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Jay's Dream: The Word Known to All Men

April 25, 2008

All throughout your daytime repose you can hear her voice. Emily's voice. Allison's voice. Dylan's voice. Edda's voice. Kaya's voice.

She speaks to you in low mellifluous notes that only half-and-half makes sense as words, and all around you are the chiming of church bells. Eva - all mother, all consuming womb... her presence is like manna unto you. Her message, once more, remains clear:

"Love is the word known and knowable to all men."

And with that she, whatever and whomsoever she is, is kneeling before you, her hair wet with perfume and dew. She kisses you fervently and the lips and you can feel your body starts to evaporate into hers as she breathes you in a moment. There are a thousand microscopic suns dancing around you when you dare to open your eyes, casting rainbow refractions into the heart of whatever space you now inhabit.

She kneels at your feet and wipes them clean with her hair. You think it starts to snow, but it's a warm snow regardless. When she is done, she stands up to meet your gaze once more. You cannot see your reflection in her eyes. The image mirrored in her blue-green irises belongs to another man. You can only barely begin to make him out before he's washed away in a torrent of fire which starts from somewhere deep deep in her pupils and climbs it's way through the veins in her eyes, consuming and peeling back her retinas and surrounding tissues as it climbs the web of blood vessels - outstretched like the arms of a burning tree.

When she is eaten up entirely, you are not shocked or saddened. In her ashes you think you can make out the outline of not one but two fallen human figures, clutching desperately at one another as they disappear forever.

"Yes, that was the answer."

Her fey and fading voice winnows away into nothing as the stars above you explode into fireworks and butterflies.

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