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Kaya's Dream: A New Mother

April 13, 2007

You are at a funeral by a river. A shrouded boat passes dismally by as a crowd of mourners reads from their hymnals. It is winter here and bitterly cold. Thorn bushes and briars line the banks around the congregation.

Standing off to the side is a sandy-haired boy who seems particularly distraught - although he is trying hard to hide it. You stand in observation as a young girl walks up to him and takes his hand. She looks familiar, although you can't quite put your finger on it. Her black dress is muddy.

She leads him through the dense briars away from the funeral, as you find yourself turned into a tiny white moth trailing behind. In the midst of the thicket you see a small site with three chairs, a spinning wheel, a bundle of wool and a loom. Two women sit here. One is the blonde women you saw earlier in your dream concerning Evans. The other is the other woman in the low bodice dress that looks like it might have been in fashion a few centuries ago. The latter seems very old now, and her hair bone white.

The blonde woman is working at the loom, weaving some sort of banner. Each time she ends a thread the older woman cuts it off for her.

The little girl drags the boy awkwardly behind her taking him to the spindle of the spinning wheel.

"We'll weave you a new mother, Aaron. Don't fret. Things are just beginning."

He shakes his head dumbly and she insistently presses his hand into the sharp of the spindle, drawing blood. He shrieks and strikes her and as she flails on the ground he beats in her head with a stone.

You wake up.

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