms.

Lily lies down next to him.

You see two figures approach from other plaza arches. The knight walks from the eastern passage and Amelia from the western one. They meet over the two motionless children, not looking at one another.

They kneel down. The knight over Lily, and Amelia over Evans. In a sudden fury they descend upon the two ripping their throats apart and drinking of their blood.

The children do not move.

As you awake, every flower on the dogwood tree bursts into a thousand bloody red flaming points of light - dotting the blank sky above you with red stars.

You feel cold when you wake and a numbness hangs over you.

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